My very favorite astrologer, Anne Ortelee, is known for her to gleeful shout: “The eclipses are coming! The Eclipses are coming!” If I live another 30 years I might become half the skilled astrologer she is. And yes! The eclipses of Spring 2014 are on their way but we have another week before the first one actually takes place. Coincidentally it takes place on tax day this year, April 15th.

There is going on this week. The Sun in Aries is opposing Mars. This is a powerful aspect in its own right. Mars is retrograde and in his detriment in Libra. Detriment is when a planet is transiting the sign opposite this sign it rules. This means they have trouble working in a positive manner. Mars in Libra holding us back and leading us to be more reserved but things can flare when he is opposing the Sun. Remember that oppositions are like two planets arguing. The only thing harmonious about them this week might be that their signs are in compatible elements or fire and air. Be aware of the passive aggressiveness that this aspect can cause. Breath, relax and stay calm. This will ease up by month’s end.

Wednesday see and sweet aspect when the Moon trines the Sun. This will tend to calm things between the Sun and Mars.  This does add more fire power to the week however as the Moon travels through Leo.


To fire things up a bit more, Mercury moves into Aries on Tuesday for a very short visit of just two weeks. . This is a very strong sign for Mercury. Some of us will feel more aggressive and witty under this influence. Be careful to think before you speak and don’t let impatience or a sharp tongue get you into trouble. Irony and sarcasm are common under this energy especially if your chart is triggered. Writers could notice words flow easily so set aside plenty of time for pen and paper and take advantage of this energy. If the weather is warm enough to sit outside, take your drink of choice and write till your heart is content. Plan carefully. This energy can lead us to be impulsive but usually luck will prevail and our first thoughts will be the right ones.  Aries rules the head and headaches are common. It might be a good idea to avoid loud places for a while.

Venus will come to the rescue at the end of the week and bring some water energy tfire-water1o squelch all the fire. On Friday the planet of love, fun and beauty will join Neptune in his home sign of Pisces. Did you know that Neptune in Pisces is known for plagues and epidemics? This aspect could relate to some of the outbreaks of unknown illnesses we have heard about in the news in this year.

On the positive side of this aspect is service to others. Remember that most food banks are empty now but the need is greater than ever. Exercise the energy of Venus in Neptune and be sure to donate whatever you can to your local food pantries, churches and homeless organizations. Feminine hygiene products, toilet paper, bath soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes and deodorant are things we forget are needed. You don’t have to spend much so the next time you pass a dollar store buy a few things to share with those in need.

download (1)I want to remind you that we have not one or two but many significant aspects forming this month. The Cardinal Grand cross energy is already with us even thought is it not fully formed at this time.  I’ve previously discussed the Mars /Uranus opposition. On top of it is the Sun/Mars opposition. Both the Sun and Mars are also square to both Jupiter and Pluto.  Pluto is also stationing or slowing down to turn retrograde on the 14th.


When a planet stations and changes directions its energy is more focused on a particular point in the chart. Pluto focusing his energy of destruction and rebuilding is not an aspect I want to think about much, at least the destruction part. I must, as we all must, remember the words I heard last weekend during the Homily of a friend’s funeral. The pastor said “Breakdown always precedes breakthrough”. This is Pluto’s energy in a nut shell.

No doubt we will see more earth movements. Please send our Mother Earth lots of love every day. I listen to and read a variety of sources of information. There is simply too much going on to cover it all. We do live in interesting times. There is no doubt about it! For the next few weeks at least if I see or hear something that I think you need to know I will post it as soon as I can.


Next week is going to be something so hang tight! “The eclipses are coming! The Eclipses are coming!”

I will  be posting the third part of the current series on the Cardinal Grand Cross very soon. This is a complicated aspect with wide reaching effects. I hope this series will help you understand is more. Thanks to all of you who read my blog and a warm welcome to my new followers.