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This photo has gone viral and was taken along I-40 in Raleigh, NC last week. 

Winter storm Orion hit the southern US early last week, immediately flowed by storm Pax. Here in NC we had snow for three days which very unusual for us. Also in the news was a volcano eruptions in Indonesia, bank shut down and major protests in Thailand, a fist fight in Turkey’s parliament, Lebanon forms a new government after a ten month deadlock and the Olympics bring us many stories of  intrigue and more with a Russian flavor. All of this has Uranus and Pluto square all over it.

We are headed for some big planetary changes soon but this week will be more calm than stormy from that standpoint. Even the temps here in the sunny south are supposed to be warmer and the weather nicer than it has been for a while. Beginning Tuesday the 18th we should be in the 40’s -50’s at night and in the mid 60’s during the day. Don’t’ get too excited yet. Winter is not completely over.

There does have one big change. The Sun leaves Aquarius and moves into Pisces. This shift is gentle however. We are leaving an air sign for a gentle, more sensitive and emotional one. Let your imaginations roll, be creative and do some charity work or otherwise help others. Helping others is a great way to help yourself as you deal with your own demons.

Mercury is still retrograde. We are about mid way through this cycle now. Communications can be strained or misunderstood. Electrical and electronic things can give us a fit during this time but not always. He’s moved back in to Aquarius for the retrograde where you could find yourself having some great thoughts. The good news is that you will be able to talk action on them too.

We’ve just had some good partnership energy with the Moon on Valentine’s Day and Mars is in Libra the sign of partnerships too. It’s a good time for engagements,  partnerships and relationships in general.

Venus is winding up her tour of Capricorn. She will move into Aquarius March 5-6.  There is  just a couple of weeks left to be serious about finances and relationships. Capricorn is about structure and Venus loves beauty. Use these last weeks to create something beautiful in your world. Capricorn loves relationships that are reliable and enduring. This aspect enables you to attract relationships that will support and encourage you. There will be relationships that fall away too.

Mars is still in Libra and we are oh so charming when he is. Don’t forget the Mars will be stationing to turn retrograde on March 1st. I will be covering this more in the weeks to come.

Jupiter is retrograde in Cancer. We know that retrogrades ask us to go back to things. Re-visit, re-do, re-create. He is almost done with his current retrograde period so again, you have just a short time left to look back on family and relationships before he propels us to the next level. This is a time when we say good bye. This is a time when many souls decide to move to the next plane rather than stay on. I am sure you have noticed the news seems to have a lot of news about famous people leaving. You may have more deaths in your family too or your community.

Let’s not forget how the Uranus/Pluto energy wants us to propel forward too. AS I mentioned at the beginning of this post, there are many signs of this in the world news, almost too many to talk about. It is defiantly a time to decide what you want for your life. I pray that is peace and justice for all not a few.

If you have recently met someone or become engaged, or otherwise grown a more solid relationship with someone, Congratulations! If not, honor yourself and show yourself lots of love. These last two weeks of February are a real gift to us. I hope you will use them well. Storms have kept many home and caused lots of trouble across much of the US. Being stuck at home without heat or electricity has a great deal of challenges. This has certainly been a good time for many to take a long look at relationships and what it important.

For those of us who have just been home bound and still have our creature comforts, I hope you have used this time to redo a few things around the house. Personally I have worked on a clearing out a few things around my house. I have lots more to do and missed being of service this week but when I was slipping in my own front yard I decided not to try to venture out on the messy streets. Perhaps I have gotten wimpy. I don’t know.

I hope this info shines some light on things in your world. I know it does me as I do the research to write this. I am grateful for the supportive relationships in my life. Some of them have been a real surprise. Both of these things encourage me to do more self reflection. I hope you are encouraged to do the same. We are all a work in progress after all.