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Arctic air has a grip on the Deep South this week. Sleet and snow were seen as far south as Florida. Global warming has become a tiresome subject of humor and is terribly misunderstood. It is seriously winter and people seem tired of it. I’ve always loved cold weather but a few years ago it seemed like my internal thermostat had broken. For the first time in my life could not get warm. Happily this year things are back to normal and I have enjoyed more time outside this winter than I have a few years. I’ve even been outside in bare feet.

Astrologically, the coming week is the leading edge of a lot of activity that takes us into February with a punch. Interestingly is all happened on the last day of the January too. Venus turns direct, The Moon is new, Mercury slows down to turn retrograde and move into Pisces, and its Chinese New Year!  All this takes place on Friday. Wow!  What a day!

Before we get to the end of the week there are a few other things to talk about. One is the Aquarian Sun. This sign is one of a kind and makes us want to know things. Aquarius in an inventor and leads us to change. You would think that being an Aquarian I would be more adept at change but thanks to other aspects of my aquarius 4chart, which not the case is.  I can say however that the older I get the easier I take to change. Freedom and individuality are much more the order of business under Aquarius. I have never liked the stuffiness that the Capricorn energy can bring although one astrologer friend says she has always viewed me as Capricorn. I will chalk all that up to the rebellious side of Aquarius.

Mercury has been in Aquarius since the 11th of January. Here we go with the original thinking again, that inventive, out of the box, thirst for knowledge. So you see you’ve likely been feeling that unique Aquarian energy for most of the month instead of just the past week. Have you surprised yourself when you took a more liberal stand on something lately?  I would not be surprised. Later this week you will feel this shift toward more intuition and imagination as Mercury moves into Pisces.

Venus is stationing to turn direct by week’s end. She has been in Capricorn since November 5th and will remain there until March 5th. Perhaps you have felt a change in your attitude about your finances or noticed changes in your business relationships such as co- workers, bosses, or those you do business with. I am sure some of you have taken on new business or developed new partnerships imageswhile others have ended. Know that even though some things have come to an end, it is all for the best and most likely in an effort to enhance connections that strengthen and support our goal with faithful reliability. As we go all go through the last week of the current Venus retrograde cycle it is important to complete or evaluation of our relationships and money. Make needed changes and get ready for her to be direct again very soon.

The Sun is sextile Uranus on Wednesday. Uniqueness is in the air. Get out the glitter and tinsel. It’s a good day to let your freak flag fly! This is also a good time to join a new group or organization. You should feel more flexible and adaptable to uncomfortable situations. Channeling this energy can be enlightening and productive. Uranus loves to find creative ways to affect positive outcomes for the good of all mankind.

happy_chinese_new_year_year_of_the_horse_2014_invitation-rc889c9d27b5b4a16b46a10d4b5b99621_imtq3_8byvr_512The end of the week brings us a New Moon in Aquarius and Chinese New Year. Our feelings and actions will be more in line with our authentic selves or who we really are. Relax and allow this expression to flow out. Don’t be afraid to direct your efforts along more humanitarian lines than usual as well. The collective known as Humanity needs your creative genius.

I expect more stories of precipitation in the news this week, especially in the southeast, as well as more cold temperatures following a day or two of warmth early in the week. I am already wondering if the groundhog will see his shadow in another week. I gut tells me this cold weather is going to be with us for a while yet. That does not mean you can’t get your seed started for some early planting when it does finally get warm. There are many plants that love this time of year so there is lots of outside work we can do now even though it is cold.

Whether you garden or not, stay warm and dry. Enjoy the energy of change. This is a year for it. Learn to allow yourself to shift and allow things around you to shift.  Focus any need to control inward and leave others alone. AS the little kids say “you are not the boss of me”.  Funny how it can take a life time to learn this lesson isn’t it?