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0107-polar-vortex-630x420We are just twelve days into the New Year and already it’s making big news.   The big arctic storm is gone where I am and temps are back to normal for now. I learned about a winter phenomenon called an “ice push”. This happens up around the Great Lakes and probably other places too. This year some folks video recorded the ice being pushed out of the lake and creeping up or crawling up onto land and into back yards. The video lasted for about seven minutes and in that time the ice moved 30-40 feet. It didn’t stop when it got to the buildings either. It pushed in a door and kept moving into someone’s home. It all made a nice tinkling sound with the roar of a train undertone.

I love January. It was named after the two headed Roman god Janus. Janus is downloadthe god of beginnings and transitions. His two faces are said to be looking at both the future and the past. Perfect name for the first month of the year don’t you think? Janus was the god who opened all ceremonies throughout the year. Gates, passages, doors, endings and time also fall into his realm. As the god of transitions, he is also associated with birth, travel, and exchange.

The second full week of our New Year will include a Full Moon in Aquarius. This will throw light on Capricorn and Cancer. Capricorn, ruled by authoritarian Saturn, is the career, success, and father part of our chart. Cancer represents the mother, nurturing and our siblings. Issues around family and business will likely be key players in your week. You are being asked to find balance between these things.

The Aquarius Moon wants you to cut loose, do something different, and get out of the rut you’ve been in. I can sure go for that! Saturn puts a damper on going too far however. So the quickest path to success could be staying in line with the status quo. This Moon actually heralds the coming Sun transit through the sign that begins early in the following week.

Mercury is currently touring Aquarius through the end of the month. Mercury the messenger is looking for new, cutting edge info while he transits  Aquarius. Aquarius takes out thoughts outside the proverbial box and we might surprise ourselves by thinking a bit more open minded and progressive.

Venus went direct last week but we will remain in the shadow or storm period until March 4th. You can expect some of her retrograde influence to remain until then. Take these last weeks while she is in her shadow to find the beauty within you. LAst week there was a Youtube video going around social media that shows a young woman who has done just that. In case you missed the story about Lizzy Velasquez here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c62Aqdlzvqk

Venus will also be in Capricorn till then and asking us to get serious with our money while energizing business relationships and ability to form more supportive connections. Capricorn’s influence on Venus causes us to be cooler and take our time warming up to new relationships. We also value long term, enduring connections, reliability and loyalty.

Mars continues his tour of Libra until July, 2014. We can vacillate in our decision making but are charming and charismatic when it comes to getting what we want. The influence of Libra had rather make confrontation easier with his indirect approach to things. We are more likely to argue in a calm, stylish manner than usual. This reminds me of the British or more traditional approach to things.

The cardinal Grand Cross is with us for while.  This is a tense aspect and is leading imagesus up to the 4th Pluto/Uranus square and Grand Cross that becomes exactly formed about April 10th and lasts the early May. Look for this to trigger many, many events pertaining to money, weather, unrest and in change of all sorts.

Some are calling the first few months of this year the actual beginning of the 21st Century. This year is thought to be a pivotal year for change between the old millennium and the new. My own gut feeling is telling me this year and the next are going to be big ones. It’s a bit freaky when I read what the expert astrologers, numerologist and psychics are seeing the same thing. The difference is they are able to hone in with their tools much better than I am. I will keep working at my own skills and learn as much as I can.

I hope I can remember to make a list of things that happen. Things like the chemical spill in West Virginia and the arctic storm much of the country just experienced as well as events around the globe. It will be interesting to see how these tie into astrology and how astrology might have influenced various events.

Another thing about this year that I feel strongly about is that this is the year to let go. I know we have been hearing this same thing for decades but that has all been in preparation. While I maybe nuts,  I truly feel this is the year we come up to bat. This is the year to let go of all the fear and things that don’t serve us. Stop allowing what other people do affect your life. Instead, allow what is.

Learn to co-exist and accept or move on. If someone is doing something you don’t like, look inside yourself. There is probably an internal conflict in you that you either are not aware of or have not come to terms with. Stop trying to control anything other than yourself. Things are going to go wrong and people are going to disappoint you. Why does this have to be so devastating? It’s because we are unwilling to allow other people to be who they are even if who they are is not the best they can be.

I want to welcome my new readers and tell all you how much it means to me when you hit that “like” or “follow “button. You boost my confidence and propel me forward. For that, I sincerely thank you!