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I keep hearing folks talk about how last week was a mess for them. I guess in some ways it was for me too. It’s all good however and some good stuff happened along the way.

The past 24 hours have defiantly been strange. Last night I encountered two homeless men at a friend’s house. This morning I bought them breakfast. Later I called another friend and learned he was on his way out of town to visit one of his friends who is dying of an inoperable brain tumor.

Both these encounters have thrown me a bit off center and brought me to tears. While I am the emotional sort and will cry in a heartbeat, today I found myself quite emotional over things that usually garner little reaction. Must be the Moon, Mars, and Saturn, all in the water sign Scorpio that are turning on my water works? I looked at my natal chart and transits and called a local astrologer friend to help me. There are a several things going on in my chart today that could be contributing to this emotional sensitivity.

Here are some of the aspects I see in my chart today:
1. Transiting Sun conjunct natal Moon
2. Transiting Venus conjunct natal Pluto
3. Transiting Moon conjunct Saturn
4. Transiting Saturn conjunct Mars
5. Transiting Mars conjunct natal Mars
6. Transiting Neptune and Chiron in the fourth house of home, family and death

The skinny is there are many past issues, experiences, and emotions that I can see being triggered by the transiting planets right now, today, on a subliminal or subconscious level. To top things off, one of the homeless people gave me a homeopathic remedy he said was good for fright or fear left over from the past. He said it would clear the fright out from me and send it back to the ethers. He felt that I needed this even though he never saw me being emotional. I guess it was something I said or maybe a vibration he noticed. I do love how humans are evolving.

Now let’s get to what is going on in general this week.

There are two sign changes coming up. Mercury leaves Virgo and moved into Libra shortly after midnight on Sept 2. Our drive to analyze will turn to being diplomatic and friendly. Marriage, partnerships, legal documents and negotiations will this month’s focus. Our ability to see both sides of an issue will likely increase and/or restrict our inclination toward quick decisions. Find a comfortable cushion to sit on because you will probably be doing a bit of fence sitting in the coming weeks. Remember, Mercury travels quickly except when he retrogrades. You can relax for now because we don’t have one of those coming until October.

The second planet changing signs is Venus. Friday, September 6th she will leave Leo and join the Sun in Virgo. Expressions of love are more practical. Under this sign, we express our affections by doing little things for others. Self-indulgence will take a back seat for now. Should we find ourselves indulgent we will suffer some guilt.

After these two sign changes Mercury and Venus will be in mutual reception. This means they are in each other’s ruling sign and sort of switch roles a bit. Mercury deals with communications and Venus deals with relationships. When is mutual reception, communications are important to our relationships and relationships are important to our communications.

Mars is close to ending his tour of Scorpio. He still has another 2 weeks in this sign but will exit it on the 13th and head over to Sagittarius. Finish any explorations of your deeper emotions. Deal with important issue now while Mars is in a position to really help you.

I have not mentioned much about Jupiter’s transit of Leo lately. You may recall he moved into Leo in mid July. Since then Jupiter has been settling in and shifting our expansive energy from expanding the comforts of home and nurturing family to more pubic and out going energy. The emphasis for the next year is expressing love, appreciation, individuality and bigheartedness. Jupiter in Leo will help us grow and succeed by sharing our joy and time with others, being creative, and helpful to others.

One thing to watch for this week is a tendency to scrutinize our relationships for things that are wrong. The green-eyed monster called jealousy might raise his head but rest assured there is probably nothing wrong. Don’t jump to try to fix something that is not broken. This energy be prominent on Tuesday and courtesy Venus semisquare Pluto.


As you know there have been a few strong earthquakes lately. This week should be calmer thanks to the influence of a sweet earthy trine between the Virgo Sun and a Capricorn Moon. However, who kows how long this calm will last?

Pluto has been retrograde since April. He will be turning direct about the same time the Sun moves to Libra. Pluto being retrograde had had a rather calming effect on him. When he turns direct, I believe we can expect things to crank up a notch or two. This could be a contributing factor to what I predict to be a interesting fall season. It is just around the corner too.