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My apologies for not posting last week. I’ve taken on some new projects lately. Combine that with what is going on in the world, and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed when it came to doing research and putting thoughts to text. I realize even the best of us take time away from things occasionally and with that, I decided not to beat myself up for it. I do appreciate my loyal readers and hope you understand.

By now, you know that Mercury turned retrograde in Scorpio. This is powerful energy and if channeled well, can be most beneficial. There has been and no doubt will be many problems too.

Mercury rules communication in all forms. Back up computers and pay attention to what you say. Under Mercury retrograde, we can misinterpret and misunderstand things others say. Instructions are sometimes garbled and feelings get hurt. This is especially true for a few days round the point Mercury stations, on either end of the retrograde.

Astrologers urge us to put off anything of a legal nature during retrograde, such as signing contracts. While this is a good idea, if you need to sign on the dotted line, make sure you read, reread and read again the fine print and FULLY understand what you are signing. This particular retrograde is a time to be extra diligent in our review of things since we are dealing many strong influences in the sky right now.

I have heard so many stories from last week about folks having one struggle after another. On the other hand, some folks are doing quite well. I have heard mixed stories.

Some of the stories involved wrecks and fender benders. For friends traveling this weekend  there were several upsets. The flight from here to Charlotte was canceled. They were told to drive to Charlotte to catch the flight to their destination. So off they went only find there were no seats for them on that flight. Forced to get a hotel room, they hoped to get a flight the next morning. I’m glad I had I had mentioned Mercury was retrograde and that they should not be surprised if something went wrong along the way. With that in mind, they were able to laugh about it all.

I just stayed home, broke a favorite purple pottery bowl and a coffee cup, and spilled and splashed things every time I went into the kitchen. Maybe I will get it all cleaned up this week. I promise to keep laughing and watching what I say and how I say it. Please do the same.hermes_1_lg1

After Mercury stationing and the Blood Moon eclipse of last week, this week will be calmer in comparison. It helps that Mercury has moved back into Libra. This gives up some time to tie up any loose ends left from when he was earlier in Libra. He will not return to Scorpio until November 9th. I’m not saying it is going to be smooth sailing but it should be calmer for sure.

There has been a Grand Fire Trine/kite building in the in the sky since about late September. WE are currently in its perfection and will remain so until midweek. The influence will be felt for a week or so longer.

The Grand trine involves Mars in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter Leo.

Mars is full of action. This is where we find the warrior self inside, the part of us that had rather fight than switch. He is young, strong and protective. When he is in Sagittarius, he is likely to find a cause give you the feeling there is something worth fighting for. This could also lead to some extremism since Sagittarius is rather religious. The plus side of this is that he is usually looking for understanding and knowledge rather than anything negative.

Uranus in Aries is explosive, celebrates differences, marched to its own drum of uniqueness. Uranus wants to be free to be his or herself. He loves to shock us get our attention in order wake us up. He can be a bit self involved for in a way that is expectant, full of possibility, done his way yet not selfishly. The Pioneers must have had lot of Uranus energy that drove them on their search for freedom, independence and survival.

Jupiter in Leo is some strong energy too. This combination is colorful, bold, and loves to be in the spotlight. There is nothing shy here as this energy magnifies things. You will also notice a charming, charitable energy as the child in us believes we can have whatever it is we want.

This trine, in a nutshell, is very progressive and not shy about what it wants or how to get it.

Another strong aspect this week will be the continuing Venus opposition to Uranus. The Sun is also involved and conjunct Venus. This is a difficult placement for relationships. The opposition to Uranus make it difficult to express our true selves. Venus conjunct the Sun wants to see how much we are alike those near and dear, but Uranus throws a wrench in the works and causes difficulty. There are likely to be control issues. Should you meet someone new during this transit, don’t expect things to last long. Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule.

Mid-week Mercury joins the Sun and Venus to make the aspects I’ve just mentioned, even more interesting. The best part might be that communications and love are simpatico on some levels for a few days at midweek. Mercury opposing Uranus jump start to some of Mercury’s redo’s. As I said earlier, this week will be calmer in some ways and on others, not so much.

There really is a lot going on out there that we can relate to astrology. For instance, the stock market dropping 10 percent the day after the Full Moon. I do believe we can expect to see more things like this in the coming 12 months. It is my belief that the Blood Moon tetrad is triggering big shifts in our world. Things are going to change is ways we might not be ready for or approve of. This is all part of our planet’s evolution and the evolution of humanity. The female, more loving, accepting and nurturing energy is coming in and those that are not willing to roll with it, raise their vibrations and live from their heart center in unconditional love and acceptance will find things very difficult indeed.

I know some folks don’t believe in unconditional love. I will admit, where things are now, this concept is hard to grasp. Once we get to the next level, I believe unconditional love will be most natural. I hope so anyway.

Remember to laugh as much as you can. Recognize what is small and undeserving of attention. Focus on where you can actually make a difference and do it all with LOVE!

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