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The trees have loved the large amounts of rain we got in June. They have rewarded us with vibrant colors that have seemed to last for weeks. It has been glorious. This morning as I was out driving,  I noticed some trees still covered in brightly colored leaves. It has been a long time since we’ve had a fall as bright as this one.

Mercury has gone direct but is not back to normal speed. We are still under the retrograde influence at least the 21st. I’m thinking we won’t be completely normal again until the 25th. Also, the last of intense energy of the recent eclipse season is finally leaving with the Full Moon on Sunday. These two events combined made this past Mercury retrograde one for the books.

The year 2013 will soon come to a close. This is the time of year when we begin to reflect and often beat ourselves up for not being as disciplined as we could have all year. Combine this with the coming holidays and we can put ourselves under a lot of unnecessary stress.

This Full Moon will be in Taurus, a sign that never gives up, works hard and is hd-wallpapers-full-moon-wallpaper-2560x1600-wallpaperknown for its stubbornness. I expect this Full Moon could come with its own bag of stress to unload too thanks to the lingering eclipse energy. Should things in your world turn stressful, take a deep breath and remember not to take things personally. Don’t let your negative self talk get the best of you. The days are cool, leaves beg to be raked, life is yearning to be lived and New Year is getting closer. The Taurus Moon enjoys the beauty of nature, good company. Get out there and move. Exercise your inner demons away. Just don’t fret. It is all as it should be.

There is not quite two weeks between the Full Moon and Thanksgiving. The two weeks after a Full Moon are great times to detox, finish our projects and bring things to a close. This comes just in time to wind things up before the winter Holiday Season gets into full swing.

The Sun will be exiting Scorpio on Wednesday and entering Sagittarius. Some of my favorite people were born under this sign. My wonderful mother is one of them.

Sagittarius is fire sign ruled by the benefic planet Jupiter. People born under this sign are typically optimistic, value freedom, are very generous. They are always looking forward to the next wonderful thing ahead. They do well under pressure but had rather have a review and time to think before making decisions. They love to laugh and can be rather philosophical. When it comes to my mom you do much better if you give her your bad news as soon as possible.

Mercury forms a nice trine to Neptune through Wednesday. You may notice increased level of intuition, creativity and imagination. This can be very helpful if you have big decisions to make. Don’t think your ideas are wild a crazy. Lean into them, trust your intuition and use this energy to your advantage.

Mars in Virgo is opposite Jupiter. The tone of this aspect is playful and bold. Feeling satisfied could be problematic and spontaneity can flare. Impulsivity can be a good thing at times and it can be a bad thing. Just be aware of both side of this coin and stay safe.

Venus is in Capricorn was conjunct Pluto on Friday and will remain close by for a few more days yet. Relationships will most likely feel a boost of passion. We not only want a lot from our relationships and friendships, we insist upon it. Relationships that begin under this aspect can be very passionate and intense. Be careful not to become too possessive.

Pluto and Uranus are still within a couple of degree of being exactly square. Surprises and secrets will continue to come to forward.

Comet ISON has dramatically brightened in the past few days. We can now see it with the naked eye. You can find it in the predawn sky near the star Spica in the constellation. Virgo. It should appear to be green in color.ISON

This week will be a good one for opening communications with others. Our insight and emotional understanding will be sharper than usual. We will be more interested in investigations and going a bit deeper into things than we normally are. Any upsets this week are likely to come from your own insecurity. Get creative instead.

Where I live it looks like this week is going to be a nice one to be outside. Where ever you live and whatever you do, the choice of a good week or a bad week is all up to you. I hope you choose to make it a good one.