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Let’s continue with this week’s outlook. First I would like to go into more about Venus in Cancer.

Both Venus and Cancer are both concerned with some facet of love and relationships. Venus is all about the pretty, comfy things. She knows how to get the things you love whether it’s chocolate that certain someone. Venus is social chatter, hugs and kisses. She is in charge of finances, loves for you to look good and does not mind spending money to that end. She can get you into financial trouble too if you are not disciplined.

When Venus is in Cancer the familiar is what we long for. Cancer’s home and family energy keep Venus from wandering too far out into the wild night. Instead we had rather play safe and treat our close relationships with compassion, understanding and thoughtfulness.

We could feel a threat when others are overly independent or distant. Cancer‘s energy gives Venus the desire for more safe and sound relationships. Venus definitely takes on the attributes of Cancer during her tour there. This could mean you will feel more emotional and more sensitive. It is a good thing Cancer love is so caring and devoted. As good as this sounds the shadow side of this energy can be possessive and controlling. Remember no one likes to be on a tight leash.

I am excited about Saturn’s coming direct motion. You should soon beginning to see things start to move in your world. Some of us will experience more movement than other but surely all of us should notice a difference by year’s end. This is because Saturn will leave Scorpio on Christmas Eve and begins his tour of Sagittarius.

Saturn is where we find authority, rules and regulations in the zodiac. He is never easy or gentle. He likes to kick us in the rear and get us going. He also clamps down when we get out of line. Saturn is strong and serious.

Sagittarius is about science, art, spirituality, and philosophy. Sagittarius love to travel bit physically and mentally. Saturn will add a great deal of discipline to these Sagittarian characteristics. This combo will no doubt open doors to our seeking the higher meaning of life.

The following has nothing to do with this week outlook but I found it interesting and thought I would share.

My mother is a Sagittarian yet I have a very hard time seeing these characteristics in her. She is a little bit spiritual but doesn’t, like to travel, and is not interested in science. I love science and technology and I’m an Aquarian.

Mom is quiet, keeps secrets well, and is very loyal to her elders. Fifteen years after the death of her mother she still feels obligated to attend family reunions she doesn’t care that much about. She only does it be because grandma would. All this got me to thinking: what was it in her chart that buffered her Sagittarian qualifies.

I called her to get her time of birth which she did not know. I set out to generate a chart for her and put down 12 noon. This gave me a Pisces Ascendant. This does not ring true for me so I kept entering times to see what came up that made sense. After a few tries I came up with 3 am as a possible time. After all she had said the DR. was drunk so I doubt it was noon anyway.

Regardless of her ascendant or her Moon, what I noticed was that she had Saturn and Mercury in Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is sign of business, loyalty, and respect for our elders. Suddenly it all made sense! No wonder she doesn’t feel like a Sagittarian to me. I would love to chat with real astrologer about this sometime and get more in depth on this but for now this is enough?

Ok…that about does it for this week…..We’ve got Mercury Venus and Jupiter all changing signs this week. I will talk more about Jupiter’s next transit at a later time. For a later time. This a shift I am looking forward to. This is the stuff of dreams!

I know I did not mention anything about any super Moons. I’m not sure why. I guess I preoccupied with other thoughts? With all the forward movement we are about to get, I am thinking of how things are going to heat up in the coming months and years. it is exciting and terrifying at the same time. Terrifying because we humans love to resist change and have failed to learn we can change our world if we wanted to. We are going to figure this out one day. I’m glad that day is so much closer than it was. It might not come in my life time but I do know it is coming very soon.

For now, I am excited about the polar vortex coming our way. It will be nice to be able to open the windows at night and get a break from these 90 degree temps we’ve had here.
Till next week I wish all the best. Make it so!