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Last Thursday the damn broke on my emotions and a flood soon followed. I could not give it a rhyme or reason. Perhaps it was Venus approaching Cancer? Maybe I am more of an empath than I thought? Whatever the reason I am glad to have Thursday and Friday behind me. I have also decided to limit my exposure to news.

We are approaching the part of the year least enjoy. The cooler temperatures have been a welcome change but in some ways, I had rather have the heat and less humidity than cool air with 81% humidity. My hair is the only part of me that loves heavy, wet air.

This week there are several sign changes and a retrograde. Jupiter changed signs last Thursday when he left Cancer and moved to Leo. This week the Sun follows him on the 22-23rd. These two planets will be conjunct for remainder of the week, with Thursday being the peak day of this energy.

This conjunction is great for our energy levels and confidence building. It will also boost our feeling generous, hopeful, and outgoing under this influence. You could feel more like stepping out into the spotlight too. Leo is like that. He loves recognition and admiration. If Leo were not so generous, he might be mistaken as an egotist. However it is Leo’s generosity that actually helps him (or her) get what he wants. Take advantage of this time to do any legal work, learn something new, develop important relationships whether personal or business, and enjoy some cultural events. There are plenty of festivals and other cultural events to enjoy this time of year.

Mars in Leo

Leo is also about the heart. Leo loves drama and if you know any Leo people, you know they can bring it on but it’s usually all in a good way because they thrive on having fun!

A bunch of my Leo friends used to work together at a restaurant. Each one wanted his or her birthday off. The owner decided to close for one day and invite everyone to her house for a cookout. Problem was each Leo wanted his or her own party (spotlight).

What this original cookout idea turned into became an annual event known as “Leo Fest” and lasted about 28 years. Each year there was a cook out that began about 3 PM. At 5 PM the party moved to the first “stop” for a drink. Each stop has its own drink and sometimes they were quite creative. After you go around to 10-20 plus stops for a year or two you learn to serve the drinks in bathroom sized paper cups or not to make them too strong. Otherwise, you have some inebriated folks walking around the neighborhood very early in the evening. Yes, we walked from stop to stop and that was a good thing! The swimming stop was always early in the day too.

For the next four weeks let your inner child out and enjoy the heart centered, youthful, life loving, creative and energetic energy that is Leo rejuvenate you. The demands of life and the world can often lock us into such a serious mode. The Sun in Leo is giving you opportunity to change that. Don’t let this pass with kicking up your heels at least a little.

Uranus turns retrograde on Monday. This will give us more impetus to have fun and be less concerned with change. For those of us born under this aspect this will be a comfortable shift. I look forward to the next five months and hope to notice of how this affects me. Uranus will turn direct again in December. For now relax, there is no need toimages (2)

Later in the week, Mars ends his uncomfortable two-year transit of Libra for the more compatible sign of Scorpio. Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio. All of his characteristics, good or bad, are strong in this sign. Look for Mars to be more intense, stubborn (one I need to watch), more secretive, unkind, passionate, obsessive, calculating, and loyal. This combo makes for a good poker player and they will fight to end for what they believe in. This combo is going to add some interesting energy to the next two years or so.

On Saturday, we have a New Moon in Leo. This should be a fun day and all of Leo’s traits are amped up for the day. This same day Jupiter joins forces with the Sun and the Moon. It is a fine day to shine and begin things that relate to being passionate or dramatic. Don’t get your feathers burned by trying to fly too high. All things call for a certain amount of restraint.

Mercury opposes Pluto on Thursday 24th. For those like me this could be a difficult day or week. This energy may lead to compulsive talking! On the other hand, it could cause one to be unusually quite. For the sake of my friend’s ears, I am hoping for the latter. Our powers of persuasion can also be quite strong under this influence. Pluto wants to uncover the truth and Mercury wants to tell all about it. The compulsion however can be to blow things way out of proportion. Should you find yourself in unusually deep conversations or communications, this aspect could be the impetus.

Mercury is a busy fellow on Thursday. He is also in square aspect with Uranus and trine Saturn. The square energy simulates our mind and new ideas. Don’t be surprised if you have an “ah-ha moment”. However, this insight and fresh ideas may be ill received. We can also be scatter-brained, which is nothing new for me. Completing the everyday, routine tasks might meet with some resistance today or even this week. Chores and projects can get interrupted or even left undone. If you have a need to present new ideas to the boss, co-workers or a partner, you just might want to hold off until a better time to express your thoughts. Uranus and Mercury energy can often be misunderstood.

Mercury trine Saturn is far more clear and realistic. This energy will be a great balance to the Mercury Uranus energy. This aspect if good for details, being practical and thinking things out as you prepare for the future. Seeing things get done will sure feel great.

Thursday is also the day Venus forms a trine with Neptune. This would be a great day to take a walk in the park, go to an art museum, or meditate; anything to connect with nature, art, beauty and your imagination. You will fully capture all this energy has to offer when you are loving and tender with others. This will be easy to do because you will be able to see the best in people. This trine also favors romance. What are you waiting for?