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This planetary configuration packs a lot of power. The last time Uranus opposed Jupiter and was also square to Pluto was in 1934. This was not a Grand Cross but was a Grand square, meaning the fourth corner was missing and there were not two pairs of opposites. None the less this figure is very powerful. This year was the year Hitler came to power, the dust bowl of the American West ruined over 300 million acres of farmland, destroying crops and killing livestock. The Federal Communications Commission began regulating the air waves, and Bonnie and Clyde were killed. President Roosevelt established the Securities Exchange Commission and banking reforms soon followed.

Roosevelt went on to devalue the dollar. We are about to perhaps see this again with some of the decisions FDRRussia and China are making around currency. 1934 was also the year that the Gold Reserve Act was set in place to prevent us from hoarding gold. The Grand Square that year the cross fell at 23 degrees of Aries, Cancer and Libra. This one falls at 13 degrees and also triggers the nation’s natal chart.

It is important to note the addition of the Pluto corner this time as compared to 1934. Pluto is the junk yard dog when it comes to change and rejuvenation. This trip around the zodiac we also have the addition of Mars in Capricorn. Now let’s take a look at all the aspects and their characteristics.

Mars in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries: Mars is a planet of action and self defense. He is hot headed and full of fire, and about the military and war. His current retrograde condition causes him to be more passive aggressive than out right active. Libra also cools him down a bit. Mars is the ruler of Aries. Uranus the ruler of Aquarius is rebellious, quick, and electrically charged. Aries adds fire to all of these qualities. Together Mars and Uranus are more like those extreme explorers and athletes we see on TV. They are explosive; love the risk, the adrenaline and all the excitement they can muster.
Mars in Libra square Pluto Capricorn: Pluto is transformation. I was reminded of Pluto’s energy at a funeral last weekend. During the service one of the pastors said “break down always precedes breakthrough”. . Capricorn ruled by Saturn, deals with business, elders, authority, discipline, and rules and regulations, and represents the status quo. This combo has a survivor’s instinct, thrives on danger and has a strong libido. When you think of these to planets squared, think of the phoenix.

As I continue….see if you can see these characteristics play out in the news. Crimes of passion come to mind for one.

Mars in Libra square Jupiter in Cancer:
Jupiter is called the great benefic, the planet of good surprises and money. He expands everything he touches whether positive or negative. Jupiter loves to travel and learn things. Cancer is sensitive, emotional, nurturing and family oriented and rules the home and family. Combine some of these characteristics with Mars in Libra energy and you get an energy that loves to compete and win. These two are fiery, and passionate. They can be refined or vulgar, over-ambitious, striking, uncontrolled, persistent, and can be daredevils.

Jupiter in Cancer opposite Uranus in Aries:                                                                                                       Then these two are in difficult aspect we often see a variety religious figures gone wild. From pedophile priests, to religious fanaticism, to law breakers of all sorts, this aspect brings with it a mixed bag of wickedness and self righteousness. This aspect can also bring some toward rehabilitation and overcoming things their addictions. Judgment is a big theme when Jupiter opposes Uranus. Truth is strong and wants to come out of the darkness and into the light. What is hidden begs to be uncovered and often is.

Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn square:                                                                                                       I’ve covered this many times in the past. The archives contain at least one blog devoted solely to this aspect. In brief is leads us to break from the past or tear down so we can rebuild. It also brings out those seeking great power and authority, and at the same time can bring about civil disobedience in the form of rebellion, riots and revolts against that power and authority. Since Uranus is associated with technology these actions can extend into the cyber and scientific world.

Pluto’s energy is also corrupt, non-compliant, secretive and hidden. He rules secrets of all kinds including secrete police, secret agencies and secret societies. While he may have been demoted to a dwarf planet,  believe me when I tell you he packs as much of more power than any other planet in our system. Pluto also represents crazy or psychotic memes running through the collective unconscious, absolute power including unbridled rulers and governments, bullies, and nuclear power and weapons. I’m not going to tell you we are about to see someone finally push that nuclear button but the energy that supports this happening is strong.

I hope you are beginning to see and understand some of the energy that the Cardinal Grand Cross brings with it. There is a mind blowing amount of info. And as the TV pitch men often say…..But WAIT! There is more. Yes…we need to take into consideration the houses all these signs are in.

Aries rules the first house of self. This is the house that symbolizes you, the way you see yourself and the way the world sees you. With Uranus the planet of quick change in this house, we are sure to see lots of personal change, growth transformation and evolution.
Cancer rules the fourth house of home and family. Real-estate and land ownership also fall under its rule. Jupiter in this house and asking us to deal with any family issues we may have. Some could be around death and dying. Other could be about our feeling of security and where that comes from. There is also a large aspect of spirituality with this transit. Having Pluto opposite is brings the secrets out of the family closet and those of our religious families too.
Libra rules the seventh house of partnerships and marriage. Partnerships can be in business, legal associations, politics or any place where you are required to interact cordially with others. Mars is transiting this house and is retrograde so he is not as active as he usually is. Instead he is taking a rather passive aggressive stance in many of our relationships. You might see this played out in the news. Keep an eye out for it.
Capricorn is the ruler of the tenth house of work and reputation. This is where community status lies along with any accolades or recognition you might acquire whether it be positive or negative

This hopefully gives you some idea of all the current dynamic energy swirling around us, surprises are sure to be large and sometimes in charge if only for a short time. It is all part of the transformation. And you can see how complicated astrology can be. To get an idea of the kinds of events we can expect in the coming days, weeks, months and years, we must not only consider the planets involved but also the signs and the houses they are in and those they rule.

When astrologers looks at a natal chart of a person can line it up with where the planets are at present time, they can get an idea o f how the energy could show up in a person’s life. This also applies to nations. Many astrologers today a looking at our countries chart and the charts of our public figures to determine what could be possible.