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Last week Puxatawny Phil, the Groundhog, saw his shadow so legend says there will be six more weeks of winter. Everyone I have talked to recently is more than ready for winter to be over and spring to be here. Record cold temps over most of the county are sure to make even the most winter loving person wish for warmer days.  I finally decided to dig out the space heater today. My fingers and toes were cold. That is to be expected when you keep the thermostat on 60 most of the time.

Meteorologists are now predicting another winter storm, named Orion that will follow a path similar to the past few storms. As of this writing Orion has been declared a Nor’easter and is expected to be a long drawn out one. This path tracks through the central states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Western Tennessee, and the Carolinas  before it sweeps northeast up toward New England. Who gets snow and who gets ice or rain remains to be seen? The path has wavered a bit with each storm. A couple of weeks ago it dipped down to south enough to give folks in northern Florida some ice and snow. Orion may be my area’s best chance so far at seeing snow.

I live in central North Carolina and we have gotten mostly rain this winter. A friend in Pennsylvania, where they have had very cold and snowy weather has sent me several text messages saying global warming is over. I don’t think he has an understanding of what global warming really means and how it affects weather around the world. It is a complicated study and not discussed often on mainstream media so the public can gain any real understanding. 1920193_553517688089321_638877620_n

While much of the US and Canada has had a record breaking winter, other parts of the country are experiencing the opposite. Southern California is breaking records and in its third year of drought. In other parts of the world there are also droughts and heavy rains or snow and sleet, all part of global warming. Farmers in the drought stricken areas like Southern CA are conserving water as much as possible. Unfortunately this area is our countries #1 food producer. Plus, on February 7th a report was published about the Asian Citrus Psyllid. This insect carries a disease that is devastating to citrus trees. When the crops are affected by the drought and disease, you know what will happen to prices in the stores.


Moving on the astrology, there is an astrological connection to the weather. I will talk about this is a separate blog later this week. Now let’s look at what is coming up this week.

This week has a lot going on. Valentine’s Day is on the minds of both young and old. There is a Full Moon in Leo on the same day. This could be an interesting day. Expect fireworks in some cases as the Leo Moon opposes the Aquarian Sun conjunct Mercury. The Moon is our emotions and Leo is full of drama….hmmmmm. I am expecting to hear about some fireworks as some of us will exercise our individuality and desire to be in the spotlight.

imagesFrom the standpoint of numerology, February is a 2 month. Two is all about couples and love and so is Valentine’s Day. Whatever you do, let your heart be your guide. You are sure to win if you do. And if you don’t have a partner or significant person to share the day with, by all means show yourself some love.  Buy your favorite whatever, be it big or small and be kind to yourself. You are the most important person in your world anyway. The Leo/Aquarius will support this.

Mercury will be in Pisces for the first part of the week. Thinking is visual, and full of imagination and intuition.  We are more connected to the emotional world and this will affect the way we communicate. Remember that intuition is an aspect of Pisces so this might be a good time to buy a lottery ticket although I have never bought one.

Mercury moves back into Aquarius on Friday. This combination leads feast at the table of knowledge. Under thin influence we more inclined to think outside the box and be more progressive and open minded. mercretro1

Venus remains in Capricorn until early March. I hope you have seen some of the effects of this combination in your business and personal relationships. Perhaps a few have ended but I am sure there are many that have strengthened. Many of you will have new relationships developing or new aspects developing in old ones. Finances are also getting a boost with this combination too. Take advantage whenever you can

Mars is in Libra through mid summer.  This combination often leads us to use our charm to get what we want. With Valentine’s Day so close I am thinking it’s a good time to cook your man his favorite meal. Should an argument arise, Libra will help you win it with grace and style. Be cautious of the passive aggressive shadow side of this combination.

Saturn entered Scorpio in October of 2012 where he will remain until December of this year. This is a transit of accomplishment and maturity. We learn to take responsibility for ourselves. I know these days this might be easier said than done but even in the hardships this economy brings, we are growing and learning to be responsible in ways we otherwise might not.

Jupiter is retrograde in Cancer. I was born with Jupiter retrograde so this is aspect is comfortable for me. Some of you may feel like things have slowed down. This is because Jupiter retrograde wants us to go inside and reflect on our values and what motivates us. We know it is often best to go with the flow and this is certainly one of those times. You are being given the gift of time to slow down and investigate what is really important and requires our attention. This transit and opportunity will soon be over; in fact you may be feeling this beginning to pick back up again now. I hope you take advantage of what  it left of this reflective energy and use it to your benefit. As the saying goes…..Snooze, you lose.

The Uranus/Pluto square is as active as ever right now. I will be writing more on squaresthis later too. I am constantly learning more and more about this complex and interesting aspect of great change.

Early this week the planets will allow us to be more productive and active. There is a good share of difficulties too. Mercury will be semi square Venus on Tuesday and communications could take a hit. Make an extra effort to be kind in your communications.

Also on Tuesday the Sun will be square Saturn and brings us a huge helping of realism.  Our confidence amps as we learn we are learn more about how good we are with being responsible.

As always there is a lot more to the chart for the week than I can talk about. I hope I have given you some new perspectives and some things to consider as you progress through your week. Happy Valentine’s day and remember to follow your heart!


* Nor’easter graphic courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/Wxeast *