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Mercury-RetrogradePerhaps the next and best question concerning retrogrades is “How does this motion affect me? Here is another time it would be helpful to have a copy of your natal chart or get a professional astrological reading. Having your chart is the only way to know if any planets were retrograde when you were born and which ones.

I was born with three outer planets in retrograde motion. Each planet has a different length of time it is retrograde. We start measuring from the point a planet stations or stops or stations and begins to move backwards to the point where it stops, changes direction and begins to move forward. The entire length of time we are affected is actually much longer than this. Some of us will begin to notice or feel affects when the planet begins to slow down. This can be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before the actual point of stationing. These effects will often be noticed on back end of the retrograde for just about as long or until the planet is once again traveling at its normal travel speed.

Here is a list of the planets and their approximate retrogrades:

• Mercury retrogrades every 12- 14 weeks for about 21 days.
• Venus, every 20 months for about 40 days.
• Mars every 25-26 months for about 72 days.
• Jupiter retrogrades ever y 13 months or so for about 121 days.
• Saturn, every 12 – 13 months for about 138 days.
• Uranus retrogrades every 12-13 months for 151 days.
• Neptune also every 12-13 months for about 158 days.

Part of the complexity of any retrograde planet is how it affects not only your natal chart but also the current transits.
I’ve previously covered how a retrograde planet tends to take on the opposite characteristics of a planets normal character. I have not covered what those specific characteristics are. Since Mercury is so common and has been discussed in so many previous posts, let’s start with Venus, the next planet in the list above.

Venus is the planet that brings us all our favorite things; chocolate, baseball, our favorite music, people, places and all the beautiful things that surround us. She helps us express our love to others. Whenever we are happy you can bet Venus has been at work. Venus retrograde can cause us difficulty in expressing our feelings. This can also cause us to feel dissatisfied and uneasy in our relationships. WE are at our best when we are open with those we love and share as equally as we can.

Mars is the action sand protection planet. He fights back when we are attacked and he is where we get our courage and strength. If he is retrograde in our natal chart we have difficulty showing our anger. Instead we tend to repress it. We also are very assertive and often won’t feel compelled to act on something in our lives.

Jupiter is the expansive planet. He loves to make things bigger and better. He is optimistic, generous and very positive. When Jupiter is retrograde we can become pessimistic and far less imaginative.

Saturn is in charge of our boundaries, rules and regulations. He is where our resistance to change comes from. If Saturn is retrograde in your natal chart you probably don’t feel worth of much. This insecurity can lead to behave badly and you have to work hard for what you want. You are often unaware of how you restrict yourself with your over indulgences and by being lazy.

Uranus is the most independent planet. He loves his freedom will quickly break any rule that does not allow him to express himself. If this planet was retrograde when you were born you might hold yourself back from acting on diversity and being different. The house you find Uranus in your chart is probably going to experience quick shifts and extreme changes from time to time. This can direct you toward a great deal of constructive change, positive growth, and development into a truly unique individual.

Neptune is our day dreamer. She brings us romance, magic and nostalgia. Neptune loves fantasy, creativity is the one who brings us our psychic gifts. She is happy to volunteer and help out the less fortunate. When Neptune is retrograde in your natal chart you tend to think you are responsible for things that go wrong even when you aren’t. You try to act tough but in reality you are easily wounded. You will often run from something rather than deal with it. Find out which how Neptune is in to learn what you are most likely to run from. The up side of Neptune retrograde in your natal chart is that you can be far more compassionate toward others than most people.

I’ve read that it is rare for anyone to be born with no retrograde planets or all seven of them retrograde. The majority of us have one, two or three at least. That being said, you also need to know that Jupiter retrograde is like the dark side of Saturn and visa versa. Should both Jupiter and Saturn be retrograde in your chart, they will more or less cancel each other out.

I hope this gives you bit more insight into the subject of retrograde planets. There is much more to learn and know when it comes to one’s own chart. I learn new things all the time about mine.

Thanks for liking my posts enough to follow this blog. You have no idea how much this means to me.