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Each week as I write this blog, I am also learning more about how everything is connected and how everything affects everything else especially when it comes to the planets and astrology. Our natal charts tell us where all these heavenly bodies were when we were born. Their particular placements at the moment of birth influence our personality and our future. As these bodies move forward around the heavens and the chart from that first moment, they influence each other in different ways and yet connect us to each other in ways most of us are not even aware of.

6a0133f538e9e4970b017ee3eb264d970d-500wiThis week the big news is that mercury will meet up with Saturn again. Retrograde planets are like that. They go back over the territory they just covered. What this means is that all the places Mercury has triggered in your chart since about October 2nd will be revisited during this retrograde. This conjunction might be a harsh one. Mercury and Saturn tend to turn our focus toward harsh reality and negative parts of situations. The best way to deal with this is to be grateful for whatever comes, positive or negative. Remember you can learn from all that comes your way and even what seems to be bad could actually be a good thing and help you move or advance in your evolution like nothing else could. Easier said than done I know. That’s when good friends and life coaches come in handy.

This reminds me of something else I want to share. Last week a friend of mind posted a list of things we should do during Mercury retrograde.

Jennifer Leung posted:

“Reorganize your home or office

Review revise and edit written work

Reconnect with people from your past

Revisit past ideas, hobbies or interests

Discover past errors or oversights

Revive projects that were put on hold

Reconsider or redefine your goals

Review your finances Re-establish your priorities Conduct research and investigations

Find out secret or confidential information”


The list item that stood out most for me was “Re-establish your priorities”. Seems to me like past 18 months or so have revolved around some version of this. We were asked to review our relationships before Saturn left Libra. We’ve been asked to figure out what we really want in all areas of our lives. And now we are being asked to go deep into our closets and clear those skeletons out.

I don’t usually notice many affects of Mercury retrograde. But this time I  have. Last week was full of glitches in my world.  Lots of my electronic stuff had a problem or two. At one point my computer crashed and got my heart pounding! Even recipes did not turn out right. Oh but the ones did? They were just awesome!

Speaking of skeletons, Halloween this year is during Mercury’s backward trek. Parents to take extra care with their children and their treats. Remember Mercury’s rule includes mix-ups and communications. Be sure you know who is picking them up from the Halloween party or the friend’s house etc. We don’t want our loved ones left out in the cold and dark. This happened to me when I was a kid but at Christmas time instead.

DCF 1.0Historically eclipses were believed to be harbingers of doom. Today we know this is not true. We do know it that they shake us up. They are often more dramatic than any full or new Moon ever thought of being. An eclipse sort of turbo charges a new or full moon, making the events that follow them have even more impact. They act like wild cards in our charts and our lives.

They shake us like nothing else and advance us to a higher level of evolution and maturity very quickly; almost effortlessly. They seem to bring us big news, not all of it good. Now we are in between two eclipses. As I understand it, this is a time when, we can expect endings, conclusions, big life event news and the unexpected. No matter the messages that come, be sure to take any news at the time of and eclipse seriously.

The next eclipse is not actually this week, but on Sunday, November 3rd. I wanted you to have this info well in advance of the eclipse. There is so much turmoil in the world today that any time we can get a heads up I think that is a good thing.

Don’t forget about the Uranus/Pluto square either. They are going to be exact on November 1st. I’m going to be bold, stick my neck out, be bold, act like a real astrologer I know what I’m talking about and predict this coming week/month to be full of surprises. I expect everything from big weather news to some shocking movies star news. We’ve already seen some wild stuff in the political and world scene this fall and I don’t look for that to let up this coming month either. All in all I think November might be an interesting month. By the way; all the news about the NSA spying on everyone? This is exactly the kind of thing this square brings out. This is another reason it’s a good time to go deep into yourself and clear out your skeletons.

Now let’s talk about Saturn a bit. He is direct now and has been since early July. That sluggishness we felt in the late winter and spring is but a memory now. He will go retrograde again soon enough but for now he is traveling through unexplored country.


Last week I began watching an old TV show from the late 1960’s called “Lost in Space”. There was a robot in the show that was famous for waving his arms in the air and saying: “Danger Will Robinson!  ” After reading the next couple of paragraphs you will know why I feel like the robot today.

All planets travel through the chart for a time and at some point slow down, stop and begin to travel backwards or retrograde. During the backwards motion they travel back over part of the territory they just passed over but not all of it. Right now and until November 27th, Saturn is going covering a part of the sky he will cover once. This is not to be taken lightly.

Be careful what you commit to during this time, what you decide you want in your life for the long haul or at least the next 29 years. You will find yourself committed with no chance of adjustment. After the 27th Saturn will be in degree he will see a total of three times in the coming months and next year. This going back over things gives us time to make adjustments.

Combine this bit of info with Mercury retrograde and the Pluto/Uranus square and you got a recipe for about anything you can imagine and some you can’t! If you were born in the mid 1960’s this is could prove to be quite a catalytic time for you.

This coming Saturday November 2nd, unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii, brings Daylight Saving Time to an end for this year. Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour. Enjoy the extra time in bed on Sunday morning. You will be wishing for that extra hour next spring.