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Happy Mother’s Day! At my last writing I mentioned I had lots of gardening to do. I’ve got a bad case of wanting more garden than I am ready for. My body has not been co-operating with me either but that is another story and this is an astrology blog. So! Let’s get going!

Last week we had move into his home sign of Gemini. This opened a path for us to discover new ways to connect. Social networking, sales and marketing all will be reaping the benefits of this move so take advantage and get busy!

If you had ran into obstacles on Saturday, blame a retrograde Saturn opposing the Taurus Sun. Oh My! Taurus love change and flitting around like a butterfly from flower to flower. But Scorpio wants to feel loved. Finding balance might have been a problem for some.

moon in libraSunday the Moon in Libra is conjunct Mars. This will be opposite Venus and Uranus in Aries. This could trigger some the Cardinal Grand cross and make us see fireworks somewhere. That Cardinal Grand Cross is not as exact as it was but it is still active so be aware.

What a way to begin the week, with Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries and the Moon conjunct Mars in Libra. That means four planets are opposing each other. Oppositions and squares are the aspects when the planets are not getting along with each other. They are often said to be arguing. Expect the unexpected!

The oppositions quickly smooth out as Monday rolls around when the Moon rolls out of Libra and into Scorpio. Wednesday the Moon will be full and calmer. Good thing the moon moves so fast huh?

The Scorpio Moon is all about others people stuff, complexity, mystery, the indefinable and intangible. It is opposite the Taurus Sun. The Taurus Sun is interested in our personal stuff, security, simplicity, and the concrete and tangible things in life that make us happy.

Although this week is supposed to be calmer over all, I am not so sure about that for some like me. This Moon will be conjunct my natal Mars in Scorpio. This could really stir things up for me in some very passionate areas. I think I am going to stick to the idea of balance and focus on deep breathing and thinking before acting. Otherwise I could end up in some sort of trouble, conflict, or even an injury.

It is important for us to find balance in these two extremes and the Full Moon is sending out an invitation to do just that. It will help us by shinning a light on these two opposites.

There is another week and half of the Sun in Taurus. I hope you have made use of his images
determination and ability to initiate things rather that his shadowy stubbornness. Showing your loyalty to friends and family is driving us to get out and do things. Nice to have such energies helping us be more active and get back in the swing of things after the long winter has kept us in.

Mercury is in Gemini. Have you been feeling like Chatty Kathy or know someone who has? Being sociable, curious, and communicative is what this transit is all about. You might notice that you don’t want to get too detailed with things during this transit. Going deep is not part of this energy. Astutely making your point, being the word smith, and enjoying a good pun is more conducive to this energy.

Spring is in full swing now and most of us have fully shaken off our winter cloaks and are ready to show off a bit. Venus in Aries is sure to help. This transit brings an air of spontaneity to love. We are often most bold and raring to go when it comes to the heart. Carp Diem! There is no time to be sorry. Aries loves to chase and Venus loves the attention so have fun but don’t expect more than what you see for now.

Venus will also be in difficult aspect to Pluto this week. This square could cause jealousy and possessiveness. Passions and hidden agendas are also likely especially if there is fear about a relationship of some sort. Un resolved feelings that have been lying dormant might suddenly and explosively surface. Take a deep breath, think before you speak. This energy has a high likelihood of power struggles, manipulation, and a fear of betrayal. So try not to be obsessive or overly serious and demanding this week.

Mars RX in LibraMars is continuing to charm to get what he wants while he is in Libra. This aspect has been with us since Christmas and will remain till July 25 of this year. Be aware that we can act like we have one foot nailed to the floor with this transit. Some of us can be so indecisive! We often just want to make others, even our opponents feel comfy. Remember that the shadow side of this transit is passive aggressiveness. That is not a very attractive sight.
Mercury squares the Neptune early in the week and squares the Moon on Wednesday. I expect some water events with these aspects but I hope not. I just discovered my sump pump has stopped working. I’ve got to get a new one and get is installed asap!

Some of us could have ADD like days where focusing on the facts is difficult. This is one of those times, like when Mercury is retrograde that you want to be cautious about signing important papers. Neptune makes things fuzzy and unrealistic. So now you are warned.

That does it for this week. My garden is progressing. I am finally developing a future plan that I can work toward. I’ve decided raised beds will be part of that plan but I will make them out of concrete blocks rather than cedar. My city has the most wonderful compost material they sell for $20 a ton and I have a small dump truck load to work with. I think my veggies are going to enjoy being dressed up with this rich, coal black dirt.

I’ve got a bit more cultivating to do so I can get some beans in the ground. After that there is no real push. I will continue to work toward getting fall beds ready so I can plant some things in August and early September. As long as my energy holds out I will be sure to post an outlook each week.

Wishing you a great week ahead and keep looking up!