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Time sure goes fast these days. I seem to barely get a handle on the week before it’s over and time for the next week’s forecast. Hope last week went well for you or you were able to make the best of what wasn’t so cool. Now welcome to Scorpio-ville as we get a triple whammy of the watery sign for the next few weeks.

Mercury began slowing down last week at 16 degrees Scorpio. The period of slowing down before and after a retrograde is called the storm or shadow period.  Mercury will station and begin to move backwards on Monday.  The planet  will travel back to 2 degrees Scorpio before stationing again and beginning his forward trek or “go direct” as we call it,  on November 10th.  He won’t get back to 16 degrees however until three days before Thanksgiving. What does this mean you may ask? This means we will experience the retrograde energy for a full six weeks.

About now I can hear your gasps and verbal exclamations of disbelief. Nevertheless, it’s true.

redoYes, dear ole Mercury will be traveling back over territory we have just gone over and we get to revisit all that stuff again. No wonder we say Mercury retrograde is a time to re-do, re-create, re-organize, re-view,  and re-new. Let’s just hope we don’t re-live the shutdown?

Most people I know tend to think Mercury retrograde is automatically a bad time; a time when things go wrong. Personally I don’t notice much difference.  Of course I could be blind to its affects on me too. I think this is one of those things that are definitely determined by one’s natal chart. I am sure this has a great deal to do with my views on the subject. I do try to pay attention to how things go and try to be more cautious with communications during Mercury retrograde.

So why does this retrograde get people in a tither? Well it’s because Mercury, the planet of communications causes confusion when he is backwards.  Not only does he rule communication but also the way we perceive things, our lower mind and how we understand information from our surroundings.

Mercury was the messenger of the gods. He carried or communicated information Communicationbetween them. He was just the messenger so don’t shoot him.  Keep your perspective.

Think about communications for a minute. How many forms can you name? The computer of course is one. Now think of how many ways we communicate through our computers; email, chat, Skype or other voice chat.

Now go a bit further out of the box and think of other forms of communication. How many things can you list?  Are public speaking, mediation, negotiation, buying and selling, contacts, other types of documents, phones, and letters on your list?  Have you ever thought this could also mean listening? How about shipping or travel? When Mercury is retrograde, lines of communication are easily crossed or confused. Things can get lost in the mail, computers or phones can malfunction or break and often we misunderstand what we hear.

The general rule for Mercury retrograde according to astrologers this is not the best time to start new things. It is a good time to reflect.  Be aware communications can get muddy or  go south in a heartbeat. If you must sign a contract or make a speech be sure to go over the contract or info in your speech 3 or 4 times to be sure everything is clear. Re-read your emails and letters a few times in the next 5 weeks to be sure there you have made yourself clear.  This is really something we could do 365 days per year and not just during Mercury retrograde isn’t it?

secretsMercury is in Scorpio.  This sign sharpens our communications. It can be rather unforgiving, critical and even sarcastic. Scorpio likes to go deep. The Sun will be joining Mercury in Scorpio on Wednesday and more or less joining forces with Mercury in this dive into the depths of our dark side. Things that fall under this lens are computer hacks, crime, obsession, secrets, and business takeovers. We could find ourselves becoming passionate about a cause of some sort. It will be good to remember that Scorpio is also loyal, proud, and clever, and willing to forgive but seldom forgets a wrong.

Earlier I mentioned a triple whammy in Scorpio. Don’t forget that Saturn has been and will continue to be in and out of this sign for almost three years.  Saturn in Scorpio is about personal transformation. He wants us to work hard and slow to get good look at ourselves and make beneficial changes so we can progress in all areas of our lives, particularly our spiritual aspects. Note, I said “spiritual” and not “religious.”  Spiritual encompasses so much more than religion. This is a great time for learning and depending on where Saturn is in your chart this could be a pivotal transit for some. This is particularly those born with Saturn in Scorpio.

Wednesday is could prove to be a rather emotional day. Along with the Sun changing signs that day he also forms a water trine with the moon. Combine this with Mercury retrograde and some of the sarcastic barbs  Scorpio can throw out and you’ve got a recipe for emotional super sensitivity. Remember to tread softly mid week and take extra time in thought before you speak.

On another note, Venus in Sagittarius will lift the intensity of our personal relationships and bring us to a more universal viewpoint. She is more focused on truth and the big picture now. At least she is not adding intensity to the trio that is in Scorpio.

Jupiter is in Cancer. He is the planet of expansion and wants us to have wonderful, full experiences in our lives.  He likes for us to know and understand things. He encourages education and all forms of learning, knowledge and growth. He also wants optimistic and wants us to be joyful and kind.   I vote for an extra helping of that about now, especially the kind part.

Don’t forget we are still under the Uranus /Pluto square. Revolution and the planet-square-380x235passing away of the old guard is the picture this aspect paints. We are currently in near perfect square, too. This only serves to intensify the pull between these two planets. I’m guessing that anything goes for the rest of the month and into mid November. Things could ease up a bit in toward the end of the year but, honestly, I have not looked out that far yet. At least by then these two planets will not be at such direct odds although they will technically still be square to each other.


My final word on the subject of Mercury retrograde for today is, don’t let it affect your current plans. Look to the benefits instead and review. You just might be glad you did.