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This is going to be a series of short pieces about how the current  astrological aspects  are beginning to affect our world. There is a lot of information I need to research and read through. I don’t want to overwhelm either me or the reader so they will be short and hopefully will not be too confusing. Comments are welcome. This is not the end all be of is this topic, just a few key bits I hope you enjoy.


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Sometime in the late 1990’s, I heard a radio interview with someone who was discussing astrology charts for our current time period or the time around the year 2012. Back in the 1990’s many people thought the world would end, Armageddon  or something huge would take place in 2012. That night while listening to the radio, I heard a few words I worlds l would never forget. The interviewer asked his guest what he saw in the future, the guest replied that he saw many difficult aspects and what he saw became more and more difficult as time went on.

At that time I knew practically nothing about astrology. I don’t know much more now compared to a real astrologer but at least I know how to figure things out. This seems to be a time that astrologers have been looking toward to for a while.

For the past few years I have been reading about how the Pluto Uranus square is affecting us as a planet and all its inhabitants.  The square last from 2012-2015 but we have been feeling its effects since 2008 and will continue to feel it until 2018 and we transit through this aspects shadow periods.

One thing that makes this period so special is that there is not just one exact Pluto Uranus Square, but seven all together. Right this moment we are close to being in the heart of these squares. The fourth exact square will take place on April 20-21, 2014 at 13 degrees. But before all this happens,  lets go back to March 1 of this year when Mars went retrograde in Libra. This aspect has quite a bit of interesting energy.Mars RX in Libra

Mars is the planet of action. He is in charge of your self defense and the first one to fight back when you are bullied or attacked. Whoever coined the term “seeing red” was thinking about Mars when they did. Mars is where we find our boldness, passion and sense of adventure. He has a mean streak and can be prone to accidents thanks to his head strong tendency to act first and think later. No wonder Mars also corresponds to the head, blood and muscles.

When Mars is direct we are often more aggressive, assertive and more clear-cut. When he is retrograde we are forced to reevaluate what we are currently doing, what we want and how we go about getting it. There can also be a trend toward being more reflective and introspective. I will warn you that when energy turns inward, especially anger we can become paranoid, resentful, apathetic, or develop depression. The upside of this is more understanding and less quick action. In fact hesitation is common as we second guess ourselves and our natural instincts.

The way we typically react to situations when Mars is direct might not work so well for us while he is retrograde. If you feel like you can’t get things going or are feeling a bit stuck, Mars retrograde could be the reason. This retrograde period will be over on May 20th but there will still be a shadow period to get through before we are completely out of this energy. How this affects each of us is dependent on where Mars is in out natal chart. Over all you might want to pay attention to the amount of rest you get between now and mid or late May. Some of us could me more inclined to illness or accidents. Relax and take this as a Universal love message to slow down and take break. At least take breaks when you can. Get out into nature as much as possible too even if it is only sitting on the front porch or out in the back yard someplace. You need this rest time both physically and emotionally.


Relationships will be a big part of this retrograde. Relationships where there is already a strain or some sort of difficulty will be of particular interest. Astrologers say Mars is in detriment when he is in Libra. That is because he is in the sign opposite his home sign of Aries. Libra is very polite and likes to see that everyone is treated fairly. Mars is all about the self. He represents us as children. He is not at all comfortable in Libra. Being passive aggressive is Professional-Relationship-1024x720not i his true nature. He’s not used to thinking about others, only himself.

Should you care to hold on to these strained relationships you will need be especially cautious. By mid April, Mars will be joining Pluto and Uranus to help form the Cardinal Grand Cross. This will trigger events that will have a lasting effect. Over all Mars retrograde is not a great time for new relationships.

Should you notice old anger surfacing, try to sit with it rather than act on it. Luckily not reacting will be easier to do in this retrograde. Remember to chill out. Rest, relax and do your best to go with the flow. Uranus and Pluto have things stirred up enough on their own.

To be continued………………….