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stock-footage-time-flies-clock-in-skyEveryone seems to be talking about how fast this year has gone by. Some say there is no such thing as time. Others say time is compressing and this compression is why things seem faster. Whatever the reason, we count days and weeks with the calendar and BOOM….here we are in August. Almost every week I think I have lots of time to get things done. Then it is Friday before I realize it.

Now its Sunday I and I need to write about how the planets are going to dance around us so you will have a heads up on what to expect.

It looks like this week is going to be a bit of a roller coaster. Some days will be smooth while others might make you wish you had stayed at home and in bed.

Today Mercury is square Mars. Today, take extra time to think before you speak. Tempers can flare but this is to be expected when Mercury is in Leo and Mars if in Scorpio. Should you find yourself getting angry about something, be careful not to allow your anger to take over and cause to be highly unreasonable.

In about 30 minutes I will be joining my mother and sister at a family reunion; my first in 32 years. My sister drains my energy. We have little to nothing in common and I find her difficult to be with for so many reasons. She is a Leo too. I am going to be extra diligent today and do my best not to allow natal Mercury in Aquarius rigger the transiting Mercury in Leo.

I might be asking a lot of myself. Time will tell. I will let you know how it all went when I get back. In the meantime…….I will take deep breaths and focus on my heart chakra.

Fast forward 2 hrs……….

That’s my mom in the foreground.

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I’m back home and while I can think of many things I had rather do for two hours, the surprised smile on my mother’s face when she saw me , was worth going for. I also got to bring home her leftover deviled eggs. Yum! Yum! I wish I could have brought home some of the raw beet and parsnip salad. I did ask for the recipe. Hopefully I will find it in my email soon.

I was able to do more listening than talking because 90 % of the time I had no idea what or who were talking about. The host and her daughter seemed close to coming to blows however. I felt sorry for the daughter who it seems has been seeking her mother’s approval of her chosen profession as a minister, for 30-40 years. The Sun in Leo was definitely roaring and the Moon moving from conjunct Mars to conjunct Saturn did not help matters. What‘s important is, I put a smile on Mom’s face today.

The Sun in Leo loves drama and I am sure this energy contributed to the mother/daughter dynamic I witnessed earlier today. Leo is also the child looking to be noticed and in the spotlight. They have a story to tell and want you to hear it. It would be interesting to know how this daughter’s Leo aspect is being triggered in her chart.

Right now, we have two other planets joining the Sun in Leo. Mercury in Leo says we are right and everyone should think like you. Mercury is very stubborn and when in Leo is also prideful. It is important to remember that there is a difference in you and your ideas. Should someone challenge one of your ideas, be aware they are not challenging you, just the idea. And, important problems that need your keen problem solving skills can slip right by you because you don’t see them as important enough. Drama can be distracting.

Tuesday, Venus semi-squares Neptune. This is a day for rose-colored glasses if there ever was one. You see what you want to today. Instant gratification rules as we skip the flaws and minutiae around us. It is not a good day to make an important purchase. There is a dreamy veil over things early this week and especially today. Care should be taken with all things involve some legal dealings, money, a contract or formal agreement.

Wednesday bring us some restless and creative energy when the Sagittarius Moon trines lido-de-paris-new-year-s-eve-dinner-and-show-in-paris-46872the Sun in Leo. Take advantage of this and get some outdoor chores done or take a hike. This won’t last long. By Thursday, you will notice things are a bit less restless.

All week long Mars is in trine to Neptune. This aspect if perfected on Thursday. Trines are thought of as gentle in comparison to squares. However, this one is powerful and full of sexual and creative energy. Thursday would be a great night to go dancing or taking in a show or concert.

Friday is a day for brainstorming. The Sun conjuncts Mercury and your metal acuity could peak. This is a great day to devise plans and brainstorm.

Saturday we have a Full Moon in Aquarius. All full moons are times of completion and influenced by the moon’s sign. Aquarius is about humanity and social justice. This Full Moon will be a good time to consider the balance between your wants and needs and those of the community and the world.

That is all I have to say for now. I think the reunion took mor energy than I thought it did so I will bid you a good week ahead. Summer vacation is coming to a close and lots of folks will be traveling to get in the last hurrah! Be safe whatever you do and where ever you go.