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What could we see in the coming year?

Now that you are armed with a refresher course on the Pluto/Uranus square of the early Twenty First Century, I want to share some thoughts on what this could mean for 2014 and beyond. I will include information on the Mars retrograde that will take place in the spring of 2014.

There is no doubt for many, including me that we are standing at the edge of historical change and a great awakening of consciousness.  This road is paved with a great deal of upheaval. It’s also very wonderful too. I personally feel that during the next two years will see the most activity the 5 years of Pluto/ Uranus square has to offer. Remember nothing is written in stone and everything is up for review.

I mentioned numerology in the very beginning of this series. Before I get into the Mars info, I want to talk about this. For me numerology is an interesting tool for understanding ourselves and others, and possibly for prediction. Each number like each planet, sign, house or astrological aspect also had it’s own energy or vibration.

Each year has a different number and vibration. To find the number for any given year all you need to do is add all its numbers together. In  the year’s The numeric value for  2013 was “6”. This is arrived at by adding 2+0+1+3 to get “6”. We as individuals have a personal year number too. If you would like to discover what your personal year will be this year this link will help.  http://karisamuels.com/newsletters/Your_Personal_Year_Number.html

Follow the directions and once you learn your personal number, scroll down to read what that number could mean for you in 2014.

It stands to reason since last year was a “6” year, that next year will be a “7” year. Numerologists say this number relates to Gia or mother earth. Many are predicting that our planet is going to shake rattle and roll this year. Many are expecting extreme weather across the globe. This of course means more of what we saw last year. Perhaps there will be more flooding, tornadoes, winter storms, heat waves, drought, hurricanes and typhoons, even volcanoes erupting with more than just a spew of ash.

I do feel like the earth is going to bring us to great transformation but my feelings are more based on a combination of what I hear and read. Nothing about this is for certain or written in stone.

We’ve already seen global unrest, upheaval and rebellion. The Occupy movement imagesand Edward Snowden were two examples of this. We’ve also seen people all over the planet rebel against this or that. This is the Pluto/ Uranus square in action.

So far the winter of 2013-2014 is on the extreme side much l like the summer was. Here in NC we had 40 days of rain at the beginning of summer.

The winter is turning out to be wet as well. Many places are experiencing extreme cold temps, severe ice and snow storms, and even tornadoes in places you would not think would have tornados in winter. Don’t forget the snow storms actually started in some places in October. Already several deaths have been reported as a result of the ice storm in the northeast and Canada right before Christmas.

Pluto and Uranus are not going to be very far forming an exact 90 degree square for months to come. I expect this to extreme weather to continue into the rest of the winter. These extremes will likely continue through the rest of the year. But of course and the northern hemisphere warms up these extremes will be heat related. With that I expect the numbers of severe tropical storms and hurricanes to be both high and devastating.  If this comes to pass, expect wide spread flooding to come with them.

I am also seeing signs that point to a wide spread seasonal virus. So far this flu season seems to be off to a slow start. However, the day after Christmas the CDC reported that number of “states reporting widespread seasonal flu activity jumped from four to 10 last week”.images (1)

One of my predictive sources sees this season’s illnesses wide spread and involving both the stomach and chest.  All ages will likely be affected, not the usual young, old or immune compromised populations. I am not a medical professional and do not wish to advise you on what course of action you should take when it comes to the flu or viruses. Personally, I do not take a flu shot and never will. I choose to keep my immune system as healthy as possible and allow it to do what it was made for to keep me healthy and well. This will include lots of garlic, cayenne pepper, honey, and apple cider vinegar.

Looking forward into 2014 I notice the Mars which is currently transiting Libra will station and turn retrograde ‘on March 1, 2014. If you recall, Mars rules Aries and this is the sign Uranus currently is transiting.

Mars is usually great initiator but then he is retrograde he lacks the liveliness needed to start things. New projects seem sputter out and extinguish. Arguments can come back to bite you in the rear, romances never make it to the altar, legal matters will often not end favorably for those who initiated the action.   And the same goes for war or anything any one starts during Mars retrograde. So hold off on your new starts until after May the last week of May. This will give Mars plenty of time to get back up to speed before you begin a new project. Otherwise, your efforts will be filled with disruptions and frustrations. Not what any of us want or need.

You will also want to void buying mechanical goods. Since Uranus and Pluto are square I am going to add technology to this. Of course there will be instances where you might have no choice. During this period computers and office machines are known to break down. I know this sounds like I’m talking about Mercury retrograde but I’m not. Mercury will be out of his next retrograde period about the same time Mars enters his. So actually the problem with technology and machines could actually begin on February 2nd when Mercury begins to station and turn retrograde on the 6th of February.

Yes indeed! This winter and spring are looking interesting to say the least. Mars is in Libra. Combine this with the Pluto/ Uranus Square and the energy gets very interesting!

People who have a strong presence of Aries or Scorpio in their charts might be dramatically affected by Mars retrograde. They could feel less aggressive, impatient and assertive.  They will baffle their friends with their unusual detachment and passiveness.

Those of us without the strong Mars influence in our charts will feel more like we do have a strong Mars influence during this retrograde. In other words these folks could become more impatient than usual, more driven to start a project and more driven to take action.

I feel like we could all take note of those with strong Mars energy in their charts and the chilled out Mars retrograde behavior.  Follow in the path of least resistance. Go with the flow and accept what is.

The energy of Mars retrograde could bring issues relating to emotions around anger and aggression. We might be more sensitive to conflict, disagreements, and power plays around us both locally and globally. We might also find we need to look at how we face aggression, authority, and the power of human nature in a new way. All these things and emotions can cause some degree of fear. Mars retrograde could give way to less usual ways of dealing with fear, anger and conflict. The typical fight or flight response may give rise to a new, more assertive and proactive response. Restraint and balance could be the better way of protecting ourselves.

Add the Mars retrograde energy to the Pluto/Uranus square energy and I get an explosive feeling. This might lead to wide spread upset, even protests. The unpredictable energy of the spring could lead to lots of upset among the people. Remember how divided this country is? There is no telling what this could mean. I feel like we could seeing strong forces against any protests that might take place. The pepper spray the peaceful student got in the face last year might seem like mild treatment after 20014 -2015 is over and gone.

We could see a stock market correction at some point. One source thinks this will be around a 2% correction and not an all out crash. Even that will cause upset among the masses.

The coming year will also bring with some difficult patterns in the sky. All of them will ultimately help the paradigm shift. This blog series has shown me how much I don’t know. While I can say that of my weekly posts, it’s when I get into subjects like this that I learn how much there is to learn. I will continue to write and learn into next year and hopefully not reach the point where I feel so overwhelmed that I quit. Sometimes I feel as if I have taken a bite too large to swallow. This topics has turned out to be quite large. It will also continue as a running theme in the weekly posts of the next few months.

For now, I wish everyone everywhere and very Happy New Year! Expect the unexpected in 2014 and hang on for a wild ride and dance like no one is looking!