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What a lovely Full Moon we had last Friday. Falling in the sign of Sagittarius, ruler of the ninth house, this moon was about expanding our vision and travel. A fitting sign to lead us into summer. However, the big topic of last week seemed to be the strange energy and Mercury retrograde. I do not think the fact Mercury is in Cancer has helped matters much energetically either. Cancer is emotional and this placement could have set off some emotions with some of you.

Mercury will be moving back into Gemini this week on June 17th. If during the last two weeks of May you found yourself saying things you wish you had not, this will be the time to make amends. You get a do-over thanks to Mercury’s returning Gemini.

Gemini is Mercury’s sign and this will be a great time to incubate new ideas as you re-do things. The key word here is percolate. Do not act on anything until after July 9th when Mercury is completely out of his shadow. Just keep the new ideas warm and safely tucked away for now.mercretro1

On the upside of this Mercury retrograde is the fact that while he is in Gemini the focus will be on communication, information and social networking. This includes the internet, meetings, and webinars. Tuesday just as Mercury is shifting, the Aquarius Moon forms a sweet trine with the Gemini Sun. Any communication or meetings on this day should go well. Otherwise, do not forget that a backwards Mercury requires us to be more diligent in our dealings. Just don’t allow it to twist your knickers.

If you are one of those people born under retrograde Mercury, this is a very comfortable time for you. When he moves back into Gemini this could means success for those in the media and top business powers. Some of us have triggers in our charts that make this an even more difficult time. To find out more about your chart I suggest you consult a good astrologer. Here are three of my favorites:

Shelley Overton http://www.astrologerangel.com/
Leslie Hale http://www.lesliehale-astrology.com/
Anne Ortelee http://www.lesliehale-astrology.com/

Check out anyone of these astrologers. I am sure you will be pleased with the results.


This week brings us the first day of summer and the Summer Solstice. There will be many celebrations on and around solstice. However, Venus is opposing Saturn and putting a damper on the festivities with some negative energy. You may have notice this last week too. The opposition began about June 6th and will last through mid week this week. If this is triggering something in your chart then you would feel it more, or less that most of us. Relationships can suffer greatly under this aspect so be aware.


Mars is still transiting Libra and square Pluto. This is volatile energy for sure tempered by Libra’s desire to balance which can sometimes be quite difficult. Mars is all war like and hot under the collar. Could this be what is driving the crazy shootings we had lately or the unrest in Iraq?

Surely this week you could begin to notice your perspective begin to shift as the Sun prepares to move in to Cancer on Saturday the 21st. Cancer is a water sign, nurturing and emotional. Therefore, from the end of this week though mid July you may notice yourself more focused your family and the need to feel at home. Cancer loves to feel safe and secure. Probably a good thing we have July 4 holiday to celebrate.

Venus, besides being opposed to Saturn is transiting Taurus. She is her usual sensual self and content. She can however be more possessive under this sign so you might need to check yourself if this is a characteristic of yours.

This week we also have T-square between Mars, Uranus and Pluto. This energy has been with us for a while now imagesand was part for that Grand Cardinal Cross back in April. Although Jupiter is now out of the picture, he is still not too far from influence. This T-Square has Pluto, the planet of death, destruction and rebirth as its focus. This aspect creates energy of action and courage. With Mars pushing Pluto from one side and Uranus being its freedom loving, rebelling self from the other, this aspect is sure to create some explosive ripples in our world. Pluto is the focus so expect to see things fall apart only to be reborn into a new and hopefully improved form.

Wow! I am sure I have missed something but I think that does it for this week. Yes things have calmed down a bit so enjoy any rest you might get. Right now I am headed back outside. It is far too nice a day to be indoors any longer. Wishing you a wonderful week!