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Welcome to the eclipse season of spring 2014! These next two weeks could be intense for all of us in some way. There is a lot currently going on the heavens and astrologers seem to be working overtime to keep up with it all. The reason astrology is so difficult is there are so many different planets, signs, houses and aspects; each with their own individual characteristics. The various combinations of these characteristics are what give astrologers their insight into a given period of time. It’s not often that so many aspects take place at the same time like they are now. Monday is a going to be a big day but the whole week is big too.

This week, not only is there an eclipse, there is also a Cardinal Grand Cross coming into full form, Jupiter and Pluto oppose each other, and Pluto turns retrograde. Most weeks, any one of these would be enough energy but this week we get whammed with several aspects of big, difficult energy.

The week also brings us the first blood moon eclipse of what is believed to be a very prophetic tetrad of blood moons. It falls the same day as Passover. The Sun begins to move in to Taurus at week’s end, Mercury and Uranus join up, and so do Venus and Neptune. There is lots of stuff to talk about for sure! I hope you have read the recent post on the “Blood Moon” as well as the series on the Cardinal Grand Cross. They both contain information I am not going to cover today.

Let’s begin with the Moon, the celestial body that rules our emotions, feelings and moods. Where ever the Moon is in your chart it shows your emotional needs and how to you can best meet them. For example, my moon is in Virgo. I credit this placement to keeping this very distract-able person on track and organized as much as possible. This also shows me that I get great satisfaction in caring for others as well as for self. I tend to shy from public recognition and attention.

This full Moon brings us a total lunar eclipse. Total lunar eclipses are red due the way light from sunsets and sunrises around the globe is refracted and hits the surface of the moon. A red moon is called a blood moon. This term is also used to describe the hunter’s moon in the fall which is also usually red upon its rising. The entire US will be able to see the eclipse with all but the northeastern most area being slightly out of the range of totality. Eclipse energy is strong even if you live in an area outside the viewing area. It might be important to note that the territory covered by the eclipse it said to feel the energy the strongest. If you live in eastern U.S. you will be able to see this eclipse beginning at a bit after 2 am on the 15th and about 11 PM on the 14th.

Throughout history eclipse superstitions warn us bad events will follow. Full moons pack a lot of energy and total eclipses add considerably to that energy. Additional harsh energy is not something I wish to ponder but we should not forget the Cardinal Grand Cross that is forming now. This aspect is a series of four square aspects mostly involving our outer planets; the real heavy hitters of the sky. All this difficult energy must be accepted and dealt with. This is where astrology comes in handy. Through astrology we can learn to use the energies to our benefit and for the good of all.

Although eclipses only last a short time but we often feel the effects of their energy for six months after they happen. This time we will be back to back in eclipse energy for the next four eclipses. The eclipses of the tetrad will be:
Passover, April 15th, 2014
Feast of Tabernacles, October 8th, 2014
Passover, April 4th, 2015
Feast of Tabernacles, September 28th, 2015

During and eclipse, the Sun’s energy is blocked by the Moon. We can see what is hidden. Our unconscious needs and wishes can be better felt. Fortunately this moon is only in aspect to one planet. It is sesqui-quadrate to Venus, and Venus is conjunct Neptune. Sesqui-quadrates have similar energy to a square. The two planets involved are arguing. Conjunctions are sweet aspects where the two planets in this case, Venus and Neptune are communicating and working well together.

Venus likes things to be beautiful, fun and happy. She doesn’t like to deal with anger of any sort of bad feelings like hurt, anger or frustration so she tends to try to push them away. The Moon wants us to feel. The Moon in Libra wants us to deal with these negative feelings instead of pushing them away so we can gain our balance. It is much better to give in to the energy than fight it.

Just before the eclipse, Mercury and Pluto perfect their square aspect in one corner of the Cardinal Grand Cross. Mercury is also conjunct Uranus. You could feel like you might bust if you don’t do something or take some action. This is not a good time for to be impulsive. Squelch the obsessive feelings with a time out. The other day I had so much going rolling around in my head I yelled out loud for it to STOP! Immediately my thoughts calmed down and I was able to be more rational and get my thought in more order. Point is with this aspect is, avoid feeling pressure. We are more likely to make mistakes when we act hastily and under pressure.

On a softer side if we can call it that, Mercury is conjunct Uranus for a bit on the 14th. Expect rebellion especially among the teens you know. The years of about 15 and 16 is when Uranus is very noticeable in their lives. (And all this time we thought it was just hormones.) Uranus as you know is about rebellion and quick change, technology, electricity and breaking away from tradition. Mercury is about the mind. He is the messenger, makes us aware of opposites like hot and cold, and the part of us the lives in the now. These two are opposite Mars in Libra so relationships come up once more. This time it could be about more freedom for the teens or family roles that give each member more freedom. Don’t forget that freedom demands responsibility so any new freedoms could bring new roles and jobs within the family.

While we are talking about Uranus, take note that he will turn retrograde for 5 months beginning April 14th. This will awaken our desires for freedom. Individuals will feel a need to resist discipline in any form. During this retrograde it is a good time to deal with whatever you need to change. You will most likely face some of your own fears head on and be forced to deal with what is blocking you as an individual. I can see all the Ah Ha! Moments coming now! Whether you discover you are in the wrong house, wrong relationship, wrong job or wrong school and wrong degree track, deal with what needs to be changed in the next 5 months. You will be glad you did.

Mars is retrograde in Libra. This transit deals with our relationships. It wants you to work things out. The Full Moon energy in Libra is accentuating this energy. Caution should be our first thought in all things these nest couple of weeks, especially when it comes to relationships. You could say or do the wrong things before you know it.

Jupiter opposing Pluto is a very interesting aspect to me. Oppositions are like a game of tug-of- war between planets. These two planets are pretty must opposites in character anyway. Jupiter is an smiling, happy go lucky optimist who seeks the best in all things. He can be a bit unrealistic at times but that is part of his charm. Pluto on the other hand is more often brutally honest and starkly realistic.

Jupiter likes to get things done with a persuasive smile while Pluto acts with shear willpower. Together they can be powerful. But when they are opposed big problems can pop up. All the good Jupiter tries to do under this aspect often comes crashing down under Pluto’s power. Pluto may have been demoted to a dwarf planet by astronomers but astrologers know he is super powerful to be so small. Relationships also take a hit with this one since both planets are square Mars in Libra.

Some of the more difficult energy will cause to want to do things now! Be careful not to act too quickly no matter what the planets want. There maybe a lot that causes us to feel out of control. The actions we take now will affect us for a long time to come.  Also, please think of the reference to “we” in the collective term and not just the individual. This means “we” as a species, country and individual. HairCarenSPA

Anne Ortelee brings up a really good point about this week. She reminds us that this Cardinal Grand Cross affects all of us from the cashier at the store, the kid’s teachers, the boss, the police, and everyone. No one will be exempt from being affected in some way. Avoid negative action. This energy is big. Be kind to yourself and others. Again……avoid being negative or taking any negative action. Whatever you do will stay with you for a long while, so doing good is a really good idea.

Stop, breath, and remember to be kind. Find little things that make you happy. Some of this energy can lead some of us into a bit of depression. Finding joy will help us stay more positive. It is suppose to be really rainy and a lot cooler where I am. I am going to roll with it and not stress over all the yard work and spring planting I’m not getting done. I hope you remember not to stress too!

Wishing you a GREAT week of growth, peace and joy!