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Mercury-RetrogradeThere certainly is a lot of buzz around the term “mercury retrograde.” After reading the first part of “Retrograde,” you know that this all relates to how planets move about in the sky and change their angles to each other. And now you are probably asking what this means to you if anything.

There certainly more buzz around Mercury’s retrograde than any other planets retrograde. The reason seems to be that it reverses it‘s motion comes more often and with more of a punch than all the other planets. Mercury does after all rule communications in all forms. This includes written, electronic. Contracts and any other form you can think of. You can also lump all the tools we use to communicate with in the equation too. Computers, phones, the mail, any way we get messages can take a hit when Mercury is retrograde.

The effects of any retrograde motion are impacted by a couple of things. One is your own natal chart. For instance, as Mercury travels around the zodiac each year it aspects or makes geometric alignments to the planets in your natal chart. These aspects influence you in some way. Each aspect also has characteristics of its own. The combinations of influence are virtually unlimited.

When you combine the characteristics of the planets involved, with the aspects, signs and houses they are transiting, you can draw a detailed picture energetic possibilities and probabilities they offer a person. I know this sounds rather vague, and in a way it is but this is precisely what an astrologer does. He or she interprets all these combinations to give you a reading. Since I have begun really studying astrology I’ve found that it to be a very accurate tool and guide. I now understand why there are so many astrological references in ancient texts like the Bible.

The influence retrograde motion has on us is typically opposite to the influence the direct motion has on us. For now, let’s stick with discussing Mercury’s influence.

CommunicationMythology tells us Mercury was the one who carried messages back and forth between the gods. Today we say that he is in charge of our every day communication and expression. He lacks emotion, seeks opportunity and is known to be the curious kid of the zodiac. He’s the one who likes to take things apart and put them back together again.

Mercury and not your friends or family members are probably responsible for most of your relationships these days. Think about those you have met through the computer or over the phone at work. All of these people represent Mercury’s influence in your life. He helps direct our flowery words of praise and love letters, succinct business communications and our personal ones too.

Part of what makes astrology so cool to me is how it gets me to think outside the box and beyond the obvious. When it comes to Mercury in the positive and in direct motion, communications is not the only realm he represents to us. The coordination, processing and exchange of ideas, thoughts, and both conscious and unconscious feelings are all within the rule of Mercury. This coordination helps us sort, arrange, examine and make sense of things.


The flip side of Mercury or the retrograde side is confused. We get the message wrong and don’t understand or get the message right all the time. Being more nervous or high strung is common during retrograde than when he’s moving direct. Sometimes it is difficult to make decisions and we can become nit-picky and more technical in our approach or thinking.

Your personal chart can reveal a lot to you. Knowing how to reading your natal chart it is not easy unless you have studies astrology or know someone who can help you. If you are curious what your chart looks like you will need to know not only your birth date but the place and exact time as well. Without the exact time some details might not be so easy to determine without it but you will get a general idea. There are many sites online where you can generate a natal chart. My favorite is www.astro.com.

I will return next week with more on retrogrades. Please feel free to share your thoughts. You are welcome to ask questions as long as you don’t expect much from me. Remember I am still learning and do not consider myself more than a novice. I can direct you to a wonderful woman who is a great astrologer. Her name is Shelley Overton and her site and info is at www.astrologerangel.com