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I hope had a safe, enjoyable Halloween and you remembered to set your clocks back one hour Saturday night. Now it’s body clock adjustment time again. This one is certainly easier adjust to than the spring one.

Last week perhaps brought no big events or news in your world but in the world in general:

  • A guy with an attitude and a gun went after TSA workers in LAX this week
  • The Sun fired off a few X class flares that sent mild radiation toward our blue planet.
  • Mt. Etna erupted sending lava and ash into the air, and causing minor, local flight delays
  • There was serious flooding in eastern India, Eastern South America and through Yucatan. Northern Australia, the UK and Western Europe experienced some big water as well as parts of Australia was dealing with bush fires.
  • The University of California published an article on the delicacy of oceanic chemistry and said it takes a lot less than we thought to cause mass extinctions. I can only imagine the level of long term damage cause by the leaks at Fukushima.
  • Comet ISON is close by now and is bright and tight. It will soon slingshot around the sun and head back out into space.
  • Saran gas leaked at an Army depot in Kentucky.
  • 7.2 earthquake in the Philippines caused a giant sink hole that is growing.
  • Massive fish kill off in Australia.
  • There was a Halloween tornado warning across 14 states.
  • Tsunami warnings here and there and major flooding in Western China.
  • Both Taiwan and Chile shook with 6.3 and 6.6 earthquakes respectively.
  • And this from the previous week: The military was forced to admit to spraying aluminum coated silica. Yes folks…chem-trails are real! But in this case the trails formed a blob. http://www.livescience.com/40686-mystery-radar-blob-explained.html
  • USAF General Brown Died in Mysterious Crash: He was Investigating MISSING NUKES! (Pluto/uranus square or is it those planets in Scorpio?)

That is a brief list of some to the things that happened last week. Last week and probably this coming one too seem to be good weeks for dying or near dying.  A friend from my teen years has heart bypass surgery Friday. You probably know of a person or two that also had a close call last week.

Among those in the news that left us last week are British sculptor Anthony Caro, actress Marcia Wallace, and singer and musician Lou Reed.

None of the weather or news events I’ve listed is definitive proof that astrology is predictive. Astrologers  do however note these and make comparisons to times when the planetary aspects are not so difficult.

This week starts off with a rare hybrid eclipse early on Sunday. It is called a “partial-solar-eclipse-today-january-4-201111-250x187hybrid” because it will start off as an annular eclipse, the kind with the glowing halo that looks so cool, and then morph into a full on solar eclipse, totally blocking the sun.  This full solar eclipse will be best viewed in Africa. However parts of the eastern United States will see a partial eclipse.

This also means that the New Moon in Scorpio is on Sunday. Give your life a jump into a new direction by forgiving yourself. You can forgive others too but the real forgiveness lies with you. After all it is not what the other person does as much as it is your reaction to them that causes the problem.  Our reactions, good or bad are always a choice. Interesting how many of us fail to understand this and insist the blame is placed elsewhere. If your birthday is November 3rd or May 3rd, there could be a pivotal point in your life during the next year. Of course we can all say that can’t we? Any day can be pivotal. For those with either of these birthday’s give or take a day or so, this coming turning point could be extremely significant.

The dark of the Moon is also a time of rest. Seeds grow better when planted during this time.  I stopped at a neighbor’s house today where I saw owner planting-seedsworking out in the yard. I’ve been hoping for such an opportunity to chat with her. I noticed some seed pods on her Texas Star Hibiscus and asked her if I could have some. I will plant these and some other ornamental seeds next week under the waxing moon.

I’ve talked before about this being a great time to clear the personal closets and get rid of the skeletons that linger there. Honor what you find and let it go just like we honor let go of our ancestors during “dia de los Muertos” or”day of the dead.”  I embrace this skeleton clearing although I don’t think I have given it as much attention as I could. I still have time and so do you. Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio for the rest of this week. However, he won’t be completely out of the retrograde zone until November 27th when he gets back to the 1824” Scorpio. Now, this does not mean you have to wait that long for the effects of the retrograde to ease up. Mercury will be back to full speed ahead by the 21st. In the mean time, get to work on cleaning out those closets folks.

Tuesday Venus changes signs and moves into Capricorn. She will take on a more serious persona for the remainder of the year. This is probably her second least favorite sign to transit. Capricorn is a sign the loves to work and frowns on frivolity. We can also expect Venus to be more committed during this time so I expect engagements to be numerous this winter. This transit will be a long one thanks to her turning retrograde on December 21st. With the winter holiday party coming on it might be just as well. We might get more work done and be more ready for spring than usual. This transit will last all the way to mid March 2014.

redoJupiter will turn retrograde on Thursday this week.  We’ve been in its storm period for some time now. This retrograde will lengthen its transit through Cancer. This sign is a happy place for Jupiter so this is good news.  You have to love those planetary happy places. A retrograde reverses the normal actions of a planet. It backs up and gives you an opportunity to take care of any old business that might need to be taken care of.   Jupiter‘s action is expansion and abundance. When it retrograde it’s time to go inward. Examine where you need to change things and grow.  Jupiter also rules role playing.  This retrograde period is prime time to examine your personal integrity and where you might not be being loyal to your true self.

There seems to be a lot of this inner calling and a chance for “do over” among do-overthe planets and aspects these days. Are you getting the message? I hope so. Don’t wait till you have the heart attack or whatever before you make the changes you need to.

You are being given the opportunity to make any needed changes now. Take advantage of this opportunity to go deep and clear out the garbage from your life. Be true to you. This is often easier said than done. Unfortunately we humans seem to be afraid of what we might find there. I wonder why we are afraid of the truth?