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Last week was a pivotal week. The world was deeply shaken by the death of Robin Williams. I feel this has caused many to pull away for a bit. We want to regroup, re-evaluate things, and review our priorities. I know I am, thanks to a several transits in my chart right now.

One of these transits is the Sun conjunct my natal Pluto. This energy focuses on self-discovery. I have been working hard to discover and understand myself for decades, yet I think some things only come with age. To use a term my friend Ruth Hanna used, I am “a woman of a certain age” and that age defiantly lends itself to introspection. This is part of my personal awakening.

The Sun still has a few days left in Leo. Later Friday evening or early Saturday, depending on your time zone, he changes signs and moves into Virgo. We will be shifting from proud, sociable, good-humored and playful Leo energy to the more detailed and organized energy or Virgo. This will be a great month to get organized. Many of us never quit get around to the details of everyday business and these things pile up and lead to stress. Sun in Virgo is the perfect time to deal with these details.

Mercury moved into Virgo on the 15th and will transit this sign until September 2nd. Mercury rules Virgo and is very comfortable here. I almost wish he would retrograde and be here longer.  The short three weeks we get will put the spotlight on our course of action, thoughts, and communications. The addition of Mercury in Virgo will make tending to all those details I mentioned in the paragraph above, seem very natural and easy to do. The shadow side of this is that we become far too matter of fact. If we aren’t careful, others might see us as being critical, uninspired, and boring. Oh Dear! Please tell me if I get to be too boring.

6a0133f538e9e4970b01901d582d4c970b-500wi (1)Venus is continuing her transit of Leo until September 5. How grand love is! Venus in Leo is warm, expressive, teasing, and often extravagant. When Venus is in Leo, love seems like romance never ending, and full of fun and games. Pamper and adore the love in your life during this transit. Monday she will be conjunct Jupiter. Flattery will probably get you places today so turn it up a notch and see where it leads.

The shadow side is can lead to negative expression and an over emphasis of our feelings just to get a reaction. If you are in a difficult relationship or aren’t currently happy, please remember to be kind. Does the other person really deserve all the venom you are capable of dishing out right now just because you are unhappy?

Later this week Venus moves to form a trine with Uranus. Our fear of risk taking leaves for a bit and we hold on to all things new, different and unusual when it comes to romantic interest. Commitment might not be in the picture now.

Now we come to Mars. Last night I was talking with a friend who also happens to be an astrologer. I asked her about a particular aspect in my chart. When I think of Mars, I think of action. Mars usually gets us moving but lately I have been feeling lazy at times. She pointed out that Mars, a fire planet, is in the water sign Scorpio. The water element tends to put the kibosh on Mars’ get up and go.

In my chart, Mars is currently conjunct my natal Saturn in the 12th house. My friend downloadsuggested this is pushing me to go inward. I would have to agree. This is an excellent example of how a transit triggers something in a chart.

Mars and Saturn will be nearing a conjunction of their own late this week. This will lead to increased frustrations and possible bursts of anger. Take a deep breath! Take a walk! Take a nap or do anything that will keep you from taking a hunk out of the other guy.

I want to say this week will be quiet but every time I think that, something happens that I never would have expected. We all know what last week’s big unexpected event was. Then there are the many conflicts and disturbances around this country and the world. Clearly, things are not really calm anywhere. However, the planetary aspects are calm.

This fall will bring us several difficult aspects. The 3rd super moon will occur September 9.  The following Full Moon in October will also be a Blood Moon. No doubt, you are aware of the power of the moon and you could even be feeling the effects of the last super moon. I wish I had more knowledge and wisdom to share with you at this point.

Perhaps I will be able to write some special blogs that address some of these coming events. I want to learn about these events and the only way for me to do that is to do some research. So send me some good vibes around that because you will benefit too. In the meantime, I wish you all a great week. Remember to make lemonade out of the week’s lemons.