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Last week was very productive for me. I sure hope some of you also had a good week. I know some did not and for that, I am sorry. One friend spent the week in the hospital but I am happy to say they are on the mend and will be back to their old self before too long.

I mentioned letting go of things in last week’s post. For me the week seemed to push me to reflect on the past. I did not get lost in my feelings around these reflections but I definitely felt led to think about this or that from the past. It actually felt good to go back and realize, I am better for having been there. While some of the losses are sad, they are all part of my personal evolution.

Maya Angelou often spoke of forgiveness and moving on. I agree with her, I recognize the loses, forgive myself for the anger and hurt I felt and move on. Holding on the past only holds us back. We need to let go so we can move on and evolve. I do not believe we need to forgive others. I believe they are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. It is only my reaction to what they did that need forgiveness. If the other person had not been there to cause me pain, upset, or anger, I never would have learned what I learned from the situation. I should actually be grateful for their role in helping me grow.

Now let’s get into what is coming up this week.

The good news it Mercury will be direct on July 1st. If you have read my previous posts on retrogrades then you know about the shadow period before and after a planet stations to turn direct or retrograde. The length of this shadow period varies. This time Mercury will not be completely out of his shadow until July 9th.

Some relationships could take a hit this week so be on your toes. Venus is square Neptune until the 5th. Dreamy Neptune makes things a bit foggy and we might see what we wish to see rather than what is there. Beware of beginning a relationship under this placement. I an officiating a wedding on the 4th and had these two people not been together for nearly 14 years already, I might be a bit concerned about getting married on this date. Fortunately, I feel the relationship it rock solid and can weather anything. It will be a glorious day!PJ-Stack

Venus is heavy with the aspects this week.

She is contraparallel Pluto June 29-30. We could have feeling of Romantic intensity, a feelings insecurity, infidelity or possessiveness. Remember your love.

Venus is semi-square Jupiter on July 3. This is a good aspect for a vacation as we seek more pleasure in our lives. In the process, try not to be fixated or ask unrealistic demands of your partner or others. Be careful also not to exaggerate your feelings. Jupiter loves to expand things but when it comes to our feelings, others quickly grow weary when we are fixated on them.

Venus will be quincunx Pluto July 3. This could lead some of us to re-evaluate our close relationships. Should you feel like your social life needs and overhaul, this could the aspect that does it. Just remember that when we make adjustments in our lives not everyone in one board with it. Your choices of change could rub some the wrong way resulting in power struggles, jealousy, and the fear of loss. No one likes to be kicked to the curb but sometimes, you just need to make a serious change. Do your best to be respectful in whatever you do.

Venus will parallel Jupiter July 3-4. This happy aspect is strong and a perfect one for the upcoming wedding I mentioned. Most of us should notice our feeling shift to wanting others to feel good. Many could feel a stronger than usual pull to know our relationships are indeed meaningful. Jupiter is the planet of expansion so be aware that our desires for all this good can be overdone if we aren’t careful. This overdoing can also involve holiday drinking and eating. Over indulgence is not limited to one thing now is it?

Another gentle aspect will come on July 6-7 when Venus is sextile Uranus. We feel fearless in some ways and are more willing to take risks. Be aware that this willingness might not combine so well with some of the more difficult Venus aspects this week. For those that are unattached, enjoy any new romantic involvements that may come your way. This will be a good time to have some fun without tying yourself down in commitment.

The Sun continues to oppose Pluto this week. This aspect lasts through July 11th. You might notice some issues of inflexibility when it comes to competition or issues around power. Fireworks will certainly not be limited to the Fourth of July. Expect to feel a bit, even a lot on edge, or threatened. A few among us will be prone to juvenile temper tantrums due to a feeling the world or some outside influence is against us. Don’t let this get you down. This can be a valuable tool in our transformation. Use this to take a closer look at what motivates us. While we strive to be in control of our lives we need to learn we can’t always be in control. In this struggles we will hopefully find hidden strengths we never knew we had. Remember how Pluto loves to tear down to rebuild. This is all part of our evolution and growth. Roll with it.

fire worksWe may feel on edge, volatile, or even threatened. In extreme cases, infantile rage is possible. There is an inner drama taking place now, and a feeling that external circumstances are undermining our own feeling of powerfulness. In the process, we may be able to get in touch with our internal motivations. A tendency to want to control our lives through some form of manipulation is strong during this influence. Meeting with obstacles in our paths, however, can force us into the position of using all of our resources to fight back, and we can discover resources we never knew we had in the process.

The week ends around the Fourth of July holiday and all the wonderful festivities it holds each year. The US celebrates another birthday with parades, festivals and fireworks across the country. This also the single day of the year the Sun is exactly opposite Pluto and this energy is at its peak. I suppose we can be thankful Pluto is retrograde. This means his energy is hiding but it is certainly are not completely absent.

While this energy peak lasts only a day, astrologers everywhere are going to be taking close look at this. The reason for such keeping such a close eye on this is because this aspect also opposes the Sun in the United States’ natal chart. Big corporations and economic entities like the Federal Reserve could find trouble. We could even see some instability in governments.

I have also read that if July 4th is your birthday, you will be advised not to oppose any of the large entities in the country or those in authority. If you ignore this advice, you have my best wishes for a positive outcome but I won’t be holding my breath either.

If I find any interesting tidbits on the subject of the US natal chart this week, I may post it. I am not planning to at this time but I just never know.