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I hope everyone enjoyed that celebrates Thanksgiving enjoyed it in whatever way they saw fit. Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends. This year is quite unique. These two holidays converged for the first since Thanksgiving was declared and national holiday. This won’t happen again for over 75,000 years. I found this combination delightful! From the Menurky to the leftover turkey and latke sandwiches, I got a grinned and laughed with all the creativity this combined holiday brought us. Now the annual shopping season is in full swing. Ya’ll have fun! I’m staying at home for the next month.

new moon

This week begins with a New Moon in fiery Sagittarius. The New Moon is always a time of new beginnings and experiences.  Under the influence of Sagittarius these can come in one of three ways. They could be material, spiritual, cerebral, or a combination of all three. The next New Moon will actually be on New Year’s Day.  It is also not too early to begin thinking about how we want to create in the New Year.

For the past nine weeks Mercury has been touring the sign of Scorpio. The length of this transit is due to the retrograde whose shadow we have only days ago fully emerged from. His tour of Sagittarius will only last until Christmas Eve he will move into Capricorn.

While Mercury is in Sagittarius our judgment could be a bit off. Mercury was rather secretive while transiting Scorpio. Now that he is in Sagittarius communications can take on a larger-than-life character while details become lost of diminished. Regardless, you will likely notice yourself expressing your thoughts with more honesty and really meaning what you say.

download (1)Mercury moves to square off with Neptune at the end of the week. You could notice a lack of concentration and have some trouble with instructions or directions. The last few days of this week are not the best for signing contracts. Remember Neptune tends to put us in fog and influences our daydreams. Being well informed about such aspects can help us prevent big mistakes sometimes.

Venus is at 21 degrees Capricorn and moving closer to Aquarius. Before she changes signs, she will retrograde at 28 degrees and move back to 13 degree Capricorn before going direct again. This extends her tour of Capricorn quite and bit and we won’t see her change signs until early March.

Venus is still opposite Jupiter and the drama is on! The holidays are not far off and you most likely have lots planned.  This aspect can cause you to seek out fun and excitement and do more than you should. Be cautious and don’t strain yourself, drink or eat too much, or shirk your responsibilities.

Venus will be semi-square Chiron on Wednesday and Thursday. Chiron is the wounded healer. This aspect is not the best for loving commitments. If you feel alienated in a relationship for no real reason, this aspect could be why. Relax. Venus will soon be parallel the Sun. Come December 9-11 we will want nothing more than comfort and harmony in our relationships. I can hear the crackle of the fire now and see my feet up as I chill out with a nice cup of tea or a glass of wine. Perfect!

Capricorn is a business and money sign. The Venus transit is enhancing our business relationships. Very appropriate for this time of year I think? Those difficult work associations could be a lot easier under this influence.


The Sun in Sagittarius helps with this since it is all about connecting with others. This time of year, many people need that connection. I am sure you don’t need me to tell you ways you can help. I do hope you will shop locally and support your local economy, neighbors and community. Food banks everywhere can use a canned goods, beans, rice, peanut butter, socks and toilet items too.

Mars is in Virgo for the rest of this week. He’s helping us tend to the details of the projects we are working on. No matter what that is, he wants to do things right and is not satisfied unless he has dotted all the “I’s” and crossed all the “T’s”. Only then, can he be content. Next week I will go into Mars in Libra. Get ready to run on the charm.

Saturn is continuing his transit of Scorpio. This makes some of us more secretive than usual.  You might find you are less tolerant of thoughtlessness. Forgiveness could be more difficult while possessiveness and jealousy more prominent. This aspect is in a natal chart is a difficult one. Learning about it this aspect might affect you is the best way to deal with it. Those of us who have this alignment in their natal charts should pay close attention. By learning more about this they will unlock key info to progress their personal and spiritual growth.

planet-square-380x235Uranus and Pluto continue to square off. Please refer to previous posts on this topic. This aspect causes upset at every turn it seems. It has a lot of influence on our weather, protests, and ultimately our evolution as humans.

There is a lot of forward moving energy this week. I’m excited! I hope you are feeling motivated and positive. If not, do what you can to be grateful for even the negative things in your life. It is these bumps in the road that help us grow. Being aware of positive or difficult astrological aspects can help us navigate the bumps and ruts. I  know the more I learn the more I understand myself.