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First of all I want to apologize for not posting a weekly outlook for the past two weeks. The first week I was so busy I felt it best to not stress over writing one. The second week I was without electricity from Friday morning until Monday evening.  This week I have been trying to clear branches that fell in the ice storm and catch up on all the chores I could not do while the power was off. Today we are getting a cold rain with the possibility of more ice tomorrow. What a winter this has been for so many across the country. I feel blessed that my area has not had it as bad as many have this winter.

The good news is that officially winter is over this week! Spring and the vernal or spring equinox come on the 20th. The spring equinox is one of two days each year when there is an equal amount of night and day. Spring’s arrival does not mean the snow and ice will be gone for everyone but it does mean it will be gone soon.

March Madness is all but over too. If you are a basketball fan this is your season. The ACC tournament was in my town this weekend and the women’s tourney was last weekend. I live pretty close to the coliseum and do my best to remember make all my trips around town in the opposite direction from it.

This week begins with Full Moon in Virgo energy and a Grand Cross. The moon was actually full on Sunday but the energy is usually strong both the day before and the day after. This is the time to bring to completion all those things you began during the new moon. This Full Moon was also in Virgo, the sign that rules the things we use to manage our daily lives. Late Sunday evening she moved into Libra. Monday and Tuesday our focus will be on a comfy home and happy relationships with others. We’ve got Libra’s diplomacy helping us achieve this and keep our emotions from sabotaging our efforts.

The Grand Cross forms on the 17th. This involves the Moon and Mars are both in Libra shining light on opposing Uranus and Jupiter opposite Pluto. This will also be Mercury’s last day in Aquarius. Some unexpected things might happen in your world. It could also be an intense day.  Monday will definitely be a day to “Stay Calm”. Remember to slow down and take a deep breath before you act.

Mercury will be fully out of his shadow this Thursday. I know many people that are still feeling the last retrograde. This will finally be over by the end of this week. He’s been in Aquarius since February 12 and on the 17th will move into Pisces. This is a creative sign and very intuitive too. We can expect our thoughts to be more creative, visual and intuitive too. Spiritual and conscious raising information will be on the forefront as well.  Remember emotions are extra strong in this sign and fact could be confused with feelings. This is knowledge is a good example of how astrology can be beneficial to our daily lives.

Venus is in Aquarius. Our relationships under this sign tend to be more about freedom, unconventionality, and a bit unconventional. Some of the best qualities of Aquarius are the drive to be fair, detached, unbiased, and unselfish with others. This is a good time for exploring new relationships. We are comfortable with being both friends and lovers under this sign.

Mars went retrograde on March 5th and is transiting the sign of Libra. He will remain retrograde through mid May and in Libra until nearly the end of July. This pushing us to re-evaluate our projects and how we get what we want. Mars retrograde turns inward. Be cautious of your mental state. Anger is turn inward with this placement and we all know anger turned inward can cause depression.  This Mars energy turned inward can intensely personalized and can cause us to second guess intuition and inborn instincts. Passive aggressiveness is an expression of the shadow side.

Saturn is still rocking his way through Scorpio and also taking us inward. He wants us to look for the truth inside ourselves and face reality. Saturn in Scorpio helps us grow and learn to live in the present.

Pluto and Uranus are still in square aspect and causing all sort of interesting things to happen around the world. I use the word “interesting” because there is no need upset and emotional about what is going on. Things can become very overwhelming very, very quickly. We need to stop pointing fingers and remember that when we do there are four fingers pointing back at us. We need to learn to be more responsible, build stronger communities and help each other more.

I hope you all have a really good week this week. I’m kind of behind on things or at least feel like I am. I let things overwhelm me and had to back off a bit. I am actually grateful for the ice storm. It cause me to really back off when my power went down for 3 ½ days. I spent a lot of time in meditation and reflection. I was also bored out of my tree. Ha! Ha! Three big limbs landed on my car and the row of Leland cypress down my side yard really took a hit. There was a huge pile of limbs covering one of my garden spots. Gratefully some unknown person or persons showed up Friday while I was at work and cleared it all for me. This is what I mean about building community and helping out. I might not know who helped me with this HUGE chore but know I have a lot to pay forward!

Thank You Universe! ! !