download I hope everyone enjoyed the lovely, bright Full Moon last week. The weather where I am has been all over the place. Last weekend was cold and this weekend temps are in the 70’s with rain is moving in. Grateful not to be getting the frozen stuff others are getting. There is a storm  that covers much of the rest of the U.S. Parts of New York are under an ice emergency.  The forecast says I might be able to go without the heat on for one more night.

I’m quite fond of my Piedmont region of NC when it comes to weather. We have four seasons even if they sometimes you get spring weather in winter and the occasional cool summer day or two.  And let’s not forget the monsoon season we had in June this year. Talk about your 40 day rain?

We are in the throes of the winter holiday season and this the week kids around the world have been waiting for all year. There is lots of hustling and bustling going on. Sadly, the excitement of the season might be the best news I have for you. This week we might all be well advised to remember to breathe though the rough places. Now that being said, let’s  look closer at what this week holds.


The Sun moves into Capricorn today, 12/22/2013. If you suddenly are feeling more responsible, it’s the Capricorn energy. Sometimes I think we need this influence more weeks before Christmas that right at it. But everyone should feel a sense of accomplishment once the wrapping paper is all cleaned up and we declare the holiday over. The Capricorn energy might be better focused on the coming year and our intentions and thoughts for the future.

Mercury joins the Sun in Capricorn on the 24th. This alignment with add practical capricorn1energy to our lives. Mercury in Capricorn makes us more logical and organized. When sitting down to set your intentions aka “resolutions” for the coming year, this energy will help you focus your thoughts and be more realistic. Just be careful not to be too rigid. Who wants to be known as bitter or insensitive anyway? Flexibility is vital in riding this wave we call life. Remember that realism can quickly become pessimism. Relax.

Venus is close to being midway through her transit through Capricorn. This will be a lengthy transit since she turned retrograde yesterday the 21st  and is now going back over the territory she has just covered.   She will continue the backward motion through to the end of January. Venus wants us to get serious about our finances and business relationships. I have some friends that are moving their offices on January 2. I think this aspect is perfect for such a venture and although I have not seen the new office space yet but I have good feelings about this move and their new business expansion. Capricorn will also be bumping up the energy around the love and desire characteristics of Venus too. This is serious business folks and all part of our evolutionary growth.

downloadMars who is usually more about you and how you react on your own behalf is currently transiting Libra the equalizer. Thanks to this transit Mars is looking more at the big picture than the individual. He’s also opposing Uranus. This aspect will be dead on Christmas morning.

Last Tuesday Uranus stationed and turned direct. If you have noticed sudden shifts or changes in direction, Uranus stationing could be the reason. I know I have felt it more than once in the past week. Now think back to mid July when Uranus first turned retrograde. Whatever was going on then is where we are now. We get to go back over what was going on in mid July and make adjustments or tie up loose ends. Retrograde is like that. With Venus and Uranus both stationing last week you might have felt like you were stuck things weren’t going as smoothly as you would have liked. The closer we get to Christmas day the closer we get to other things to think about, like next year’s intentions.

Speaking of retrograde, this is a good time for some shameless promotion. I hope you have read the first in my series called “Retograde! Clearing the Confusion”.  If not you can read it @  If you like what you read, please click the “follow” button in the top left corner of the page and you will get an email whenever there is a new post.

I’ve been keeping an eye on but have not yet talked about a developing cardinal cross in the sky. It’s been with us for a few weeks and will be with us into the first week of the New Year`. The cardinal cross is an evolutionary aspect we should probably take a closer look at.

Astrology has specific names for how the planets aspect or line up with each other. A cross is formed when two planets opposing each other are square to two other opposing planets so that they form a cross in the chart. A grand cross with when all four planets in the cross are exactly 90 degrees from each other. This is not currently a Grand Cross because only three of two or three of the planets are exactly square.  We will have a Grand Cross later in 2014.

download (1) The cardinal part comes from the fact that all the planets are in cardinal signs. When this configuration is in mutable signs, we have a mutable cross or a fixed cross when they are in fixed signs.  There is also a Grand Cross. The current cross involves Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, mars in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer.

Cardinal signs are the imitators of the Zodiac. They get things going. People born in these signs are real go getters. They are full of drive, ambition, enthusiasm and love to win. The down side is that few things ever get finished.

Christmas morning Uranus and Mars will face off. Look for sudden changes, surprises, upsets, and some chance rebellion. All but three planets are out of alignment today. Turn on that Mars in Libra charm and use it to help you balance things. We all know families and holidays can be stressful. Remember to take things in stride. This too shall pass and we will be on to the next big thing.

But wait! There is more, as the TV commercial says! This week ends with an interesting Sun/Mercury conjunction only two degree from being also conjunct Pluto. Notice if elements of your life seem to come together to boost your financial, business, and career pursuits. This aspect has a more serious and solemn vibe to it.

Another perks is a week sprinkled with increased intuition, creativity sensitivity and imagination. After reading about the prospect of rebellion and upset,  I bet this comes are welcome news. There are some tough aspects this week. Now you know what to look for and how to avoid a less than pleasant holiday. The planets are sure not working favor of one. The choice is always yours. Again, relax, take a deep breath and don’t take things personally.

I can’t wait to see how all this plays out in the local, national and world news.

I wish you all the best! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Festivus for the rest of us! snowflakes