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Conchita-WurstspymediaAstrology can be mind boggling to the average person. Indeed it has taken me about 17 years to get to the place I know a very little bit about it. Combinations between 10 (or 11 planets if you count Ceres),  several asteroids and fixed stars, 12 signs, 12 houses, 4 elements, 3 modes, and a whole lot of geometric aspects, each and every one with their own personality or characteristics is quite a lot to learn and remember. You have to be part psychologist to even get close to figuring out some of this stuff.

Seeing astrology express its self in real life is just as difficult mainly because you have to know all of the above to make heads or tales out of what you see in the world news, the weather or your own life. Lately there has been a lot of internet buzz about a bearded drag queen from Austria named Conchita Wurst. The following blog is a good read on how this person’s sensational, bold step into the global spotlight. I hope you enjoy reading this! I sure did.