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I just looked at my natal chart and transits. The Sun is conjunct my natal Jupiter, Saturn is conjunct my Mars, Jupiter is conjunct my Uranus and the North Node is conjunct my Neptune. I will be taking a look at all that later but now I have lots to tell you about the coming week!

This is technically the last full week of Spring! There is also a Full Moon this week in Sagittarius, the sign of exploration, meaning and development. What do you want to explore? How is your search for meaning going? This is a great time to open up to possibility! Just say YES! You might be surprised at what you uncover about yourself in the process.

This Full Moon will also be the time to wind up those spring projects, especially ones dealing with Sagittarius favorites like sports, trips, or education. I am fairly certain I will get projects done by week’s end. When the New Moon comes I will be ready to start new summer projects indoors and in the AC.

Full-Moon-588x441This Sagittarius Moon is bringing an interesting dynamic to the Gemini Sun. Gemini represents the lower mind and logical thinking while Sagittarius represents the higher mind and asks us to be more intuitive and open minded. Finding balance here is the key to keep things from backfiring on us. Nothing really new here now, is there?

A little over a month ago Mars turned direct and he has been setting fire to our world literally and figuratively since then. He is also triggering the Cardinal Grand Cross energy that peaked in late April.

Now Mars is opposing Uranus. Many of us feel restless with this aspect and it could mean some sleepless nights are ahead. In the past year I have noticed that I don’t sleep much, if at all during the full moon. This opposition will probably add to my insomnia. Meditation, hypnosis and lots of relaxing music seem to help. I prefer not to take meds and if I do they are herbal and prescription.

Another characteristic to be aware of when Mars opposes Uranus is the tendency to be inflexible. This can halt orimages (1) slow down any progress we might be making in our lives. Unnecessary delays and obstacles are also common. Don’t allow the tendency to be impatient, make quick decisions or be impulsive to create havoc. Should these arise, don’t allow them to frustrate you or get in the way of the progress you are making in your life. Take a deep breath and stay on course. You might also find you are a bit more temperamental than usual but don’t worry, you will quickly get over this too. You have to love how fast Mars works.

Other characteristics of this aspect are feeling boldly individualistic and autonomous. Co-operation might not be a strong point about now so beware and do your best be tolerant of the views and opinions of others. Uranus is famous for being brutally honest and frank. Don’t allow this impersonal trait become explosive or it can back fire in your face. Tempered with patience and good sense this Mars/ Uranus opposition can propel you forward in good ways.

Last week Mercury week went retrograde. I am hearing the typical reports of Mercury retrograde. Communication issues, electrical and computer ones are common too. You might experience delays and missed connections too. Just ride the wave, go with the flow and try not to stress. I don’t let it get to me like many do.

Monday Neptune turns retrograde, bringing the total to four or exactly half the planets retrograde. Saturn and Pluto are the other two planets. Neptune loves to work under the radar and is quite baffling. He leads us to day-dream and to be creative. When he is retrograde we can be even more inclined to avoid things that we need to be doing.

This retrograde cycle will last through mid November. We are doing to have a lot of time in the haze of a backward Neptune. The good news is that find we are more sensitive and receptive during Neptune retrograde. Trust this intuition. If there have been things that have eluded you in the past, perhaps this will be the time when the fog lifts and you see more clearly. And that is always a good thing!

groundingStaying well grounded is always good advice but over the next five months this will be extra important. Expect the unexpected. You could be left standing all alone and this is hard for some; exhilarating for others. Some can become depressed or overwhelmed. Avoid escapism though drugs or alcohol. Instead spend more time outside with your feet bare to the ground when possible. A nice grounding stone in the pocket can be helpful too. Chose anything you like but the black and earth colored stones are best. Black tourmaline, hematite, petrified wood, and agates are all good for grounding. Remember you are stronger than you think. This will pass so lean into the things that make you happy even when you are alone.

The big event this week will be around the Full Moon. Late in the day of June 13 and right on the heels of the Full Moon energy, the Moon moves into Capricorn where he will join forces with Pluto for a bit. These two will oppose Jupiter and square Uranus and Mars forming a T-square. Next weekend could be heated. You might want to lay low in order to avoid doing battle with some folks.

I mentioned before the Saturn is also retrograde. Next Sunday, June 15th is also Father’s Day. Whether your dad is here in the flesh or passed on to spirit doesn’t matter. It’s a good time to deal with any issues you have with him and find balance with that relationship. It is never too late set things straight.

daisysI have not looked ahead into summer yet but I can tell you it feels like it is going to be a big one. I expect to see many unexpected things take place on the world stage by August and into the fall months. Money and money matters I feel sure will be part of that. But then aren’t they always? But what I am talking about it change in money. Not sure what that will mean. I am just expressing my gut feelings now and not astrology.

We still have 3 more exact Pluto/Uranus squares ahead of us. We have already seen how this has triggered rebellion and change on the world stage Egypt, Ukraine, the Occupy Movement and now the Moral Monday’s movement that began North Carolina and is spreading quickly to other states. I am guessing this summer will be full in interesting events that lead us to further transformation and change.

I can’t stress enough to relax, let go and find things that make you happy while at the same time keep you in the moment. Wishing you a wonderful summer! Till next time……….