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This week the Venus Jupiter opposition continues. Go for the fun but be careful not to shirk your responsibilities. This is a busy time of year and there is lots of people and events that want our attention. This aspect can cause some to shirk their responsibilities. Others will do fine.

Venus loves to have fun and all but the last week of this month are also good time to meet people and begin new personal relationships. This changes however the closer we get to Christmas. Lots of things are changing so this is nothing new.Christmas_Party_2008_by_gamera1985

Now that Mercury has moved to Sagittarius, our communications can be a bit wonky. We all know how difficult communications can add stress to a situation. This time of year has many of us are stressed out so be aware of this potential communication glitch and do your best to not let this aspect add to the stress. We are also more interested in learning about a variety of things rather going deep into a few things like we did when Mercury was in Scorpio. This need to know can add to our stress. Remember to relax. You will get it all done and enjoy it more.


Mercury will square Chiron on Tues. This could further stress communications. Be careful with your words least you come across as hurtful.


Monday the Moon forms a sweet and easy Grand Trine with Jupiter and Saturn. You will feel this energy for about a day on either side of this brief alignment. Jupiter and Saturn will continue their trine until Christmas.  This trine is a repeat of the healing feminine energy of the Grand Sextile of late July. Don’t forget that Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Take care not to make too much of something. I can’t help but think about drinking and eating too much too during the holidays. This aspect could also indicate flood warning in some parts of our planet. The Jupiter Saturn part of the trine will continue through the end of the year.

Venus and Mars have recently entered new signs. They will remain in Capricorn and Libra respectively for the next three months. Venus will be the first to change signs but that won’t be until March 5th. These two planets are our personal planets. Mars is about how we do things and Venus is about our desires. These two are now giving us a review of sorts about what to expect in the coming year. Pay attention to the stories that you begin this month; the people and events that come into play these last weeks of the year. These will be stories we live out in 2014. Mars and Venus are also in mutual reception. This means they are in each other’s ruling sign. This gives them the ability to share each other’s power but it doesn’t mean they are especially happy in the sign they are in. Actually neither planet is particularly happy in their current transits but it’s all good and will ultimately help us transform.

Mars has just moved into Libra where he will reside for the next 7 months. You will probably notice people using their charm more to get what they want. Libra will sort of restrict Mars defense mode. This influence will help him see more that one side to the story and delay action a bit. You don’t really want to be the bad guy but you do want to take care of business. If you begin to feel like you can’t wrap your head around a decision or seem to vacillate on things more than usual, this will be Mars in Libra triggering you.

Good ole Saturn is still calling the shots from Scorpio. It’s hard to be honest, saturnespecially with yourself. This is exactly what this aspect is doing for us. He wants us to mature and evolve. He is pushing us to go deep and take responsibility for all our secrets  and clear them. For those among us who have Saturn in Scorpio in our natal charts, we embarking on the next 30 years of so of our lives. He will help you clear out those closets so you can better move forward. Be cautious not let this intense energy bring you down however. Depression can become an issue if you don’t keep it all in perspective. After all, live is all about perspective.


Jupiter remains in Cancer. This speaks to our belief in a higher power. Through compassion, intuition, and day dreams we bring good experiences and good fortune to our lives. Emotions and families figure in big when problem solving. This aspect will last into mid July 2014. Be careful that you don’t turn a blind eye to over indulgences or pass up venturing away from home. You can also smother others if you aren’t careful. You will know when you are in line with Jupiter’s higher vibration when you are looking for perspective and looking for the larger picture. The last time Jupiter was in Cancer was from July 2001 – August 2002.

I hope you have read the post before this one. I am working on another part to that one and plan to post it between now and the end of the year. Stay safe and warm in this winter weather. Give to your local food banks too. Many folks need help this time of year with keeping food on the table.