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Whew! This has been a Mercury retrograde and Pluto Uranus square! You are probably glad to see go away. It’s not often that a retrograde happens in conjunction with so many other difficult aspects taking place at the same time. Even I felt it this time and I don’t often notice it very much. The good news this week is both Mercury and Neptune are turning direct.

This past week we have seen quite a few big blasts from the Sun. Several of which were X class flares. Although they were not direct facing to earth we still gets some effects from them. Super Typhoon Haiyan could have been intensified by this recent burst of energy. Whether it was or not, Haiyan is definitely one for the books, going down as 3.5 times stronger than Katrina in 2005.

Currently we describe tropical storms in categories 1-5. Winds in a category five are listed by the weather service as anything over 155 mph. Haiyan had winds of over 275 mph as it approached the Philippines. Storm clouds were over 1,120 mile covering all the Philippines. This is roughly the same distance as that between Florida and Canada. We know from past sun blast or CME’s that the energy can affect our weather. If Haiyan is an example, I am not looking forward to what a stronger Sun flares might cause.

Things should begin to feel like they are moving forward again. Remember that there is a storm period for all the planets. It takes all of them a while to get back to full speed or traveling more that 40 minutes or arc a day. Just knowing that a planet has turned direct is often enough for us to feel better about things. Definitely we will feel more like our lives and our projects are moving forward after this week and Mercury is closer to normal speed.

Neptune has been retrograde for the past 5 months. During this time you could have experienced heightened sensitivity, increased psychic ability or very interesting dreams. It has also a very good time to work on the internal level too. Funny how many aspects lately have been pushing us to deal with ourselves, our skeletons and who we really are? Neptune’s effects when direct are not what we might think they are. We usually think of direct motion being positive. But those things we don’t deal with while Neptune is retrograde could be made worse once he goes direct. Over all you should soon be felling more grounded and less likely to pick up on energies that can overwhelm you and sometimes drain your energy and keep you caught in the illusion.

If you have not read my latest post on Mercury Retrograde you might want to check that out. It is the post right before this one. It is also part of a short series of posts that I hope will help you better understand what retrogrades in general and how they affect us.

Scorpio1The past few weeks while the Sun has been transiting Scorpio, we’ve been dealing with our desires. This will continue through the 21st. Perhaps you’ve noticed some moments of deep introspection, and emotional extremes. Scorpio does not tend do things in the ordinary way. He can be quietly provocative or offensive, yet, loyal none the less. Nothing hidden from view, secret, and taboo is safe when Scorpio has an influence. His great desire is to uncover then all and get to the truth. Scorpio energy can be very transformational and healing when used in a positive way. His negative side includes jealousy, vindication, and manipulation.

Venus transiting Capricorn is dealing with our money. Our business and working relationships perhaps will be easier during this time. We could be drawn to new people who support our creativity and ambition. Our most loyal, reliable, long lasting relationships are what we find most significant now. This influence will last through March 5, 2014.

Venus will square Uranus on Thursday. Avoid the impulse to buy things you might not really need. Expect the unexpected. This is not a good day to go to the spa or salon. Friday Venus is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and brings finances and personal relationships under the scope. It’s got all the marking of a strong attraction factor.

The Moon forms two nice Grand Trines on the 12th. Growth and expansion is what Grand-trine-2013this energy is about. We should feel optimistic, enthusiastic and rather co-operative. Emotions could get in the way on the down side.

Mars is touring Virgo for the rest of the month and into early December. This influence has a good work ethic and likes to tend to details. Virgo influences Mars to do the right thing and this could also balance some of the Uranus energy as well. This energy could also work well with the Venus in Capricorn if we are aware of it.

Jupiter squares Mars and Mars squares the Sun on Friday. The Jupiter Mars square could be tricky if you are already an impulsive person. If you are not, then this aspect could bring it on. You might also find people to be more boastful than usual.

By Saturday we add another square to the sky when Mercury squares Pluto. You might begin to feel a bit fixated on one thing or another. If you are in the midst of some research or have something to study for in the next week or so, this energy is going to help. Be cautious of your words and don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember is all really small stuff anyway. Use this info to evolve, grow and move toward a better you.