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It is Summertime and I could not resist posting this beautiful photo by my college friend Michele Stub. What I like about this photo is  the feeling of cool shade I get from it. The lush green of the plants feels so peaceful. I can almost smell the cool fresh air that must exist in this place. You can check out other work by her at her blog page: http://mikaloguer.blogspot.com/ 

I hope all of you had a safe and happy Fourth if July. Mine was my best 4th ever. I had the honor of officiating the wedding of a long time friend.

Hurricane Arthur had moved on out of our way and making his way farther up the eastern seaboard, dampening events along the way. The weather here in the Piedmont region if N.C. was perfect. The sun was bright and temperatures were in the mid 80’s.

Last week I warned that our tempers might not be as cool as the outside temperature turned out to be. Were you able to keep your cool and not lose it? I sure hope so.images (1)

July is shaping up to be a busy month of me. Mercury going direct seems to have fast forwarded things for me and maybe you as well. I know I did a lot of thinking about the past while he was retrograde and let of more of my old baggage. Now all of us can move on to thinking about our long-term goals. Mine all seem to be garden related this past week. What do yours relate to?

The emotional clearing we were doing during the past Mercury retrograde hopefully put a tidy finish to our emotional clearing the past year. Ever since Jupiter moved into Cancer, the most emotional sign of the Zodiac, we’ve been experiencing a big water cleansing. Our inner world needs to be clear before we can move forward with our outer world so this has been a good thing even if you were not aware of it. If you did notice your emotions this past year, you might be feeling them ease up some now. Jupiter only has another week in Cancer before he is off to take center stage in Leo.

imagesThe T- Square that formed last Friday between the Sun, Uranus and Pluto will last through Tuesday the 8th. This will further assist our releasing parts of the past as we focus on our security and happiness. You may also notice you are learning to balance your need for closeness and independence in your relationships. Letting go of the ego helps here too.

The early part of the week if full of trines. This is when planets are 120 degrees apart from each other. Today’s trine between the Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces might make us feel a bit foggy headed , or give us some interesting dreams. Pay attention to them if you take an afternoon nap today.
A Grand Water Trine forms on Tuesday. This will involved the Sun in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron, the wounded healer in Pisces. This trine will further highlight our need for security emotionally, financially and physically. Take advantage of this trine and use the week ahead to give and get support and healing. These opportunities will surely show up when and where we most need it if we trust the Universe.

Other trines this week will include a soft one between the Sun and Moon on Monday. This one can increase sensitivity in both positive and negative ways. Be careful not to become manipulative due to jealousy or fear. On the positive side of this will be good supportive energy for those who might be experiencing great difficulties.

Also on Tuesday, the Sun will be exactly opposite Uranus. Oh Boy! This could make for an interesting week. Things could come unhinged so it is could be a good idea to expect the unexpected. As I mentioned last week…tempers could fly

Mercury has re-entered Gemini and will transit this sign through the end of the week. If you feel like you are having lots of ADD moments, blame this transit for making more easily distracted. You could also feel a lot more talkative, sociable and curious. You may find that you better able to make your point or argue one during this transit. I will leave the arguing to those that need to do that and spend my week exercising the info junkie in me. It’s not like I don’t already have more info rolling around my head than I could ever need. Ha!images

Venus continues her tour of Gemini but this is nearly her last week here. During this transit she has not doubt stimulated you socially and romantically. Venus in Gemini loves variety, is animated, and fun loving. But our any new relationships will likely begin with words. Gemini is more mental than glamorous. The down side of this transit is unpredictability. Those twins might not know which way to turn.

Tuesday Venus will square Chiron. Wow! Tuesday looks to be an energetically packed day. This aspect can block our learning from each other, intimacy and ability to commit. Any insecurity could be spotlighted. If you find yourself feeling a bit insecure on Tuesday, you will know why.

All these aspects lead us to the high point of the week. We will close out the week and this lunar cycle with a Capricorn Full Moon on Saturday, July 12. It is time for us to finish projects, travels and even bad habits.

We already know that a Full Moon increases tide level, emotions, crime and births. This month things could be even bigger because the Moon will cross Jupiter. Don’t be surprised if emotions or things get blown out of proportion. Since the Moon is involved, this energy will be short lived even if the effects are not. Don’t forget to relax, take a deep breath.

Mercury will be completely out of his shadow Wednesday and as things pick up, you just might find you need more self-care. This will be good week for jus that. Why not set aside some time each day to be alone and meditate, rest quietly, sip on a cool beverage, read, or do something just for you? I doubt self-nurturing is never a bad idea.