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Let the winter holidays begin! I am already seeing Christmas lights up on some houses. Thursday is of course Thanksgiving Day but did you know it is also the first day of Hanukkah? This has not happened since Thanksgiving Day was made official and it won’t happen again for 75,000 years. One inspired woman coined the word “Thanksgivukkah” and is selling t-shirts and cards online. I even saw a “Menurky , a turkey shaped menorah for sale. Hanukkah is also and celebration of thanks giving for I think these two holidays will work well together and also fit well with the Sagittarius energy of the Sun.

imagesI’m particularity fond of the word “giving” at this time of year. It seems giving and ways to give has taken up a lot of my thoughts in recent months. I don’t feel I do enough for others. It is for me very appropriate these two holidays come together. And think about all the food? Latkes, apple sauce with cranberries and gold foil cover chocolate coins on the pumpkin pie? Oh my!

This week I am also thankful that Mercury is now back to full speed and conjunct Saturn of one last time in this trip around the solar system. The introspective, almost depressive veil this aspect has thrown over us is almost gone. By week’s end these two planets will be more than 6 degrees apart. You should begin to feel more perky, if not this week then surely by the Dec. 2nd or 3rd. Mercury will remain in Scorpio until December 4th. So you can expect the introspection to continue for a little while longer. Then it will be full steam ahead with the outside world again.

Sagittarius_by_Steel_EyesThe Sun is now fully situated in Sagittarius. Many of you are probably noticing your desire for intimate connection with someone or connection with the self is giving way to a desire to connect with something greater. You might find you want to connect more with the world or the communities around you than you do your own house right now. Getting in touch with the big picture has many benefits. It nurtures our spiritual side, builds confidence, optimism, and gives us the courage to get outside our small boxes and into exploring new ways of thinking. Imagine that? Imagine the adventure? Imagine discovering that things are not as different as you thought they were? Imagine being comfortable outside your own territory and social group?

I love the Sagittarius Sun. I love learning new things. Many of the physical things like bungee jumping or mountain climbing have never been something I wanted to try myself but I do love learning about these things and knowing that some folks have way more courage than I do. What I enjoy most is probably art, music and food. I was so excited to learn that an Ethiopian restaurant had opened in town. A friend and I went to check it out. I had eaten it once before on a trip to Washington, DC back in 1986. I’ve never forgot that meal. Visiting this new restaurant brought back fond memories and creatively bonded new ones with a dear long, time friend.

Another big aspect this week is a T- square with the moon and the Uranus Pluto Square. T-squares are often thought of as harsh or difficult. They can have a positive side as well and this one could do just that by triggering our motivation and nerve. This t-square involved a diplomatic Libra Moon. Again; not a bad aspect to have on family holiday. This Libra Moon will also be perfect for balancing out any tensions that rise between Pluto and Uranus. Those two can be big bullies you know.

Thanksgiving Day Moon will also get a calming assist from being sextile to the Sun. We all know how sometimes family gatherings can get a bit edgy and tense. This aspect will help smooth out some of the wrinkles and help us keep our cool while other might not be so chilled.

ThanksgivukkahWe still have the Jupiter Venus opposition going on this week too. We might over do some things during the holiday. Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for many and with those among us that will also be celebrating Hanukah, over doing things is most likely going to be a definite. To me this is all very exciting! I really want a Menurky!

Venus and Mars moved into a nice trine last Friday and will remain so all week. I feel this aspect will be perfect for this week’s festivities. It lends a positive air to our desire to get what we want. Charm and enthusiasm are bountiful under this aspect. This could go a long way to ease any family tensions there might be.

On the other hand, you know there is always another hand in astrology and this one is Venus opposing Jupiter. And Oh the drama this can bring on, especially if we are feeling a bit bored with our lives. We might feel more adventuresome but remember that Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Be careful not to overdo things. Notice where you are being more dramatic or when you are exaggerating your emotions. Try not to expect too much from others as a result and don’t ignore your responsibilities in the search of self gratification and fun.

This Thanksgiving Day the Sun will trine Uranus. This is sure to add the uniqueness of this already unique day. Expect some creative changes. Should something go wrong with your holiday dinner or party, this aspect will lend and hand a help you invent a new way of doing things. I would love to hear any stories you might have along this line after the big day. Feel free to share those bloopers with the rest of us and post your stories in the comments section.

I look forward to the traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce. Turkey has always been one of my favorite foods. This year I will make Latkes instead of mashed potatoes. I canned cranberry relish over a month ago and there is plenty of it to last all winter. The leftovers will make a tasty sandwich I am sure.

Statistics show that most of us will drive up to 50 miles to share our Thanksgiving Day with family and friends. If you are one of those who will be driving, be safe. Watch out for the other guy. Enjoy the love that surrounds you. And if you are alone this week, remember you are never really alone. Someone somewhere out there is always with you.turkey-dinner-1024x682