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Hello again!This week’s post is a bit long.

Are you feeling the Virgo Energy now? Have you been cleaning things out, reorganizing or re-evaluating your heath and diet? Almost everyone I have talked to this week has mentioned something about improving his or her life in some way. What every you choose to do, I wish you great success.

This week begins with a Full Moon in Pisces. The Moon represents our emotions and the Full Moon is the emotional peak of each month. This one is in Pisces, an emotional water sigh. I have to tell you I have really been feeling it coming too. The past few days I have been overly emotional. One reason I am sure is this coming Full Moon in Pisces and the other has more to do with a wedding.

I never had children of my own but took care of loads of other peoples kids in my lifetime. One of them, (a very special one) who is now also a great friend, got married on September 6th, just two days shy of his 28th birthday. Every time I think about him and his lovely bride, my eyes well up in tears. I am so happy for him. The fact that he is 28 also means he is at or near his first Saturn return. Getting married close to a first Saturn return is quite uncommon. This particular one has really touched my heart and soul and turned on the water works with just the thought of it.

Saturn takes 28-20 yrs to complete a cycle around the Sun. Saturn is all about rules and regulations, resistance to change, authority, and respect for elders. He also represents our fathers.

Saturn is very careful to look before he leaps. Both my young friend and I have Saturn in Scorpio in our natal charts. Scorpio is also an emotional water sign. You can expect passions to run deep in Scorpio, as well as joy and love. The flip side of that coin is green eyed jealousy and betrayal. I know about this side first hand. About the time I reached my second Saturn return, I suffered the biggest heartbreak of my life. I hung on to it for the next 10 years too. What a waste.

I am now friends with the guy that so badly broke my heart back then. He is married, has two sons in their late teens, and lives in the same town I do. Looking back, I am so glad we never married. My life would have taken a very different path and I feel sure I would have become very unhappy at some point. My life has taken the path is needed to so I can evolve into the person I am supposed to be.

A Saturn return is all about getting ready for the next 30 yrs of so of life. My young friend has sure taken a big step in that direction this weekend. I hope that his next 28-30 years will be full of joy, passion, love and all the good things both Saturn and Scorpio have to offer. Congratulations J&M!

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As you probably know, the Full Moon signals it is time to finish this month’s projects. This can also apply to relationships that might need some resolution. This Full Moon will be conjunct Neptune the planet of dreams and creativity. Do not be surprised if your dreamtime is a bit more interesting than usual for the next day or so. Should you have a sudden urge to paint the kitchen, I say go for it!

Tuesday Venus in the early degrees of Virgo, will opposes Neptune. This might not be the best time for relationships because this aspect can cause us to feel emotionally and financially drained. It also brings the illusions into the light so we can see and deal with them. On the flip, side this a great time to flirt with our materialistic side. Avoid impulse purchases or later you might wonder “What was I thinking”.

Tuesday Mercury will also perfect an opposition with Pluto. For such small planet Pluto can certainly put a negative spin on things and stir up trouble. Please remember we need these things to happen so we can transform and evolve. After all, that is why we are here. Today be bigger than Pluto and don’t sweat the small stuff. Also be sure you share all the information that is needed not just the parts you think someone needs to know. Additional themes of the day will be mental angst, neurotic thinking and being pushier than usual. There is a bright side to every coin and for this one it is the possibility for deep, insightful conversations and communications. I really like the sounds of that!

Wednesday also brings us Mercury sextile Jupiter. This is a good day for communications about important issues. Jupiter makes it easy to speak clearly and find the right words. Mercury’s transit through Libra, will aide our diplomacy and make us less likely to make poor, snap decisions. This will also balance out the impulse buy desire that Venus may spark. I just love how the Universe provides us with balance. It is just up to us to know when and how to use what is there.

Mars, the planet of action, will leave Scorpio at the end of the week and move into Sagittarius. With this sign change, we leave behind our selfishness and desire to dive deep into the depths of our psyche. Mars in Sagittarius will cause some unrest if we feel blocked by anything and routines can get old. Take care that you don’t set your goals too high or your project will possibly fail to be completed. Those is us who are ADD could this transit a bit difficult, as it causes a certain amount of distraction and wander lust.

The Pluto Uranus square has technically been with us since 2008 and will technically remain until 2018. The real peak of what I have been calling the “square dance” began in 2012, with the first perfection of this aspect on June 24, 2012. There are seven perfections between 2012 and 2015, the middle three years of this 10-year period.

planet-square-380x235Astrologers measure the square aspects as two planets that are 90 degree from each other. Different aspects such as semi-square, conjunct, opposite, trine etc., and each is measured by a different degree to each other. The term ‘perfection’ means two planets are exactly 90 degrees from each other.

There is some wiggle room however, called an orb. The orb varies depending on the aspect. For the square aspect, an orb of 5-10 degrees plus or minus degrees is acceptable. Currently Uranus is at 15 degrees and 421 minutes Aries. Pluto is at 10 degrees and 40 minutes Capricorn. This means they are almost exactly 5 degrees from being perfectly 90 degree apart.

Each aspect, like the planets, signs and houses, has its own personality and characteristics. Little wonder Astrology is such a complicated science. There are infinite combinations of characteristics it seems. Even the most amateur of astrologers know a square aspect is a difficult one.

I have written blogs in the past on the Pluto/Uranus square. This aspect is all about change and transformation. It is part of a cycle and we have been in a similar place many times before. The early 1930’s was the most recent time. This was the height of the Great Depression and the time the world saw great change in leadership. This was the time of Hitler and Stalin. Today we have ISIS, Putin and so much going on that is not the kind of news we want to hear about.

Pluto is trying to destroy so we can rebuild and Uranus is trying to bring peace. Pluto digs his heels in and Uranus jumps without looking at all. Capricorn is about governments, structure and the old guard. Aries is hotheaded, independent, and all about individual rights is the perfect place for Uranus to be right now. Little wonder things like the “Occupy Movement” and “Moral Mondays” have sprouted up.

Another thing Uranus rules it weather and earth changes. Earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanoes fall into this slot. Several people who predict earthquakes or are psychic believe California is going to get a big earthquake sometime this fall or at least in the next year of two. In case you missed it, Papua New Guinea’s Tavurvur Volcano erupted last week. I will leave you today with a few links to check out.

This one is a video of the sonic wave shock that shook the island. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx5UecbuYw8#t=49

This one shows the ash coverage after the eruption.