This weeks report will be in two parts. Most of the planetary movement happens late in the week and this short bit will be enough to start your week with. I will post the remainder on Monday afternoon sometime.

Summer is not the only hot thing in new of late. I don’t watch the news because I don’t have access. I will occasionally listen to BBC News Radio or NPR. From what I have read and heard, it sure seems things are heating up around the globe. Volcanoes are erupting and so are tempers in all parts of the Middle East.

Hurricane Arthur put a damper on Fourth of July festivities and knocked out electrical power. Soon after, Japan was hard hit by typhoon Neoguri. Rain caused mudslides and fatalities. As I write this the storm in headed for Fukashima. This is sure to have some grave impact on the already ailing power plant.

There is so little truth coming from Tepco, the company that owns the power plant and the Japanese government. Most people have no idea just how bad the original damage has affected our home planet. Scientist around the world like Michio Kaku, David Suzuki, Dr Helen Caldicott, Steven Starr and many others are doing doing what they can to get the word out about just how bad Fukashima is. This new storm could cause a great deal of radiation to leak and further affect the land, air and sea. Simon Atkins, PhD, DSc, warns not to eat any Pacific seafood and to consider moving to the Southern Hemisphere, at least 15° south of the equator. This is why I quit eating fall seafood 2 yrs ago.

Now I am reading about a cool polar vortex that is coming our way. The weather map projections for near future are reminiscent of last January’s deep freeze. Surprise! Surprise! Not being a lover of high temps or high humidity, I’ll take any cooling I can get about now. This is quite the contrast from the predictions of it being HOT all summer isn’t it?

My last week has had one surprise after another. I’m not sure what to attribute that to, Jupiter or Uranus. Transiting Jupiter is sort of close to my natal Uranus. Not sure if Jupiter is close enough (10-11 degrees) to make that much difference? Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good fortune or surprises. Uranus is the planet of quick change and will slap a surprise on you in a heartbeat. Whatever the reason, I have had a wonderful week on many fronts!

In contrast I have a friend also had a surprising week, just not as happy as one as mine. Her father-in- law of only four days passed away suddenly. This is truly a sad thing to have happen on the heels of such a joyous event. This is certainly Uranus in action.

How about that Full Moon last week? Did you feel it at all? Many were talking about how powerful It was! Full Moons have been affecting my sleep for most of this year but I really did not notice much disruption with this one. Another big surprise.

This coming Wednesday Jupiter leaves Cancer and takes up residence in Leo for the rest of the year and into 2015. For all you Leo’s out there, this should be extra good. Look for relationships to blossom here and there in the next year or so. Old relationships could pop up for some too.

You might feel all warm and fuzzy about mid week too. For this you can thank the trine between the Cancer Sun and the Pisces Moon.
Venus, the planet we most think of when it comes to relationships will move from Gemini to Cancer by week’s end. Cancer the sign of home and family will soften our affections. When it comes to family or the home, we can be more defensive. Regardless this is a good time for family reunions or get-togethers.

Saturday there is a big clash when Mars squares the Sun. Mars has been involved in some nasty squares these past few months and this one is no exception.

This week ends with Saturn stationing to turn direct. He has been retrograde for the past four months. We are sure to see things begin to move. However the big movement won’t take place till he leaves Scorpio nest year. I can hardly wait to see how this energy affects things in the coming months.

Look for the rest of this Monday…….till then, enjoy yourself, what ever you do.