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Full-Moon-588x441 Here we are on the backside of another Super Full Moon. If you are like me, many of you have trouble sleeping when the Moon is full. Last night I woke up every hour at the half hour. Each awakening was exactly at the same minute as the hour before or within 2 minutes of it. Finally, at 6:30 am I got up and made a pot of coffee. I hope your sleep was not so fragmented and you feel well rested. I, on the other hand, feel the need for a nap soon. In case you are also a night owl, here is an interesting article on the subject. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-scientific-fundamentalist/201005/why-night-owls-are-more-intelligent-morning-larks I know many folks think astrology is bunch of bunk or superstition. I am not going to try to change anyone’s mind on this. I used to think way less of it until I began looking into it more. Like everything else in the world, it energy. And, everything, including the planets has a vibration. Astrology is the science of how the astrological vibrations influence each other. Off and on for most of the late spring and summer, I have been experiencing a painful bout of bursitis in my left knee. Knee pain is not new for me. I’ve have issues since high school. Bursitis on the other hand is new. At times, I have not been able to walk on it. knee_pain This morning I was looking at my natal chart and transits. I noticed Saturn is just three degrees from my natal Mars. This is close enough to call it a conjunction. Curious minds want to know so I went to the ephemeris to see exactly when these two planets got close enough to be called “conjunct” and how long they would be that close and what it all means to me. It was edifying. I had previously consulted my trusted copy of “Messages from the Body” by Michael Lincoln. Some of the key phrases I found there were,  “Major Change”…. “deep in destiny conflicts, as their future becomes unclear”…”Their beliefs in life about what they thought they could believe in and had to be true was being ‘blown out of the water’ by current developments and realities.” Then I read about left knee problems specifically…..”Their beliefs about the things that provide stability and meaning like their spiritual values, their destiny strategies, their identification figures and groups, and their intimates are being out to pasture.” Oh boy! Lots to think about there. After reading this I went to the web to read more about Saturn’s conjunction with my natal Mars and gained even more insight on the knee issue. Guess which planet rules the knees? Saturn of course. Saturn is also one of the two ruling planets of Aquarius. I also read on http://www.cafeastrology.com/saturntransitaspects.html this transit “is to cool your passions in some manner, to conserve your energy for what truly matters, and to discipline your approach to getting what you want from life.” The line that really ran a true for me was “Something may happen now that restricts your freedom of movement in some manner, and you are in the position to redirect your energies.” The bursitis has literally restricted my movements in the past few months. It’s funny that earlier this week I posted something on Facebook about the lesson the pain was trying to teach me. I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe there is a time and reason for everything and all is related to Universal energy. No doubt this what I learned this morning will give me a lot to ponder this week if not longer. This info also points a finger the uncontrolled tears and emotional eruptions a few weeks ago. Now back to what will be going on this week…………… This week holds two sign changes. The first one happens shortly after midnight on Tuesday, Venus moves into Leo. The other one involves Mercury and I will talk about that next. For a short time between these two changes, we have four planets in Leo. That is LOT of Leo energy! images Tuesday is a good day to get active. Put on your dancing shoes, turn up the volume and bask in the spotlight that is shinning on your money and relationships. Just don’t try to get too close or you might become frustrated. Leo holds an abundance of magnetism, personality, and pride that will influence our love matters for the next month. Venus in Leo is has a warm, expressive heart but loves be adored and getting attention. Passions and a strong ego are also aspects of this transit. The shadow side is being too extravagant with our finances and exaggerating our feelings to gain notice. Think twice before spending or talking about how you really feel. Oh! And have fun but don’t commit to anything. Thursday the Moon in Aries will trine the Sun in Leo. This aspect ignites a drive in us to make things better for others. Whatever helps you; it is going to help those close to you. With all the strife in the world lately, I will admit to burying my head in the sand because I have such a hard time with all the negativity. A lot of my time has been spent meditating on peace and love, and sending that energy out to the world. Friday is the day for the second sign change. Just before noon, Mercury leaves Leo and moves into thorough, diligent Virgo. For the next three weeks, you may find yourself being more analytical than usual. We will be weighing the useful against the impractical. Be careful not to get lost in details or facts. I will pay extra attention to how this manifests in my life because I tend to give way to many details anyway. Mercury is rules Virgo and is very comfy in this sign. There is a shadow side however and you will want to be cautious that you are not too critical or dry. You might also feel less creative than you have been lately. On a good note, health and diet matter will be something we analyze during this transit. Friday we will also see Jupiter will be in difficult, quincunx aspect to Neptune. The difficulty lies with our limits and boundaries. You might notice a feeling of disorganization and staying on task. For this ADD person, it’s life as usual, but for you it might be far from normal. Our current interests may not seem to satisfy us. A strong desire to assist others could provide some relief but will likely only cause frustration as we feel guilt around our tendencies to escape and not be as efficient as we might like. Be careful your clear thinking is not derailed by dreaming or unworkable plans. Explaining-the-Configurations-Uranus-and-Mercury-2 The week closes with Mercury in a difficult aspect to Uranus. Another ADD type aspect that causes us to feel absent minded. Our ideas might not have much influence or be readily accepted. The shadow side of this aspect is irritability, excited tempers, and sarcasm. On the positive side, fresh and new, creative ideas could sprout up. If the rest of the week is a non-creative as it might be, this will be a welcome change for many. If you read this I hope you will click on the like button. You sure don’t have to but it makes me smile when you do. 🙂