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May, the real month of spring, is almost over. It sure has been busy and has gone by very fast. I have accomplished much this month and hope you have too. I’m also going to revel in those accomplishments and not dwell on all there is yet to do. Those chores sure aren’t going anywhere.

The funny thing about May is that the Sun is in a slow sign. Taurus the bull is not known for his lightning speed but he is known for his strength. Taurus is also a fixed sign and falls in the fifth month. Numerology tells us the number five is very powerful and he finds freedom in action. Maybe that is why we work so hard in May?PentagonFlower

Sacred geometry tells us five is the most powerful of geometric shapes and it symbolizes hydrogen (the hydrogen bomb) and the Pentagon. Its is also a shape pattern that is common in flowers.

Last week the Sun left slow, steady Taurus and moved into anything but boring Gemini. Mars picked up his pace when he turned direct on the 20th. And the Universe is telling us it’s time to get moving because Gemini wants us to be more social by whatever means we can be it face to face events, social media, or your mobile phone. The Memorial Day holiday is a great way to kick this off too.

The energy of the Cardinal Grand Cross is lingering. The Mars/ Jupiter square has eased up as these two planets move farther apart. The energy of that powerful cross lasted a while and activated things we will see unfold in the weeks and months to come.

Over all this week should be pretty calm energy wise. I am ready for this since last week once the Sun changed signs I seemed to go into klutz mode but I survived without serious injury. This week Wednesday will be the big day. Lots going on that day. The New Moon will conjunct the Sun in Gemini. Our needs and wants are both leading us toward action and fun. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in the mood to converse, interested in games and puzzles, short trips, writing and of course there could be two of everything. You could feel a bit scattered under this Moon but this passes quickly.

GeminiThis Gemini Moon will also be in trine aspect to Mars in Libra. This will make communications easy on Wednesday and any social events should go smoothly as well. Remember the New Moon is the time of new beginnings. This is really great for new starts in sales and marketing, learning something new, or new starts in family and social relationships. The Libra energy will be sure to make things work out as best they can for everyone.

Neptune could cause a ripple on Wednesday as he squares the Sun/Moon conjunction. Being in his home sign however makes him more flexible. Unless this triggers something in your personal chart there should be no problem. Just remember that Neptune in Pisces is quite spacey. Be sure you pay attention to how well you are grounded. Walk bare foot or work in the dirt mid week.

Our need for grounding will be assisted late Wednesday by Venus as she moves into he well grounded , earthy home sign of Taurus. This Venus transit will take a little over three weeks to complete. During this time you could notice your desire is strong for passion, lasting security and value. You will tend to want to hold on to what you love be it a significant other or money.

Your best course of action is to not to make any changes, especially sudden ones. Sit mercretro1back and enjoy what you have accomplished. Communications will get wonky real quick this week when Mercury enters his shadow period on Thursday before going retrograde on June 7th. Venus could find herself in an unpleasant light if she tries to act through her shadow side and attempt to be bossy or own those around her.

Mercury will also make a sign change this week. He moves into Cancer on Thursday. Watch out for hurt feelings and more emotional communications. This could definitely trigger something in your 4th house of home and family and spark our defense mechanism. At least now you are aware and maybe will notice the signs before things get too emotional, the wrong things are said and feelings get hurt.

Mars remains in Libra throughout June. He’s been here since early December but he has been retrograde since March first. Now that he is direct he can help us navigate the Cancer and Venus energy. Thanks to his Libra influence we will be more able to see the other side. Don’t you just love how the Universe seems to have a way of balancing things out for us?

We have not talked about Saturn in a long time and that is because he is slow moving. There is only so much you can say about a transit that takes years to complete before people get tired of hearing about it. This is an important transit however and bears review.

Saturn is trying to teach us the importance of rules and self denial. Pluto in Capricorn is assisting Saturn with this lesson. This is a time for f weeding out what isn’t working for us, and for letting go of what no longer works. This is a time of self mastery, growth and empowerment. This can be a difficult time for those that resist. Remember, what we resist, persists. So give in to the Divine Universe that is providing you with this opportunity. Relax and let go. Easier said than done I know but you will be the better for it.

Jupiter has been in Cancer since June 25, 2013. He is winding up his tour of this sign this coming July 16th. Jupiter is the planet of expansion. He love to increase and make things more or bigger. During this time we have had strong maternal instincts and an interest in building families. I do love that our families are not limited to those of our birth. But when Jupiter in Cancer we seem to be more interested in our ancestry, where we come from, and what our traditions are. You may have also taken some classes this past year or read a book or two that helped you expand in some way.

Uranus is still in Aries and Pluto is still in Capricorn. You can read about these two and how they are affecting us in the archives. Their influence is lasting a few years and causing a lot of transformation. This energy is also ruffling feathers along the way in a personal and universal way. Remember it is all in divine order! It’s time to make the shift. The Universe is paving the way for us to do just that. What a ride it is too!

Wishing you a safe holiday weekend and a great week ahead!