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Today we are still under the influence of the New Moon. This is the Leo Moon cycle and the best time to deal with things that relate to this sign. Leo’s Lions are proud, expressive, generous, confident, caring, creative, and somewhat authoritative. The changes we make now will benefit us for a long time after this moon cycle.

We just had the Sun, Moon and Jupiter all lined up. This aspect was begging us to expand. Mars was also square the Moon and asking us to be careful about biting off more than we can chew. Sometimes I feel like astrology is more than I can chew. I would really like to be able to connect it more with what is going on in the world but I find all the is going on out there, more than I can deal with at the moment.

A few weeks ago I talked about being an emotional mess one day and ever since then I have been more or less disconnected from the news and anything outside my own little world. If you are expecting more from me, I apologize. Perhaps after a period of rest I can get back to the world and astrology. In the meantime………

We have Pluto, Uranus and Neptune all retrograde and taking a break of sorts. This is a good time for you and probably me also, to get some rest or take a break from things.

Mars is square Jupiter and the Sun so you will want to exercise some caution when it comes to business and communication. Mars is eager and when he is square the Sun our egos can be more sensitive than usual.

The long standing Uranus/Pluto square is being set off again with Venus an Mercury both close enough to be forming T- square. Thank goodness, Mercury is moving out of the way but Venus will be opposing Pluto for the remainder of the week. This opposition could cause trouble in some relationships. Feelings can be rather intense as can our desire or need to manipulate. Be cautious of your emotions being steered by sex or disloyalty.

Venus being square to Uranus will likely bring up issues about freedom and intimate matters. Uranus likes the unusual. Venus could find herself attracted to an unlikely fantasy. Remember this too shall pass so if you should stop and smell this flower, remember that it will soon fade and do not try to hold on it for the long haul. If so you will almost certainly be disappointed or hurt.

You have to love how the Universe balances things. The difficulties between Venus and Uranus will find balance in a sweet trine between Venus and Saturn. This aspect will steady our relationships lead us to ourselves with more reserve and formality. Relationships that begin under this aspect will often last. But please don’t count your chickens before the hatch.

Mercury is not only moving out of the T-square but he will be leaving the sign of Cancer later this week and joins the Sun and Jupiter in Leo for a brief two weeks. We have a small stellium in Cancer and Leo right now and before the Sun leaves Leo, the stellium will be entirely in Leo. The first couple of weeks of August could be interesting!

When Mercury joins Jupiter later this week, expect drama in all forms of communication. This means blogs, social media posts, emails, chats, and instant messaging. These two planets will square off with Mars at week’s end sparks could fly. Mars can be a bully and go for jugular.

With so many planets coming under the sign of Leo, there is sure to be and extra helping of drama, creativity, confidence and pride in the next few weeks. The world stage should also be interesting to watch.

I wish you a great week ahead and hope this helps you make the most of it.