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This one is going to be short. Spring is FINALLY here and I’ve been working outside. I am too tired to spend the time I usually do on research. I even thought about not writing today at all but I want to know what is going on too so here goes.

Last week was calmer in general than many folks expected. This is a good thing! There were still some storms and other excitement out there. We are still in eclipse season and eclipses often bring us unexpected events. Late the 28th or early 29th, depending on your time zone, we have a Solar Eclipse and New Moon. This will be an Annular Solar Eclipse, not a total one. Visibility will be limited to parts of Antarctica and Australia. None the less, its effects will be felt worldwide.

Don’t forget we still have the wonderful and powerful Cardinal Grand Cross influencing our world now. This involves four major outer planets. The outer planets energize the collective as well as the individual. The inner planets direct their energy more toward the individual. Outer planets also move more slowly than inner planets so it is easy to see why this aspect is with us for so long.

This Solar eclipse is softened somewhat with a favorable aspect between the Sun and Neptune that will boost intuition and creativity. At the same time the Sun and Moon will be in similar aspect to Jupiter. Hopefully this will bring you good news about something you want to expand, learn or develop. Both the Sun and the Moon will trine Pluto on the same day. The Sun represents the self and Pluto represents our secrets. This trine shine some light on our dark places and makes them friendlier.

The Sun or the self will also oppose Saturn on this same day. Self opposed to authority? Hm…..fasten the seat belt, drive within the speed limit and think before you speak your mind to the authorities in your life. Tomorrow our authority gets some love when Venus moves into trine aspect with Saturn.

Later in the week, Friday to be exact, Venus changes signs and moves into Aries. Nothing is quite like a feminine planet touring a very male sign. Relationships have really taken a hit lately and the next four weeks will bring more of the same.

Aries is one hot headed guy. This can be a good thing at times just not necessarily when Venus is in transit. Passion is heated but co-operation is extremely low. On the positive side, Venus which rules finance could get a boost from the aggressive Aries energy and the economy see some upward movement in the next few weeks.

Sunday, May 4th, sees both the Moon and Jupiter trine the retrograde Saturn. Good things come to those who wait so be patient. Be diligent and disciplined. Triumph is coming!

That is all I can muster this week. As always there is more. There is ALWAYS MORE! We are in tornado season too and I am sure we will be hearing about them in the news soon. Be careful out there and I will see you next week!