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What a week last week was! Santa had his work cut out for him this year with all the ice in around the Great Lakes area and across to Maine. Manitoba and Ontario must have been treacherous for him. It sure was for those that live there. The last I heard there were nearly 30 dead due to the ice storm last week. Tens of thousands across the northern U.S. and Canada are without power and it could be a while before these things are restored. Keep these folks in your thoughts please.


Last week was also a bit tough on our dealing with others. I hope everyone remembered not to take things personally and stepped away when the communications became difficult.  Thankfully that week is behind us and now we can go on to the next.


Both Venus and Jupiter are retrograde in the feminine signs of Capricorn and Cancer, respectively. Venus is where we find love, fun, and our personal values. She enjoys beauty, art and fun times socializing. When she is retrograde she is more the devil, devious and treacherous. During a backwards movement of Venus we could feel a bit needier in the love department. Old loves or other long gone connections could show up again.  So could feeling of jealousy around a former relationship. It’s time to put all that to rest and move on. Venus will not be completely direct and out of his shadow until March 4th. This energy will linger and mix with other energies before Venus is back to her old self.


Jupiter retrograde is personally comfortable for me. But if you were not born with downloadthis aspect in your chart then things will feel quite different you. He could restrict your travel plans or make winning the lottery even more difficult. Jupiter is usually sending his energy out to the world and stimulating things for your benefit. When he is retrograde his energy turns inward. He measures his success from the inside, not out. This can cause things to slow down. Projects and plans might find delays.


I feel like the timing could not be better for this inward reflection. The New Year is the time we tend to give deep thought to our motivations and the values that propel us toward our goals. The cancer energy lends her gentle nurturing and support to our personal development and growth.  We need this feminine energy to help us transform and heal. I am grateful for this energy as I set my intentions and goals for 2014. After all what we have become is more important that what we have.  Understanding this is truly transformational.


Jupiter’s retrograde period will also last into early March. Since his orbit is much slower than the inner planets, Venus, Mars and Mercury, Jupiter’s shadow period will be much longer. He will not be out of his shadow until about June 6, 2014. This means for those of us with a strong Jupiter influence in our natal chart, these energies will be long felt. We all need this feminine energy


The New Year opens with a New Moon! New beginnings all around! How is that for timing? The down side is that the Moon will be in Capricorn. This combined with Pluto in Capricorn could make this more of an ominous event than celebratory. New Moons bring new beginnings.  The dark side of Pluto in Capricorn says, change now or suffer later. Keep in mind that we begin this year the same way we end last year. There is a lot of Saturn ruled Capricorn influence that is setting a tone and pushing us toward seriousness.


Capricorn is the certainly the dominant influence this week and not one of my personal favorites. My astrologer friend, Shelley Overton, has told me that since I have Pluto in Capricorn in my chart, I won’t be sailing until he moves into Aquarius.  This will take another seven years or until 2020-2021. I suppose I have a lot of work yet to do around issues of business, authority and tradition?


South_Park_Respect_Authority_Gray_ShirtThe New Year will open with a total of four planets in Capricorn. Intuitively I feel as if this is predictive of how this year will play out. Combined with Mars retrograde beginning March 1, 2014 and the strong Pluto Uranus square I feel like we will be seeing a lot of conflict around the old guard or status quo. There are those that want change and the powers that be are fighting to hold their ground. In the end all things change. It is the only thing we can count of for sure in the universe. Too bad we forget to accept this and flow with the natural order of things.


I know there is more I could cover but I am not sure where to go from here. So instead I will wish each of you a safe and Happy New Year! I hope all your dreams come true in 2014.


Remember what Glinda the good witch said to Dorothy……” You always had the power”.