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Happy Solstice and welcome to SUMMER! Is it hot and humid where you are? Not so long ago folks were begging for warmer temperatures. Now the complainers are complaining about the heat.

This week Venus changes signs. She is leaving the comforts she finds in Taurus for a more curious mind set. She will be seeking all the sizzling new things our world has to offer as she spends the next four week in Gemini. This will be a great month for creative types like actors, those in advertising, writing, sales, and teachers or anyone who else who can turn on the charm.

The week begins with the T- square between Mars, Uranus and Pluto still hanging up there. Again, this energy has been with us for a while now although it fades some by week’s end. The Mars/Uranus opposition will continue and morph into other t-squares as the week’s progress.

T-square energy, especially when it involves Pluto and Uranus, is quite powerful. Pluto, the planet of death and destruction loves to tear down, while Uranus wants to be free. Pluto comes to his aide by tearing down walls and destroying what binds us or no longer serves. Mars brings the power of action to the mix and really makes things happen, even explode. This energy can cause some strong weather events. We’ve been seeing this play out in the devastating storms lately. Bless those that have lost everything but their lives. I do hope you will reach out to help where you can.

The Sun will align with Neptune in a nice sweet dreamy trine on Monday. This will dampen some of the other aspects that fire up our ego. Dreams could be more vivid and you could find yourself feeling more spiritual and intuitive most of the week.

Also on Monday, the Moon opposes Saturn. Thank goodness this aspect is short lived. Our emotions butt heads with our boundaries and rules. We might not feel we can trust others and we might feel a bit doubtful. People with this aspect in their charts are often doubtful about what they can expect from life. Learning to trust others will be to your benefit. This aspect is like an emotional roller coaster. If you feel jumpy and all over the place early this week, you could be feeling this energy quit strongly. Some will love this and find this energy exactly what they need.

I love the way the Universe provides us with balance. At the same time the Moon opposes Saturn it also trines Uranus. This aspect directs to a more accepting outlook as we wish everyone to feel free to be who they are. The desire is to throw pretense out the window. You could run into trouble if you attempt to become too “equal” to an authority figure. On the other hand, this aspect could help break them out of their rigidity and open them to new understandings. This aspect might help you discover new ways of doing things and bring a certain spark to your already glowing personality.

Thursday the Sun moves to oppose Pluto for about two weeks. This is inner stress and tension energy. Fear of the “other shoe dropping” is one way to describe it. Being aware of this is the best way to avert disaster and avoid self-destructive behavior. This is a good time to face the boogies the live under your bed and listen to the Angel on your shoulder. At least remember there is an Angel there.

Friday brings us the  New Moon in Cancer. This means new beginnings in the area of women’s issues, the ImageJ=1.43uhome, family, real-estate, food and nurturing. Be on the lookout women! This could bring you the opportunity you have been looking for. I already know of two women who has big changes coming around a home.

Another big event at week’s end is on the 27th when the Moon joins the Sun to oppose Pluto. The placement can cause feelings of loss to be quite overwhelming. As hard as you might try to control things, you will most likely fail. Isn’t it always best to just let go?

Be cautious that you do not come across to others as hateful or cold otherwise you will probably not even notice these actions and end up hurting someone’s feelings in a big way.

Mercury will remain retrograde for another week but will not be out of his shadow until July 9th. Be patient with things. I know this one has been tough. Being in his home sign has made him more powerful but this will be over soon.

Saturday the Moon will be trine both Neptune and Saturn. New solutions to big problems could be on the horizon.

Neptune, Saturn, Pluto and of course Mercury are retrograde. Neptune retrograde helps us to tune into what has eluded us before. For those that are already psychic, this can be a problem and cause an over load of sensitivity. Avoid self-medicating. This can be real problem among those whose charts are triggered hard. It you know someone who is having problems coping, be patient and be there for them. Help them ride things out. Most of us feel helpless from time to time and need someone to just be there.

Saturn retrograde is actually slowing things down a bit. We know he is in charge or our boundaries and represents authority and our father. But you might not realize he also represents our physical and psychological makeup. His ability to slow things down is a good thing since the retrograde Neptune can cause some to not see things so clearly and become a bit off kilter.

One good characteristic of Saturn retrograde is that this gives us more impetus to re-visit areas that cause us frustration. We have an opportunity to re-do things we committed to in the past that are not working for us. Remember what we resist persists. Now that you know, get busy!

Pluto retrograde often brings greater insight. A great counter balance for Neptune right now. This energy really pushes us to let go. That seems to be the theme for the past few years as many planets have called us to let go of what no longer serves us. This is part of our transformation. Roll with it! Allow it to happen.

Yes! I do love how the Universe provides balance. This week is great example. I have to confess to struggling with my own advice.

One of my closest friends and I were laughing this week about letting go of things. She probably will not agree but I see her as always on a purging spree. Lately she has been purging her father’s house too. I am the proverbial pack rat and am always collecting. Certainly, I have a thing or 500 I get could get rid of but as soon as I do, whether I have had something a week or twenty years, as soon as I decide I don’t need it, I do. Astrology has helped me understand how and why I do some of the things I do. Through knowledge comes change.

Having said that, I wish you all a safe, peaceful week. Till next week remember to relax and let go. And please forgive my typos……