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Our transformation is moving along. We bend and twist and squirm as we resist the changes. I am eager for humanity to be more compassionate and loving and less interested in power and control. Man’s inhumanity to man is a constant source of frustration and amazement equaled only the disrespect we have for our home and mother, the Earth.

I hope you had a pleasant Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately a few days later one of my most favorite people in the world left us. Dr. Maya Angelou lived an amazing life and although she had no formal higher education she was given at least 30 honorary doctorates. Dr. Angelou often spoke of forgiveness. I studied her words this week as I struggled with a situation in my own life. She said to forgive, move on and not go back. I am taking her advice which is simpatico with that of my closest friends.

This holiday marks the unofficial beginning of summer. Later last week some of you might have begun to feel the effects of Mercury as he entered his shadow last Thursday. Hold on to your hat because he will be in full retro mode by the end of this week. Remember Mercury rules communication. this is a good time to back up your computer and think before you speak.

When Mercury turns retrograde on June 7th it’s a good time to redo and review or do anything that begins with download“re”. Recreation falls under that category! The first couple weeks of June are big weeks for vacations as people try to get in some R&R before summer gets too hot and busy. Mercury retrograde is perfect for this! Just don’t let any travel delays, mechanical breakdowns (get a paper ticket), communication or other mix-ups ruffle your feathers.

Not only did Mercury enter his shadow last Thursday, he also entered Cancer. This means matters of home and family will be the highlight or this backward trek. If you are buying or selling a home don’t be surprised if there is a delay or some sort of glitch. Relax! This is not the time to be hasty. Be sure to read contracts and the fine print several times before committing to anything.

Cancer also deals with those that live without a home and with women’s issues. We often think more of the homeless in the winter but their needs don’t end just because it is warmer outside.

female-symbol-sad-mdWomen have been in the news a lot lately. No doubt you are aware of the African school girls that were kidnapped and a few days ago two young girls were found dead, hanging from trees in India. Here in the US women’s health has taken a hit in my home state of North Carolina and other states across the country. I hope Mercury retrograde in Cancer gives all of us some needed chill out time and women and the homeless all over the world get a break from abuse,. How wonderful it would be if we could use this time to re-create our approach to these issues and develop compassionate solutions.

Happy Birthday to all my Gemini friends! I love the cooler weather here this weekend. I makes being outside so wonderful! And although my crunch time in the ‘yarden’ is over for this season gardening never really ends. I have already been out digging and planting some of the last things I have to plant.

You are probably aware of Gemini’s social nature. Being a bit more intellectual and curious are also traits we might experience under this influence. Should you notice people are a bit more scattered, unreliable, even unpredictable than usual, this is Gemini influence. Take a deep breathe and follow the same guidelines for Mercury retrograde; re-group, re-lax, and re-whatever.

Allow the sensual Venus in Taurus to take you away from the disappointments and get your mind on the present. This is what Taurus does best. Show others how much you love them but be cautious not to be possessive or controlling. The Taurus/Venus ego can be nasty that way. On the other hand there is nothing wrong with seeking out things and relationships that are sure to last. Taurus likes to hold on.

Meanwhile Mars is still touring Libra and we are more inclined to use our charm to get what we want. This energy can make it difficult for us to make up our minds too. Since it’s the first of June? I say who cares? Ha! Be indecisive and enjoy what could be the last cool days of late spring.

Several of my friends have mentioned how busy they have been this spring. If you are a regular to this blog you know that I have been so busy I did not write for two weeks in May. Now I am going to repeat myself and again say it’s time to chill. The Cardinal Grand Cross stirred up a lot of energy. While I don’t think we have seen the end of that burst yet I do think the next few weeks are best spent in down time as much as possible. If you are a spiritual, person or energy worker you might have take a big hit from all that Cardinal Cross energy. Lean into the coming Mercury retrograde. Ride this wave in a restful mode.

?????Later this summer I feel like there will be big power struggles across our country. This will create even more chaos. Lately the chosen means of dealing with any conflict has been more rules or the removal of existing rules/laws. Pluto is opposing the Sun of the country’s natal chart. This could mean a real change in our government. Exactly what that is remains to be seen but the energy is there and I am sure we will see some big changes in the coming months.

One thing to watch began on May 27th when Monsanto was given the green light to go ahead with their genetically modified crops. I dare say that as more people become aware of the deadly hazards of these crops, change WILL happen. Change for the better too! But the Phoenix did not rise in a instant and nether with this change. Again I say, take this Mercury retrograde and shadow time to rest up and be kind to yourself. You just might need lots of energy later this summer.

I hope your week is splendid! I am looking forward to mine and getting lots more done as I redo things around my home. I have plenty or unfinished projects to last me this retrograde and maybe into the next. Till next week, be safe and remember to live in love.