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Here we are zipping through September like we had to get to the October in a hurry for some reason. No doubt, September has had its share of bad news and remembrances that most of us had rather not deal with but life goes on does it not? Autumn is just around the corner. Judging by last week’s early snowfall in the west and this morning’s cool temperatures, it seems winter might move in before autumn gets to be autumn.
Photo Credit: NASA/SDO

Last week was full of energy. Not only did we have an intense Full Moon in Pisces, we also had the energy of an X class solar flare and coronal mass ejection on the Sun aimed almost directly at Earth. Fortunately, the main energy passed above the Earth and our electrical grid and other things were spared. Some places saw some wonderful colors in the night sky.













There is little doubt that one day this will not be that case and we will experience a direct hit. This is one reason it’s a good idea to have a stocked pantry.

The last few months of this year hold some interesting and difficult aspects in the cosmos. If you remember last week, I mentioned that Uranus and Pluto are in an effectual square aspect to each other. The square does not need to be perfected to have a great influence on us. These two are also in the process of moving toward that perfection on December 15, 2014.

For the moment these two powerhouses of celestial energy are retrograde so their power is somewhat diminished. On the September 23rd, Pluto will once again be direct. This will no doubt add some power to the coming Blood Moon on Oct. 8th.

I predict you can bet your lunch money on the next few months being interesting as powers struggle around the globe on both local and national levels elevate. Even if the events around this are not to our liking, remember that this is for our highest good and the evolution of humankind as a whole. Spread love and joy, not anger and hate, and you will get through things just fine. We will be talking about this more in the coming weeks.


This coming week, after the illuminating Full Moon of last week, we come to a quarter Moon. I do not talk too much about the Moon’s phases and perhaps I should because it so closely represents our ever-changing emotions. I certainly have used to Moon as tool for some choices like planting. Once many years ago, I used the Moon’s phases  to decide when to have my wisdom teeth removed. The best date the oral surgeon had open was my birthday. What a present that was. The idea was to minimize and hopefully eliminate any complications. It seems to have worked. I healed quickly and rather painlessly.

The last quarter is the time we look at what has been illuminated and decide what to get rid before the New Moon comes and we begin a new cycle. It is a time to finish all the things we began at the last New Moon. The Sun is in its last week if Virgo and this adds to our cleaning and clearing vibe so take advantage of it. I am sure going to do my best to that end.

Mercury has already moved into Libra and is not far from entering the storm period before he goes retrograde again. We have another week before this happens. Make the most of it and used the time to not only clear out, but also prepare for this coming retrograde. This coming retrograde will have a host of other aspects adding energy to it I feel sure.

For now use the energy of Mercury in Libra to hone your personal relationships and skills relating to negotiations. Considering another’s point of view will be easier now. This characteristic has been weighing heavy on me lately. I hope I can carry this idea further and make this more a part of my daily life. I realize that limiting thoughts are the only thing that has gotten in the way of my experiencing a more enriching life and the people that have walked through it.

I consider myself reasonably non-judgmental my most standards. However, in recent years I’ve come to see that I have also missed much by not being more open. It is difficult for introverts to open and up put themselves out there. “If I had only known then, what I know now” comes to mind.

Mercury will be in opposition to Uranus all this week. Intuition will be high and so will your need to be mentally motivated. Otherwise, boredom will set in. Uranus loves to shock and challenge. He is also retrograde but that just means he is not a strong as when he is direct and can be a blessing.

Uranus can use Mercury’s communications to shock. You will want to be extra careful to think before you speak this week. Uranus doesn’t care what he says, he just wants to stir things up a bit and he will your mouth as tool.

You might find your ability to stick with a project comes and goes from day to day. If you are not totally inspired by what you are working on, you lose interest. If you have trouble taking advantage of the Virgo energy this might be why. Mercury in Uranus will bring bursts of great insight at times and at others will make you feel like the most ADD person there is. Do your best to use this energy to go inside and do some needed work there. Not only is this a time to clean and clear the physical house but the mental one too. This can truly be a transformative transit if we learn how to use it to its fullest.

Venus is trailing behind the Sun in Virgo and will remain there until the end of September. Things relating to our loved ones and things we love need to make sense. Virgo is a grounded Earth sign and appreciates details and order. For some of us out Venus side could get out of hand and we stress our finances. A lack of financial restraint can cause feelings of guilt. Don’t beat yourself up if this turns out to be you. Remember the shadow side of this aspect is being very critical and annoying.

Venus will oppose Chiron on Wednesday. This transit is not the best for loyalty and commitment. Disappointment in love could be theme of the day. You might find yourself feeling a bit distant from or at odds with others for no apparent reason. Rest assured this will pass. Chiron is the wounded healer and is asking you to heal some aspect of yourself and your relationship with those closest to us.

Mars had just moved in Sagittarius this past weekend. This transit will last through most of October. In this transit, our ideals trigger our actions. We live for adventure and often feel like throwing our cares to the wind and taking off. We can also set our sights a bit too high.

In this transit, we could feel bothered by the everyday stuff. We can quickly become restless when we feel confined. The desire to travel, have a adventure or conquer something is common with this transit. Some begin projects or challenges with gusto, and then abandon them rather quickly. Sounds a bit like Taurus but it is not. This may be because we set our sights too high! Enjoy any travels but also be aware when you are reaching too far.

Take all these characteristics and apply them to what is going on in the world. Oh Boy! This is what makes astrology so fascinating to me.

There is always more to talk about but my attention span and knowledge are not great. I am feeling the need to go tackle some of the long overdue tasks I need to do. All it all it’s a good thing! And with one last colorful photo, I bid you a great week ahead.

Wish I knew who to credit this to, but thank you for taking it, who ever you are.