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Hope you enjoyed a sort of quiet astrological week, last week. It sure felt good to me.

If you follow this blog, you know that I sometimes include some thoughts on human development, human evolution, and transformation. These concepts deal with esoteric thought and it is not something everyone believes in.  I am certainly not trying to sway anyone’s beliefs in any way. Neither am I trying to instigate any form of debate. If you agree, great and if you do not, leave it at that.  Should my facts to be incorrect, please message me to make me aware of my mistake. However, if you simply disagree with my beliefs, please keep that between you and your beliefs.

We all are aware how divided the world has become. Everywhere you look there seems to be some sort of violence or social disturbance.  This morning a friend posted a YouTube video of Morgan Freeman talking to Mike Wallace about Black History month. It struck a chord with me but not because for the subject matter. Watch this and apply this to life in general.  You might see what I mean.


From my perspective I think we all need to stand up for clean air, water, food, health care, education and basic human needs being met. I believe there is enough to go around, just not enough for everyone to be a gazillionaire. When it comes what we base on our veritable beliefs, I think Morgan Freeman has a good point. Stop taking about it. Stop labeling. Let us try to understand more, and share more joy and love.  Those that try to get things stirred up, I call “joy stealers.”

With all the violence around us, many of our well-known spiritual teachers and gurus tell us to find joy. Joy is what will get us through and help us evolve. The biggest upset in my life last week was a couple of joy stealers.  I decided to take strong measures to deal with them. While I love them both for the wonderful humans they are, I no longer wish to feel anything other than neutral, compassion, happy or informed by comments on my social media pages.

I must be on the precipice of a new life phase or maybe just burned out. A few weeks ago, I began limiting my news reading. While I don’t’ want to be totally out of touch, I found I was getting too depressed and feeling overwhelmed by all the sad and negative news. This week I blocked two folks from seeing what I post on one of my social media pages hoping to limit the uncompassionate and smug comments I have been seeing. I have also cut back on the time spent with social media. Nonetheless, I am not limiting my astrology! So let’s get to it, shall we?

This week brings us a New Moon in Virgo. This brings us the energy of personal health, healing, self-love (joy), forgiveness (forgive yourself), rewire some old programming and commit to new goals. Lately I have seen and heard of a lot more account hacking than usual. The uncompassionate comments on my social media page made me feel hacked. This energy can go wild and spread much like a virus can. It begs us to take the high ground, raise our vibrations above this and not let it bring us down or steal our joy.

When negative energy and thought forms invade our minds they spread like a virus and infect those around us. The Virgo New Moon is asking us to choose to think differently, chose a new flow consciousness.  We need to be steadfast in clearing the negative patterns from our minds in order to be more positive. If we remain enmeshed in the negative, our energy will drain and we become sick of body and mind. The Virgo New Moon wants to heal this and calls us to be more mindful of the old thought patterns that no longer serve. I believe this one reason we see much of the conflict we see today.  I invite you to be mindful of how you are dispassionate, out of sync with your heart center and find your bliss while respecting others. Use this Virgo energy to nourish yourself with LOVE! By nourishing yourself, you can nourish others too.

The Sun is now firmly in Virgo and we find ourselves desiring more organization and paying more attention to detail. We are more practical and focused on our everyday life. Mercury is also in Virgo, a sign he rules, so this adds to the ease of communications.  This will change next week when Mercury moves to Libra on September 1st. late this week you could be feeling a bit more diplomatic.

Monday the sun and Moon are conjunct in Virgo. This will serve to intensify the Virgo energy. Take advantage of the organization it brings to your life the next day or so because Tuesday the moon moved to Libra and we will be looking more at both sides of things, including out organizing skills, details and nurturing. One caution with Virgo is that she will cause some to feel they are not good enough, skinny enough, smart enough or whatever. Should you find yourself feeling inferior, please remember no one is like you and you are perfect just as you are.

This New Moon conjunct the Sun will also be opposed to Neptune. Outside influences will be stronger today. Stay on course and let Virgo lead the way to a positive transformation. Do not be surprised if you feel a bit sleepy today and want to take a nap. Some of us could experience some confusion. Depends on what is triggered in your chart and how strong the triggers are.  Remember Neptune is in his home sign of Pisces and feeling quite strong.

I probably don’t need to tell you that New Moons are times of new beginnings, but this month the new beginning will have two planetary bullies making this difficult. Mars and Saturn will be joining forces as they conjunct in Scorpio for the next couple of weeks. This aspect brings a lot of frustration. Mars wants to move and get things going while Saturn holds his foot down on the brakes. Mars will probaly win out this time because Mars is in one of the signs he rules and this make him very comfortable and powerful too. The best thing I can tell you is this is not going to be a typical New Moon so it will probably be best not to begin anything new if you don’t have to, and use caution if you do.

Neptune can make this fuzzy and make is difficult for us to know which path to take. Neptune trines Venus this week. This aspect that can lead to great transformation. It calls us to share our selves, be moiré sympathetic and compassionate. I have read that for every one of us that can do this and raise his vibration; our positive energy will ripple out and have an effect on 1500 others.

Monday the Sun semi-squares Uranus. If your path is unsure, you might take the wrong one. Feeling out of control and unexpected plan changes might be the rule of the day. View any changes as a gift in disguise.

Venus will be all over the place this week. August 24-25 she will be, semis square Chiron and cause us some discontentment in our relationships, money or material things.  Expressing emotions could be a bit awkward and feelings of insecurity might be on the rise.

At the same time, Venus will be trine Uranus. Risk taking could be higher now as our fears take a siesta. WE could be more inclined to accept things that are new and unusual when it comes to love and romantic involvement. We desire to experiment but not commit.

Wednesday and Thursday Venus square Mars and Saturn. Think or what I said earlier about the contrasting energies of Mars and Saturn. This will certain be the case here too.

When Venus is square Mars, passions can run high. Sexual tension can get up there and so can the competition. While this can be a creative and exciting combo, it is not a good one for those that lack self-control.

When square Saturn, it could well buffer some of the negative aspects of Venus square Mars. We might notice some feelings of isolation, unsatisfaction or being unloved. Remember Saturn is head of the rules and regulations department and often feels stiff, dutiful, and unyielding.

The last two things I want to mention take place on Friday.  First is Mercury semi-square Jupiter. Details can easily be forgotten.  Exercise caution. Fortunately, the Virgo Sun will help us remember them. However, it won’t do much to help Jupiter’s propensity to exaggerate. He will also make any critical thinking more difficult and cause our minds to be more restless than they might otherwise be.

The second aspect on Friday is the Sun’s opposition to Neptune. Fantasy rules and it could be easy to get lost. I say relax and go with the flow, be in this moment. The lack of direction and willpower can be blessing. It will also be best to delay contractual agreements and financial dealings. It is Friday after all. Start the weekend early!