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Here we are at the last week of March and basketball season. I have not watched a game in years only because I don’t subscribe to cable or satellite TV. I do hope your team is winning.

0107-polar-vortex-630x420The calendar says spring is here but winter is holding on fast. Yet, there is another Nor’easter forming and blizzard conditions are expected for parts of the North East on the 25th. What a winter this has been. I can hardly wait for tornado season to start. It is sure to be a big one!

If you have been following my blog for a while you might recall back about the first of the year I said this spring would interesting. I have talked about the Pluto/ Uranus Square, being on the edge of historic change and the Cardinal Grand Cross of April. Now that April is only a week away, its time I really talk about this. But for today I am going to stick mostly to what is up this week. I never can cover is all for two primary reasons. First, there is so much going on it would take a full time astrologer quite a while to cover is all and secondly, I am simply a person with a strong interest in astrology who enjoys researching the aspects each week.

Since many folks are thinking about spring planting let’s start with the planting info.

March 24-25: Good for planting root crops.

March 26-27: Plow, cultivate, kill pests. This is a barren period so no planting.

March 28-29: Good for planting crops like carrots, turnips, beets, and peanuts. These days are also good for planting vine crops like cucumbers, strawberries and melons.

March 30-31: No planting. Do any general yard or cleanup work you have to do.

Early this week, expect lots of emotions. We have four planets in water signs, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon. The Moon as you probably know is very emotional. Late in the week we have a New Moon in Aries and this will bring halt to any waterworks for now.

Wednesday brings us a nice sympathetic trine between Jupiter and Mercury in the sign of Cancer. You might notice you feel happier and hopefully more kindly towards others. Jupiter will also trine the Moon at the end of the week when on Friday, the Moon moves into Pisces. These trines can help you deal with the frustrations we might be feeling from the retrograde Mars. By next Sunday, the 30th, the Moon will be in Aries and will also be the first New Moon of spring and the beginning of the spring eclipse season. The first eclipse will be a lunar eclipse on April 15th. The solar eclipse will follow on April 29th. We sure have a lot of aspects going on between now and that solar eclipse. More on this later. For now, lets go on with the New Moon.

The New Moon is the time that is best for new beginnings. It is often suggested that you begin new projects. This NewBeginningNew Moon finds its self transiting the very center of a T- Square involving Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. The Sun is also conjunct Uranus. Oh My! I k now…you probably don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. Ok…so here we go.

The Uranus Pluto square has been going on for a few years now and we are a quickly approaching the fourth of seven exact squares that will take place between 2012 and 2015. At the same time we are heading toward the Cardinal Grand Cross. Before we get the Grand Cross we are living through this Uranus Pluto Jupiter T-Square. All these aspects have and will bring us many big events around the world.

Jupiter is opposing Uranus in this –Square aspect. This opposition often brings us extremes. These can involve weather, money and countries. We have certainly seen some wild weather this winter. There was flooding in the UK. Extreme drought in the western U.S., and do I need to mention the very cold temps from the Midwest to the entire eastern part of this country from north to south. Snow was seen in places that only get snow once in a blue moon while the Arctic Circle was nearly melting. That is the weather part.

Now for countries: This energy has intensified as we get closer to the Grand Cross. Things were tense during the Olympics in Russia. Since then, in just the past two weeks we have seen huge changes in Ukraine and Russia. We could also mention Syria and about any country in the Middle East and find change brewing there too.

bitcoinNow for the money: Bit coin bit the dust. This was a rouge currency that operated solely in the cyber world. It was thought my many to be the wave of the future. Personally I did not get it and did not trust if but I have never professed to be much of a business person either. So I was watching this currency progress and was curious. With over 20 bankers, most of whom were employed by one or two large financial institutions committed suicide, you have to wonder what is going on with money in general. There is enough conspiracy, disinformation (which is nothing more that conspiracy generated by the media and the powers that be), and greed than we can imagine. We might not want to admit it but we all know we should not be in debt and should be more self sufficient. No one wants to talk about or admit that they are waiting for a financial hick-up much larger than what happened in 2008. I hope and pray this does not happen. The planets are telling us it is very likely. Time will tell. I think the time might be sooner than we want it to be. I would be most happy to be wrong! ! !

I have not even begun to list the many laws that have generated great change, protests, and upheaval in this country. Explicit agendas, propaganda campaigns, terrorism and violence seem to be around every corner no matter where you go in the world. And then there is the missing flight 370. Did I tell you that Uranus rules aircraft?

So before I completely lose you, here is a graphic to give you a visual:T- Square MArch 2

If you look in about the 5 o”clock position you see the red icon for Aries in the light blue outer circle. Just above that you will see three icons that are very close together or conjunct. The orange one is the Sun. The Gray one is the Moon and the blue on is Uranus. Yes the Sun is in this mix too. The Sun represents us, who we are. What this picture is telling us is that is it time to find out who we are. It’s time to find yourself, find your path. You are awakening, if you allow yourself to do so, and want to find new ways to express yourself.

Now if you follow the red lines from either side of where this conjunction is you will find Jupiter to the right and Pluto to the left. These red lines indicate a square aspect. Notice there is also a red line connecting Jupiter to Pluto. This red line shows us the opposition.

All in all this aspect is about seeking personal freedom, independence, self expression, and it is showing us that it is time to wake up, break loose from the chains that bind. This means different things to different people and different countries. With all the rebellion that is going on the old guard or status quo is being threatened. They are exerting their authority in ways that are not always best. This is causing more rebellion.

Keep in mind that for things to get better or worse for that matter there has to be change. Change is what the Pluto Uranus square is all about. Change is never easy. With it comes a lot of discomfort and uncertainty. We are evolving in so many ways. There is sure to be much more severe weather, rebellion, and conflict of all sorts in the weeks, months and years to follow. Remember that sometimes we have to tear things down to build up the new. Yes! Change is difficult. Go with where your internal change is taking you. Ride the waves of change like a boat riding the waves on a lake. Stay open and flexible. Being flexible will help you cope with change. Embrace it. It is all good! Find little things that make you happy, grin and giggle. Joy will get you through the tough spots change brings with it.

Ok! I know took a left turn down philosophical lane there. Sorry. I hope I am not sounding all gloom and doomy. I don’t mean to if I am. I do want to help you understand if things that are going on if that is what you want. If not then maybe this blog is not for you. I will be discussing this more in the coming days and weeks. The nest few weeks are the ones astrologer have been waiting on for a long time. I have much research to do before I can present more to you about this. My curiosity on this is strong so in case you are interested in this too, please click the follow button so you will be alerted to new post.

Until next time….Peace, Love and Joy to all!