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Weather names and weather map from http://www.weather.com

Did you know that the Weather Channel began naming winter storms last year?It is true! After Snowmaggdon in 2010 and Snowtober in 2011, some of our meteorologist decided last year that big winter storms needed names to help raise awareness, better tracking and remembering them. This year the names were developed with the help of a Latin class at Bozeman High School in Bozeman, Montana. “Atlas” was the first one of 2013 and hit northern Rockies to the northern High Plains on October 3-5, 2013. The second storm, “Boreas” hit the nearly the same area and eventually affected most of the country.

Last winter was quite snowy for many in the US although here in the middle of NC we had very little. The Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a colder than normal winter this year for about 2/3 of the country. The oldest temps are expected in the Northern plains and eastward into the Great Lakes. The prediction goes on to say that the south and far west have closer to normal winter temps and very few areas will have a few above normal temps.

The Southeast, Midwest and Southern Plains states are expected to see above average levels of precipitation. The Midwest, Great Lakes, Central and Northern New England can expect lots of snow. States below New England and father south can expect “either copious rains and/or snows”. You might want to stuff the stocking with another pair of long johns and some warmer socks. And of course………only time will tell if this is a good prediction or not.

This past Wednesday Winter Storm Cleon dumped over two feet of snow in NE Minnesota. This storm began about December 1 and has played hard ball with Oregon, Washington, Montana, Utah, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, North and South Dakota, Colorado and Wisconsin.


If you happened to see the weather map on Friday you noticed temperatures ranged from -25 in Montana to the low 80’s in Florida. The Atlantic coast states felt like spring and it was lovely! . Now moving up the eastern seaboard and off into the Atlantic Ocean, Cleon leaves behind a trail of record low temps, ice, snow, power outages and a dozen or more deaths. Over a thousand flights have been cancelled across the county and winter Storm Dion is already forming on the west coast. Wonder if this storm will duplicate Cleon or not?


You might recall that the Sun activity for this year turned out to be surprisingly calm. That is until this fall. This year was supposed to be at solar maximum but the activity was more like solar minimum. Then suddenly it seemed the Sun was not going to stop spewing. Many people attribute this Sun activity to the wild weather we have been having. Personally? I think this is just a hint of what is to come in 2014.

Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn are all in water signs. Uranus and Pluto were just at their fourth perfect square on November 1, 2013. This was also a heliocentric square. This means they were also exactly square the Sun as well. That is a WHOLE lot of energy coming our way! Energy with planets and signs that deal with our weather.

Stay tuned….I will have more on this topic before this year ends……….

(weather map and names list graphic from www.weather.com)