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I hope you got a chance to read the latest post on Mars retrograde and the Cardinal Grand Cross. More importantly, I hope this has stimulated you enough to read what the professionals are writing about this. The more I read and hear about this the more I am in convinced we are in the midst of an historic time in our world. There are many parallels and aspects to this alignment that remind me of what I learn during the six years I studied Bible Prophesy. Surely ever day and every age makes history but this era is different.  I hope to continue to bring you  more on the Cardinal Grand Cross later in the week.

This week begins just after the first New Moon of Spring, the Strawberry Moon in the first sign of the zodiac.   Yes! Spring is finally here! Some of you may notice this is also the second New Moon this month. This will trigger that Cardinal Grand Cross so many including me are talking about.  The energy will intensify from this point on until it peaks on April 20th when the Grand Cross becomes exact. This New Moon also marks heralds the spring eclipse season. Eclipses bring us clarification and enlightenment.

MarsRetrogradeSeenFromEarthYou are probably aware that Mars is retrograde in Libra. This makes for some considerable frustration and aggravation in many ways. Libra rules the 7th house of marriage and relationships. Relationships refer to not only our friends but all of our associations including our enemies.  The courts also fall under the rule of the 7th house and are where seek balance.  Under this aspect, things once hidden information may come into the light and relationships could slow down or come to a screeching halt. And I think I have said before, this is not a good time to start new projects because they could be short lived and end soon after Mars turns direct in late May.  The good part of Mars in Libra is that Libra does not like confrontation. Neither do I, so this could help soften the blow of the Cardinal Cross some but I am not counting on much of this softening.

This is one of those places where astrology has been  confusing to me. On the one hand Mars retrograde is not a good time to start new project, the New Moon on the other hand is a good time for new beginnings.  I think I am going to use this time to plan or revise a plan but not act so much unless I am acting on something I have been planning for a while.  Mars retrograde in Libra is rather gentle compared to some.

The Sun is transiting Aries and makes us feel energized and enthusiastic. We want to get things done. Feel free to think of “we” in larger terms, as in “we” as community, state, nations and globe.Capricorn1

The Sun will be a major player this week. Besides the conjunction with Uranus, he will square both Pluto and Jupiter forming a T-square, opposing Mars, and in aspect to Chiron and Venus. The aspects involving Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter are the beginning of the Cardinal Grand Cross aspect with the Mars being missing leg at this point. If you have any planets in your chart falling at 13 degrees or within a degree or two, these aspects will affect you more than others.

The Sun squares Jupiter on Tuesday. This aspect can cause us to be over indulgent and excessive. But it can be helpful as well.  The positive side of the Sun & Jupiter square could assist some to come to terms with their excessive ways and get help they need. This could be quite a blessing for many.

Sun will conjuncts Uranus in Aries on Wednesday. Be cautious when taking chances.  Uranus not only rules quick change, rebellion, technology and weather but he also rules aircraft and explosions.

The Sun represents our ego, purpose, and pride. The shadow side can be selfish, judgmental and arrogant. When the Sun is squares Pluto on Thursday we can be somewhat self destructive.  Remember the Pluto/ Uranus square is all about transformations and the Sun’s aspect to these two take this to a very personal level. Remember Pluto like to tear down so he can rebuild things later. The bright side of the Sun/Pluto square can be both helpful and healing.

One thing to keep in mind when considering astrological aspects is that all the descriptive terms should be into neat little boxes. Change can apply to anything from weather to relationships, to what you thought you had planned.  Another example is explosions. This could mean missiles, or bombs but it also applies earthquakes, volcanoes and anything that could go boom.  Change = transformation. All of these aspects are leading us toward total transformation not only as individuals but as a planet.

Imagine these square characteristics teamed up with Uranus conjunct energy? Be aware and cautious where you need to be. Venus will be changing signs and moving into Pisces on Saturday. This is also gentle energy. This aspect will bring us thoughts of peace and compassion.  I just wish the planet of love was not up against the big power players we have in the sky right now.

Mercury is doing a lot of talking this week too. He’s in Pisces and affecting our thoughts and dreams. If you have been having some wild dreams lately this could be the reason. Of course it could be that spicy Thai or Indian food you had for supper last night too.  Next week Mercury will be moving into Aries where he will be less dreamy, faster paced and active.

All this is leading us to transformation as individuals and the collective. Chill out. Stay in the moment. Be grateful in all things. No of us get out of here alive so live well and laugh hard.