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Snow Storms Blanket Jerusalem

The Northern Atlantic coast is getting another snow storm this weekend. Last week a four day storm devastated the Middle East.  Higher altitude areas of Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Northern Syria, Iran, Turkey, and Egypt got snow! Cairo has seen snow for the first time in over 100 years. Palestine and parts of Egypt got torrential rains with some serious flooding in low lying areas. Jerusalem has reported nearly two feet of snow, massive power outages and a few deaths.

This weather is definitely a Uranus ruled event. Uranus love to shock. He’s been retrograde since July 17, 2013 and is about to go direct on Tuesday the 17th. For the past five months Uranus has been almost asleep. But as he is waking up we are seeing more and more intense weather taking place. The Moon will be full and at its monthly power peak full the same day. Who knows what we could see in the next few days or weeks? The unexpected is sure to happen in multiple places, maybe even in your world? I will be going more into this in my new series titled “2014: Looking Ahead with Astrology”. Part one was posted last week. Part 2 is coming soon. And as you read the rest of this post you will see this week is full of planetary action.

This is the last week for the Sun in Sagittarius. She will move into Capricorn late Sagittarius_by_Steel_EyesSaturday or early Sunday depending on where you are in the world. Till then she asks us to pay more attention to world around us. Sagittarius begs us to grow in our understanding and awareness of the world. Adopting new ways of thinking is usually a good way to move forward in our own evolution.

This Gemini Full Moon will also be opposing the Sun in Sagittarius. These two planets represent the mind. Gemini represents the lower mind and is looking for common sense and logic. Sagittarius represents the higher mind, wants us to think big and outside our little world. She is in search of a higher meaning to our world. Gemini is quite happy to focus on life closer to home.  You best move with these oppositions it to find balance between these two forces. This is ultimately a battle about you r sense of adventure, self, how you relate to others. You’ve got the next two weeks to deal with this. The need to act on your feeling could seem strong for some. For others the need to be quiet will be stronger. Be careful not to be sharp with so many loved ones around you for the holidays.

Mercury is also in Sagittarius. He will join the Sun a couple of day after she changes signs. For now Mercury’s energy is also drawing us to think outside the box and be more optimistic. If you have Sagittarius friends you might notice how they almost always seem to have a optimistic outlook on life even when it is handing out rotten lemons. The down side of this placement is that we are not always on point.

Venus is currently in Capricorn for an extended visit thanks to a coming retrograde. She is not a huge fan of this sign. One thing I love about astrology is that it offers equal opportunity for all. Life can’t be all about fun. Sometimes we need to get serious about work. Venus  had rather have a good time than get serious about money or work relationships but even she must find a balance.

Venus will change directions on the Saturday the 21st. This is not a good aspect to get married in. You would be well advised to put off any wedding plans until after January 30, 2014. Venus retrograde can bring old flames back into our lives. This could be a good thing or maybe not.  Either way there is sure to be a lesson to be learned so take advantage of that should this opportunity come your way.

imagesSaturday the 21st is also the Winter Solstice. This marks the shortest day of the year. The Sun and the Moon are the only two planets that don’t do a U –turn in the sky and go retrograde.  However, during the Winter and the Summer solstices, the Sun does seem to stop for a few days and stand still much like the other planets do when they station, but she never reverses direction.

We should take note of this and slow ourselves down too. This is a busy time of year. Everyone seems to be in a hurry to get things done. The year is coming to a close and we often feel the need to tie up loose ends in addition to all the activities the holiday season brings.

downloadOne of my favorite chill outs in the winter is a nice hot bath with Epsom salts, sea salt, and either vinegar or something fragrant like lavender oil added. A glass of wine or cup of spiced tea is not a bad idea either. Regardless of how you slow down, the important thing is that you do take some time for yourself during the holidays. Not only will you feel better for it but your immune system will benefit.  You can do this! Don’t let these feelings drag you down.

Continuing around the zodiac, Mars is about to get firmly rooted in Libra after his move there on December 7th. Libra is the sign of balance but this transit is one of charisma and charm. Libra leads us to see all sides of things; Mars sometimes does not know how to behave.  He certainly does not want to be seen as the bad guy but he does want to win the argument.  Being passive aggressive is the shadow side if this transit.

Mars in Libra is opposite Uranus in Aries. I’ve talked in the past about the Uranus/ Pluto square. This is an aspect of big changes. Mars combined with this square will be prominent in the late winter and early spring outlook. I hope to get more of my series on this topic written and posted as soon as I can. This week is looking busy for me. I definitely will get this series finished before the end of the month.

As you drive around your town this week, please pay attention to the other guy . Parking lots are sometimes the worst places for accidents and require extra alertness and caution. Allow plenty of time to get to where you are going so you can enjoy all you do. Stay safe, warm and healthy!