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Here we are, about experience the first full week of 2014 and the Twelfth Night of Christmas or Epiphany.  I’ve not yet taken the time to look ahead much via my desktop chart generator but from what I am feeling, this year will have lots of strong energy and movement. Lots of changes going on! You might notice time passes very quickly.

This year has a vibration of seven. This is a spiritual number and represents quickening, awakenings,  our mother earth,  and things that happen out of the blue.  I’m excited!

Not all of the things that will happen will make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Some will be downright awful and painful. Remember that real growth and change cannot happen without something breaking down; some sort of destruction.  Temps will mount and frustrations levels will rise. It will be very important to stay focused on you and what makes you happy. Finding peace and joy within will get us all through the tough times.

Last year brought lots of change too. Did you know that on January 1st, 2014,     40, 000 new laws took effect in the United States? There is a host of things that took place last year that now has our attention. I look for more and more people to get fed up with the way things are going. Let’s not forget this is also a two sided coin.

Take for example the Affordable Care Act. We all have our opinions and that is not where I am going with this. The ACA does have us paying attention to health care. And while some ask if we should trust our health care to Washington, think about who has been in control of our health care till now? The answer is the insurance companies. They decide who can and can’t get coverage and so much more.  Do we really want them in control of our care? Probably not.

So, is this possibly a system that is broken? That depends on the perspective you take but most of us would say ‘”yes”.  From the astrological perspective this could be one example of how change causes destruction so rebuilding can happen. Just a thought but I think we can apply this principle of destruction and rebuilding to many things including our own lives

images (5)The vibration of seven being spiritual, is directing us to focus inward on our own spiritual growth and to be truly authentic to ourselves. Be sure that play, love, kindness, compassion and joy are part of this. Find things that make you feel happy and live. You will find it helps you get through the frustrating and harsh time.  Should you be one with spiritual gifts, this year will call you to accept them and give into what is divine within you. If you don’t you will be mostly likely find your paths blocked and feeling very frustrated. In other words, its time to listen to what your soul is guiding you to and to be the person you came here to be.

Cha-cha-cha changes! The tearing down of our old selves so the new awakened on can immerge.

The New Year opens with a stellium in Capricorn. The moon has now moved on into Pisces as this week begins. But there are still three of our personal planets and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a lot of conflicting energy. They are all square to the fourth personal planet; Mars which is in Libra. Mars is not fond of Libra and Venus is retrograde. Definitely some change energy going on.

Sunday there is a Grand Trine in water. The Moon’s female intuition and Saturn’s mature knowledge combine with the luck of Jupiter to show us possibility in all things.

The entire week is influenced by a forming Cardinal Grand Cross that culminates on cardinal-crossWednesday. This means the planets are in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.  Instead of four planets forming a square we have six. Both Pluto and the Sun in Capricorn are square on one side to the Moon and Uranus in Aries. On the other they are square to Mars in Libra. Jupiter in Cancer is the fourth corner of this square. Venus is retrograde and opposing Jupiter. Mars is opposing Uranus.

That is a lot of energy!  This cardinal square calms down somewhat after this as the Moon moves on quickly. The Sun also moves out of orb. Even so, there is a lot going on out there and a lot going on down here too.

One thing that makes this so interesting is the stellium in Capricorn. Mercury and Venus are conjunct at 22 and 23 degrees.  These two join the Sun and Pluto to oppose Jupiter. That’s a lot of energy opposite the great benefic. The things to watch out for are over doing things, over indulgences, and over spending.

The Sun opposed to Jupiter can cause some to over doo things. Jupiter wants to make things bigger and better. If you are going out to a Twelfth Night party or any event this week where food and drink will be served, be careful not to over indulge. It could be hard to find your self control.

Mercury opposite Jupiter is expressive and loves to share thoughts even if you can’t. However this is not an aspect for details, order or being disciplined. Remember Jupiter is expansive. When these two are opposite things can be exaggerated and seem bigger than they are.

Mars is square Uranus and can cause delays. This aspect also has a lot of energy so you could feel like your get up and go is in high gear and when you want something there is not waiting for it. Being impulsive or impatient is common. You might notice some difficulty slowing things down. Don’t forget how important relaxation is.

Mars is also square to the Sun, Mercury and Venus retrograde. These oppositions can cause us to be a bit sharp of tongue. Be mindful of your words when expressing yourself. Under these aspects we sometimes take things personally and can be a bit on the defensive side too. We might also find you fidget more than usual. Personal energy can often be high and if this aspect happens to be in your chart then you get a double dose. When it comes to relationships? Let’s just say it’s best to choose the option “it’s complicated” for the rest of this month and early into February.

Mars is also square Jupiter. Mars in Libra wants things to be fair. Jupiter in Cancer likes tradition and works toward expanding the security the home provides. This is also a rather instinctive or intuitive position.  Under this aspect we want to prove our value to yourselves  and those around us. We could also find we need some space from it all. If we get angry, the space might be a good thing.

Wednesday the Moon will be square Jupiter. The emotional Moon is against the ever expansive planet Jupiter? This aspect can help you see all the good in the world but it can also go too far and not be able to deliver on promises.

The end of the week will be a good time finding ways for art to make money and be a success thanks to a sweet trine between the Sun and Moon. On Saturday Mercury says “so long” to Capricorn and “hello” to Aquarius. Our thinking will become less and less sensible and more abstract. Aquarius can be stubborn as heck but our thinking sure will be interesting and out of the ordinary.  Finding solutions to problems can become quite creative.

changes_ahead-300x300I do hope you enjoy the first full week of January, 2014. Keep in mind that quick changes are the theme for this year starting NOW!


It After I post this I am off to an annual Twelfth Night Party. It’s a damp, dreary, cold day that will be warmed with company of good people, conversation, food and libations. I can’t wait to hang out around the fire outside. I want to take advantage of the nearly 40 degrees outside before the really cold air moves in tomorrow. Keep those in mind that are dealing with the severely cold temps and precipitation in  the north and the northeast. This might be just the beginning of a long chain of winter storms.