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astro_2gw_35_event_hp.73203.45058This week begins with Uranus square Pluto, Uranus square Jupiter, and Venus squares both Mars and Uranus. The good news is that there are a couple of sweet trines to help us through the rough spots.


fotolia_11213389_XSYou already know about the Uranus/Pluto square. When Jupiter is square Uranus we tend to seek out  excitement. You could also feel the need to rebel.  There is a lot of energy here and you could feel the call of the wild. This might affect your work and those you work with in a negative way. If you are not fond of cold weather this could be a difficult week for you because outdoor activities are likely the very thing that calms your urge to rebel.

Venus square Mars could mean romance is in the air. It can also be a sort of love hate aspect too. None the less creative juices are bound to flow. Get out that paint brush, pen and paper or whatever trips your creative trigger and get busy. You know being creative always makes you feel good. Finding your creative outlet could help you balance any conflict between your male and female selves too. Remember we are moving into the era of the divine feminine. Balancing these two parts of our selves is very important.

Venus has two difficult aspects going on this week. One is square Uranus which asks us to break out of the confines of what is accepted in the love and romance game. Uranus can cause Venus to be a bit elusive and detached. Finding balance is again what is called for. Try not to be too smothering but at the same time try not to be too free. This could cause some alienation between you and your PJ-Stackrelationships. Again……..balance is the key. Isn’t it always? Remember that relationships don’t just mean lovers but can mean friends and business partners as well.

The other difficult Venus aspect is opposite Jupiter. The Jupiter influence is expansive and sure makes our hearts bigger and more open. The problem comes in the follow through. Under this aspect we sometimes over estimate ourselves and try to do more than we are capable of or have time to do. Watch your spending for the next little while too. As my father used to say, “ don’t let your champagne’ tastes overload your beer pocketbook”. This over indulgence can carry over to anything like over working, over eating and over drinking. Be aware.

Monday get your mind on manifesting. The Moon will be in Virgo and in trine aspect to Venus. This is awesome for bringing in your hearts desires. You know you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!


Tuesday the Sun shakes off the responsible, ambitious energy of Capricorn and takes on the one of a kind, freedom loving, info and knowledge seeking energy of Aquarius. This is a good to purge. Aquarius wants is to check expirations dates (not literally), and get rid of all the expired, out dated things in our lives. Is it time to eat better or exercise more or update the wardrobe? You get the idea. Find new ways to do things.

Recently I had some really good dark chocolate fudge while at a party. Last week I decided I wanted to make some. But I wanted to do it differently than any recipe I found. I tweaked the basic recipe and added some ground chia and hemp seeds. My fudge turned out so good I don’t think I will ever make is any other way now. The added seeds add fiber, lower insulin resistance and add a nice flavor at the same time. Next I want to try some with course ground coffee beans and perhaps some dried blueberries or goji/wolf berries. This is what I mean about finding new ways to do things. Go Aquarius!

Tuesday we get our other helpful trine when the Libra Moon trines the Aquarian Sun. This trine is great for being social, friends and lovers (too bad my social plans are for the following day), and doing humanitarian things like things or your time.

Jupiter opposite Pluto let us know that nothing expands or changes easily. Expect difficulty and conflict but also learn to allow these changes. When we are resistant to change we seem to have the most difficulty. Uranus wants us to let go of what no longer serves so we can grow and be our best person.wallpaper.big-xmn.cs

Mercury is almost half way through this tour of Aquarius. He moves into Pisces on February 1st. While he is in Aquarius he is more detached and wants to stir things up a bit. His messages become more fragmented, liberal in tone and spontaneous. Out of the box, progressive thinking is a common as is increased objectivity.

People with this aspect in their charts can be intimidating to some. I was shocked when someone told me once I was very likeable but intimidating. This person said he had no reason for saying that. I had never been anything but nice to him but there was something about me that made him feel intimidated. Guess what? My natal Mercury is in Aquarius. I have to admit, it is a bit shocking to see how this shows up in my life. This is considered a difficult sign for him to be in.

The last point of mention this week is Jupiter retrograde. This does not affect us as drastically as other planets can when they are retrograde but he often causes us to overdo things. Jupiter direct helps us reach goals and dreams and when he is retrograde he can get carried away. If you have Jupiter retrograde in you chart this might be a more normal way you to do things anyway. One of the things Jupiter rules is travel. When he is retrograde you could find yourself making more trips than usual.  These could be trips you want or don’t want but be careful you don’t become too tired from them. This is another area of “over doing”. If you are in school, this is a really good time to get into your studies and really understand them.

Have a great week folks. I sure plan too. I’ve read we could get some frozen precipitation in or near my area Tuesday and it is sure to be cold and getting colder by next weekend. Stay warm and safe out there!